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Submitted by Andy Postema on Fri, 2005-12-16 22:04


It took me awhile to get the hang of your new forum, but I'm finally posting here. I was lurking at SoloPassion in the meantime. I checked out Joe's new website also. I do wish Joe all the best, but I must share an observation.

The split of SOLOHQ brought to mind an old episode of Star Trek in which Captain Kirk got caught in a transporter malfunction. He was beamed back aboard the Enterprise as two separate but physically identical individuals with his personality divided between the two. One Kirk had all the passion and the other had none.

You can guess which Kirk had the strength to take action and which was the dithering weakling. The analogy is not quite on point, of course. I like Joe's cool intellectual rigor, but SoloPassion certainly has kept the verve that drove SOLOHQ. Joe's place is like SOLOHQ after a KASS-ectomy.

I don't doubt that Joe's site will develop a good solid character of its own, but he does seem to be stuck with most of the DED from SOLOHQ. Fortunately, unlike that episode from Star Trek, I don't think the two halves of SOLOHQ need to brought together again to flourish.


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Great to see you Andy!

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Great to see you Andy! Missed your trenchant posts! Here I was billing you as one of the stars of the new site & you went AWOL! Just as well Mr. Elliot was here! Smiling

Along those lines (and not

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Along those lines (and not with reference to RoR), there's another Star Trek episode entitled Amok Time where Vulcan science officer Spock's otherwise calm and unemotional persona gives way to erratic & seemingly illogical behaviour.

Vulcans have learned to suppress all emotion in favor of logic, but once every seven years their bodies undergo a painful & dangerous psycho-emotional disruption in preparation for Pon Farr, the Vulcan time of mating.

It's a cute idea that despite operating in a completely logical manner, every so often the pent-up emotions *must* be released or, as in Mr Spock's case, you will die.

Live Long & Prosper

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