Atlas Shrugged Casting Call

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Fri, 2006-11-24 20:36

I've begun this thread for people to post their suggestions for casting the movie version of Atlas Shrugged. People, including me, have also been submitting such suggestions under Lindsay's Russell Crowe thread. I have started this one simply to make the title match the posts.


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And also try

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Google images, and get printer that does glossy printing.


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Contact the press or publicity agents for Jolie and Atlas. Some hoses will send press releases to al who ask, and they usually include photos as well. But you should specify that you want particular imagery, it won't hurt. Also, some press agencies will only send releases to periodicals and reviewers. But if you have an appropriate title head and mailing address, this will usually get you what you want.


Where does one get a glossy?

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Usually I would worry about Hollywood screenwriters taking liberties with the plot. But in this case, even though I'm not happy about the casting of Angelina Jolie, if the screenwriters are looking to include any gratuitous sex scenes, I'd be happy to at least audition.

In fact, even though I wouldn't say this is my particular cup of tea, I might be open to the idea of working as an extra.



James Woods

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James is great, and could easily play any of the heavies or a hero as well.

Sigourney & Winona

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And here are my Lillian and Cheryl, together.

Either Stadler or Midas

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James Cromwell is a great actor. I picture him as Stadler, but he could easily play a hero like Midas as well.

Bob Balaban

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Bob Balaban of Seinfeld and Gosford Park could easily play just about any of the villains. I see him as James Taggart, but he isn't the lank sloucher type physically.

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