Trans Fats Now Banned in NYC- ok, what's the big attraction of NJ and Manhattan NOW?

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Submitted by KingRandor82 on Wed, 2006-12-06 09:18

Yep, yep, yep- those Commie bastards in NYC finally decided to ban trans fats "for our own good", and are now pushing for a nationwide ban.

To quote Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face from Batman Forever, in regards to the Baby Boomer generation: "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST DIE!!!!!!!!"

...of course....that line is naturally not intended for all the Baby Boomers- just the idiotic ones who keep pushing for MORE AND MORE burdensome red tape on enjoying life.

Look, I know most of the Baby Boomers who telepathically take orders from Joseph Stalin are miserable sacks of shit- and by that I DO mean they're totally unhappy people, but I really wish they'd give it a rest, a'ready. Hell, I don't smoke and I LOVED Joe Camel. I would've killed( not literally) for a Joe Camel action figure( specialty market, of course). And I occasionally don' mind downing these totally horribly bad foods.

In fact, when ya think about it, since we don' even know WHICH "official" diet is the one that works, who died and made THEM boss of which foods are the worst for ya? I mean, seriously.

It's time like these I'm SO glad I'm moving out west in a few months. There may be many stupid laws and regulations out there, but the people at least are saner, and much nicer too...and they do appreciate freedom a lot more; something nobody in Jersey, California, NYC, or Massachusetts, seems to...anymore.

It's funny though- I always ask, based on how much living in Joisey absolutely blows, what the big attraction to living here IS? Everyone tells me "it's close to NYC, and cheaper to live here". Ok- the Trans Fats are gone- WHAT'S THE ATTRACTION NOW, GENIUSES?! Oh, and enjoy those movie screens and Broadway shows while you still can. Just wait for it- you KNOW these assholes will somehow find movie screens to start causing poisonous cancer, and Broadway shows to be somehow dangerous to one's health too- whether or not Michael Richards and Andy Dick star in them. Laughing out loud

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tell 'ya what- SEND that

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tell 'ya what- SEND that letter, and it'll prove we're serious. Smiling

Love, Dan Edge xoxo

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Dan Edge xoxo

A letter to the Commissioner of Health in NYC

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Dear Commissioner Freiden,

I am insulted by the recent ban on trans fats in New York. I do not need Big Brother to restrict my menu choices for me. You ought to regulate your own diet and allow me to do the same. I am a big boy (no pun intended). I happen to be fit and healthy, but a man should be free to become a fat slob if he so chooses. This is supposed to be a free country, not a totalitarian state where the government restricts individual choice "for our own good." I'm thoroughly disgusted.

--Dan Edge

Barrels of Lard, More Like

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Dump some barrels of lard would be much more like it. Lard & feather the bastard. It has been my dream to spit on his shoes on the subway for quite some time.

Ted, on the first day that

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Ted, on the first day that this draconian joke becomes law it would be great if a group of individuals could pool some money and hand deliver 10,000 double chesseburgers to the Mayor's office. I'm lovin' it!!!


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Sounds like a masochistic sort of fun, but you have all my support. In the end, the council and mayor do not fear any electoral backlash on these issues. My only hope lies in the courts, and she lies beaten and bleeding in some back chamber.

In the meantime, notice the ubiquitous return of panhandling on the subways, something the mayor should control. Imagine if just five "panhandlers" were actually carrying some plague contagion. 1,000,000,000 people could esaily be exposed in one day. A matter for public health & safety? Bah!



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What we can do is climb up on that soapbox and make sure our voices are heard. Enough of us in NY were vocal that the damnable foie gras bill was tabled for now, but we have to see it through to the end. I'm not sure how the trans-fat ban will affect it, but I will do everything in my personal power to make sure the moral issues are dragged out into the open -- and addressed by those with decision making power. If we don't hold them accountable now and stop this trampling upon our rights we're as good as finished.

It's kinda fun. Eye


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Nanny Bloomberg

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The mayor needs to be boiled in pig lard. He's the worst mayor this city has had in decades, and as a person, truly a scumbag. As for apathy, any protests would only have emboldened the creep. I maintain my assertion that the man is a eunuch who married so as to have a family to boss around. He ran on cutting taxes and his first acts as mayor were to raise taxes and to ban smoking, which he never campaigned on. Ellsworth Toohey in the flesh. Our only respite now is the same state court that eviscerated the death penalty here, little hope. And the worst part is that he is touted as a possible independent presidential candidate. This fascist of the middle scares me more than any Christianist ever could.


Are we all to blame for apathy?

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Once again after reading Not PC's superb blog, and in particular, his post
"A disagreement that does not challenge fundamentals serves only to reinforce them" - Ayn Rand.

Quote Peter: "Here's an exercise for the reader: how many recent events can you think of that serve to demonstrate this point"

I would like to think of this as one of the examples.

Are Libertarianz and indeed Objectivists not doing enough to challenge and protest against the liberties we seem to be constantly loosing?

Do we need to be more pro-active? How?

I do wear my Infidel badge, perhaps I need something bigger?

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