Free Radical 73: The Assault on Free Speech

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The new Free Radical is out today!! The Free Radical with the free speech cover, and the inside word on the latest threats to free speech and freedom in New Zealand and around the world is out now, and in shops and letterboxes from Monday.

This Free Radical arrives as Kiwis make plans for summer holidays, and Americans and Brits for something cooler, and it’s packed with good holiday reading – articles to shock, to enlighten, and to offer ammunition for the inevitable debates of the holiday season.

  • Bernard Darnton examines and attacks the Clark Government's assaults on free speech, highlighting how the exposure of the stolen election has brought the Clark Government’s totalitarian instincts into the foreground. Packed with Cabinet Ministers who once espoused the value of free speech for themselves, the Clark Government now routinely shuts down debate except on their terms. "With these threats, proposals and very real fines and incarcerations in the air, there is being created 'an atmosphere where criticising the government is becoming hazardous'.”
  • "Misleading, one-sided, exaggerating and wrong" -- that's the verdict on both Al Gore and the Stern Report on Climate Change. Free Radical 73 has all you need to gore Gore, and gang up on the Stern Gang. We have the definitive skeptics' guide to An Inconvenient Truth, George Reisman's take on why the Blair Government's Stern Report "could be environmentalism's swan song.," and more -- much, much more!
  • One pledge card ... slightly used ... Bernard Darnton sells a pledge card, one bidder at a time.
  • Turning illiteracy around -- find out about the reading warrior turning illiteracy around for troublesome non-readers.
  • The 'Third Way' of the left and the Neocon new right are two sides of the authoritarian middle, says Peter Cresswell. Find out more inside.
  • One whole half-century of green failure. The Free Radical centre-section has the goods.
  • 'Sustainability isn't sustainable, says Peter Cresswell.
  • Too little globalisation, and too little capitalism, says Johan Norberg.
  • Tax cuts are good for growth, explains Phil Rennie

All that, PLUS humour, insight, all your favourite columnists, and the Best of Beer in 2006!

Get your Free Radical now, and be ready for the summer holiday debating season.

The Free Radical -- out today, and in all the best shops from Monday. Don't miss out: Subscribe now.

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