Meet the new boss...

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2006-11-28 04:27

...same as the old boss. Well, actually, same as all the other bosses.

Today, John Key gave his first speech as National Party leader, and it was as bad as I thought it would be. Filled with nothing but bland, soporific pragmatism and third-way, warm 'n' fuzzy, political code-speak, Key's speech says nothing and adds up to nothing. It does, however, reveal everything.

Let's all knit a safety net...

"There will always be a social welfare system in New Zealand because you can measure a society by how it looks after its most vulnerable. Once, I was one of them. I will never turn my back on that."

Government is the solution, not the problem...

"I believe in equal opportunity for all, and in the State playing its part to ensure this."

Plant a tree, find a friend...

"When I left university, if anyone had heard of global warming they were keeping it to themselves. Now, no one with any awareness of the world can be ignorant of it.

It is a mystery to me why the political Left acts as if it has a monopoly on environmental policies, when it is obvious to anyone who cares to look that all of us, across the political spectrum, with the exception perhaps of the Greens, have taken too long to put the protection of our environment at the forefront of our thinking.

That needs to change. In the National Party we have taken steps to do this, and we will be taking more steps."

Al Gore could have given Key's speech during his 2000 presidential campaign. In fact, I think he did.

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Mmmmm ..... hangi.  Now I

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Mmmmm ..... hangi.  Now I want lunch, dammit.  I was trucking along fine on my mid-morning cup of miso until I read that post Smiling


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one citizenship

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has never been at issue. Citizenship is a legal concept, and while he might also mean one law for all - he could have SAID that. He is pandering.

The Nats know only too well that their coalition options are drying up. Winston may well be having his last hurrah, Peter Dunne's party is shrinking back - Anderton like - to a one man band, so who are left? They don't think ACT can make up the numbers as ACT poaches their votes, and they don't believe the Greens could really swallow being with the Nats - the best they can hope for are the Greens to be non-committal to both sides.

What is notable is Key did not mention tax and did not mention one law for all - the dilution is only too clear!

Hey, don't get me wrong...

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...I like a good hangi as much as anyone, but when politicians speak about recognition & celebration they mean something quite different than a friendly get-together between Ricky & Rangi.


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"celebrate" = government funding.

I bow to your superior sense of cynicism.


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Well, you don't have to look far:

"Yet within that standard of citizenship we should celebrate the cultural, religious and ethnic differences we all bring to New Zealand."

No, *we* don't need to celebrate cultural differences, just let people be. In PC code-speak, "celebrate" = government funding.

"Maori are the tangata whenua of this country, and we have nothing to fear by acknowledging that. It is part of what makes New Zealand unique."

Key isn't just making some dry technical point about Maori being the first ones to come ashore, he's varnishing them with a patina of special status; "acknowledging" = government funding.

"I welcome the Maori renaissance, and some of the great initiatives like the kohanga reo movement which have come from Maori, for Maori."

This is horseshit. The Kohanga Reo movement is funded by taxpayers and perpetuated by special legislation. Without state protection it would cease to have the lofty & artificial status it now enjoys.

"It is encouraging to see Maori using the resources they have to help address the obstacles that are standing in the way of their own young people achieving their potential.

This is double horseshit. Monies from Treaty settlements are being hoarded, mismanaged and squandered by the tribes. Maori radicals are now saying they'll be coming back for more at a future date. Key is only perpetuating the myth and the pain.

Couple that with his environmental views and you can see that Key is a third-wayer with a group-hug mentality.

I fully expect that he'll say many things that I'll agree with, and when he does, I'll applaud it. But as with all neocons and their pragmatic, status quo-driven view of the world, deep down you know that at any moment they could change tack all for the sake of capturing the hallowed middle ground.

The most revealing part of

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The most revealing part of Key's speech is in his environmental perspective. It's not an accident that he devoted three paragraphs to the subject and seemed to be at his most adamant there. But if Key thinks he can win in '08 on a light-Green platform he's pissing into the wind. The Greens and Labour already have that whole bag of tricks under control.

