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Poverty of imagination for Bradford

If you feel poor, you are poor. That's the message of Sue (Governments can do Everything) Bradford, who is re-defining what poverty means in an effort to get more government into more lives...
Thu, Dec 15, 2005

Global Warming? Just ignore it.
There are some whose politics behooves them to take a position on the science of Global Warming -- even if they really don't understand it -- and to insist that despite the science (or because of it) Global Warming is either happening and is real (or else is not happening and is a scam). Choose your politics and, it seems, have your position on Global Warming chosen for you...
Wed, Dec 14

Google in the antitrust cross-hairs
Guest commentary this afternoon from a new 'Not PC' guest writer, Barry Paul: Some libertarian commentators in the US are concerned that as Google has become extremely successful in its varied businesses, the company may become the inevitable target of an antitrust suit
Wed, Dec 14

The parents of Orauta have lost their school
Sad news that the parents and children of Orauta school have now been evicted, and the school is boarded up...
Wed, Dec 14

The news is out: Governments kill

And now the bad news: Democide researcher RJ Rummel has re-calculated the number of people killed by their government across the ravaged twentieth-century. The number is a staggering 262,000,000. Just to give perspective on this incredible murder by government...
Wed, Dec 14

How good is the WTO really?

I'm a big fan of free trade, as I said just yesterday. However, I'm not a fan of the WTO. Free trade does not involve diplomatic negotiations, screeds of regulations, and buildings full of bureaucrats...
Wed, Dec 14

Windfall profits are good.

'Oil companies make too much money.' 'Every time we fill up, they're ripping us off!' How many dinner party guests and talk-back callers have you heard that from? Everyone knows it's true, don't they? Well, no they don't...

Tue, Dec 13

Trade versus conquest

Here's something to think about on the subject of trade and conquest: Pre-1940 Japan was a country in desperate recession, with strict trade barriers, no natural resources, and a desperate desire for them.

Tue, Dec 13

How to survive the Christmas party season
From the 'Not PC Public Service Department' comes this helpful link on How to Survive Christmas Parties, including essential tips on what to do when: you forget the name of the co-worker with whom you're making out in the supply cabinet...
Mon, Dec 12

Post-Kyoto talks at Montreal ends with more talk
The Post-Kyoto Montreal 'save-the-planet' 'we're-all-going-to-die' Global Warming conference has come to an end. Below is a round-up of the outcome and some related stories from various sources...
Mon, Dec 12

A skeptical eye on wind energy

National Wind Watch is a new site "casting a skeptical eye at wind energy." Visual pollution by enormous bird guillotines that produce bugger all power for all the effort involved...
Mon, Dec 12

Preservation without property rights
There's a political and architectural battle erupting in my very own street...
Sun, Dec 11

Frank film
Now here's a film that I will be queuing up for on the first night - and quite likely the second and third nights as well: Academy Award winner Robert Duvall has been approached to portray famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright...
Sat, Dec 10

The FBI were 'on to' Ayn Rand
An FBI probe into Ayn Rand concluded that Rand the arch-capitalist could actually have been a communist...
Sat, Dec 10

The perfect martini...

Mencken declared the Martini to be ""the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet."
Fri, Dec 9

Iraqi Dinar does better than US dollar

If you'd taken a punt on the Iraqi currency back in August when I mentioned it here, you'd find that your Post-Saddam dinars would have held their value better than American dollars over that period
Fri, Dec 9

Frog shows red underbelly
Advice from the Green Party on appropriate heroes to learn from. Included in this bloodstained list: Valerie Solanis - famous for attempting to murder Andy Warhol, and founder of the Society for Cutting Up Men (SCUM); Baader and Meinhof - trained by the PLO and the founders and leaders of the Baader-Meinhof terrorist organisation, Baader and Meinhof were serial killers...
Fri, Dec 9