An Immoral act?

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Submitted by Piksmeat on Wed, 2006-11-22 15:35

Well, i cenrtainly think so.

I'm talking about the part in Atlas Shrugged where a man breaks the jaw of a woman who suggests that her son share his toys with other children.

Well my wife says the same and I hear that all the time from friends and from other women to their children in local parks in my area.

It's downright immoral to physically attack a woman for suggesting that her off-spring share or even give his or her toys with/to other children

This is one passage that always troubled me in the book

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About 3-10 pages after the end of Galt's speech.


Inking is sexy.

What page?

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Could someone please tell me what page that scene is from? From several different editions would be fine, because I'm not sure what edition I've got - the book's out of my hands at the moment.

Don't feed the trolls. This

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Don't feed the trolls. This man is a dishonest looter by his own admission.

Adam Buker

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I think you have missed the intrinsic meaning of the entire book

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Did you not consider how immoral it was for that woman put the needs of another child ahead of her own?


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Context is typically a good thing to take into account. You might want to remember that next time you huddle over AS trying to nitpick a masterpiece.

Improper criticism

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Rand never said it was the right thing to do.  This was a fictional character, and not even one of the book's heroes.  What she was doing was pointing out that forcing altruism on people leads to this kind of conflict.

Warned you

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I warned you about posting more until you've had time to digest Objectivism a bit more.  But now you've gone and pissed off a whole bunch of people, including myself, with such an idiotic statement.

Until you identify by what standard that Atlas statement is immoral, no one hear will give you the time of day.  And even then, most people on this list have taken the time to understand Objectivism's ethical system and can tell you quite precisely why you would be wrong.

William's right.  If you can't honestly ask yourself why Rand included that statement in her novel, then there's little more you'll get from this crowd.  If you have a question, ask it. 

John Drake
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I doubt you'll get any more

I doubt you'll get any more answers since you are clearly approaching this dishonestly.


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