Key & English truly do appear to be prototypical neocons; preserve the status quo where you can, and compromise on everything else making *the compromised position* the new status quo.

There's a certain sick symmetry to the whole thing.

Say what Scott?

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Key is now pandering to the Maori Party and the

Where's that?
In his speech he only really says that Nats will be sticking to 'once citizenship for all' policy.

The only good point is... (then a rant)

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It gives Libz a chance to go for the principled freedom vote again. Brash cost Libz votes (and ACT) because people saw a chance to elect a government led by a party led by a man who was more right than wrong on these matters.

However, that vile sellout English should be hung from the rafters - he deserves nothing, he nearly destroyed the main opposition party to Labour, it would have won had it not lost the ground caused by English's simpering fence straddling passionless ego-less campaigning. The campaign that had "I know I'm going to lose" written across his face - he is the sort of man that would've never declared war in 1939 against Hitler, but would have continued negotiating until the panzer divisions were crossing the Thames, and then would have started seeking peace based on surrendering everything south of Hadrian's Wall.

He is a classic example of what is wrong with the National Party and has always been wrong with it. It is a party of whores - whores interested in nothing more than power for the sake of it. Yes Labour has them too, but Labour politicians are interested in power with specific objectives and motives, most are social engineers or do gooding socialists - Nats are more often than not motivated by being in opposition to Labour, but unsure quite why. I have dealt with Labour and National politicians many times, and more often than not it is easy to tap into the (misdirected and often evil) passion of the Labour politicians. They know why they are there and they fight on their (wrong) principles. Nats almost to a man buckle under, and only show this passion in private. I saw this in one National Cabinet Minister, who was rarely let off the leash by his leader.

Key is now pandering to the Maori Party and the Greens, because under MMP they are his only likely chance as coalition partners (though both will be cautious if only because their core supporters will revolt at any chance of a National government - much like the grey grizzlers did against Winston in 1999).

Key is trying to distance National from the vile accusations of racism, and has effectively endorsed the view that Brash was selling racism by changing the policy. He is also trying to make the Nats look Green by talking the talk of the ecologists - selling out human beings for the "environment" since so many young people have been brainwashed into believing that human activity is bad, nature is good. The Nats first response to Nicky Hager has been to push Brash to resign, implying not only that Hager was largely right, but that his perspective about what the Nats did and their GOALS was right - they have surrendered the noise to Hager and the far left - the gutless wenches they are. The disloyal mob owe almost everything to Brash and his campaign, but are far more interested in the baubles of power and the mutual masturbatory excitement they can get from that, than from thinking much about applying National party principles.

Fuck them. I am reminded why I have voted National only once (1993) because I saw the courage in what Ruth Richardson did in three years, only for Bolger to sacrifice her on the mantle of MMP - another National party sellout to the left. Agreeing to MMP, without abolishing the Maori seats which was part of what the Royal Commission on the Electoral System recommended - no, Bolger's mouse sized testicles couldn't even argue for that.

However, to end my rant, this is politics. A filthy revolting world in which the main currencies are lies, weasel words, slogans, insults and being a complete philosophical and even personal whore (Those of you close to NZ's MPs know the ones who live enormous personal lies for purely political motives, in both National and Labour).


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I made the point repeatedly, not just once. He finally got irritated & passionate & stopped being bland. I told him that was much better. Smiling

You really should pay attention Ross!


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What was his reply?

Some radio host ...

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... told Key to his face he was blancmange-bland, boring, textureless & leaving of a sickly-sweet after-taste. Can't think who that might have been. Smiling

It's all so predictable!

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..and in other news: Birds seen flying!

As you say, one didn't have to be Sir Edmond Halley to see this comming and might have written the above in preparation months ago, as many of us did.

And now for the good news...

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