The Question of British Will in the Fight Against Global Terrorism

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Thu, 2006-12-07 07:20

In the first ever open act of nuclear terrorism, with the Russian embassy to the UK and several British Airways flights now known to be contaminated with radioactive Polonium, one British citizen dead by KGB methods on British soil, and many others either targeted or unintended casualties, Scotland Yard has declared this open act of war, this open violation of British sovereignty by the Kremiln, to be a ... "murder case." In other investigations, World War Two is officially being re-investigated as a hate crime, and World War One is to be reclassified as a pub brawl.

In light of this leftist lunatic denial, it appears according to (brought to us by the Wachowski Siblings Productions) that it was actually the neo-cons (that well-known top-secret Rupert-Murdoch-financed conspiracy of Anglo-Catholic Jewry) who really arranged and stand to benefit from this murder. If only the Democrats had won in November, none of this would have happened...

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"He Won't Escape Trotsky's Ice-Pick"

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The charges I have made in regards to Putin's involvement in Litvinenko's death are being repeated and expounded upon in Murdoch's press, yet the general media response to the issue has been silence. I am curious whether the press in New Zealand and the rest of the Commonwealth is so craven.

Russian analysts advise that his death by Polonium 210 was a deliberate message. A faked accident would have been easier to achieve. The current main suspect is a Russian national who claimed to have been visiting Britain to see a football match. In itself the absurdity is apparent. Allegations are surfacing that there were two attempts made on Litvinenko that day. And that a special death squad was set up to kill Litvinenko in the same way as Trotsky 60 years ago.

This link lists several recent articles at the New York Post summarizing and documenting the above.

If Putin is alloweed to murder whom he likes in foreign states, and do so without his actions being identified for what they are, should Objectivists remain silent? Is any body such as ARI speaking out on this matter? Of course, Putin is an atheist, and his ideology has been discredited. Who cares about a dead free press and the nationalization of almost all business interests in the "former" Soviet Union. Perhaps we should remain silent and pray that the Christianists still remain our chief concern?

Ted Keer, 11 December, 2006, NYC

In an interesting

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In an interesting development that must be considered, given the nature of the case, William Scherk has brought it to my attention that Litvinenko is supposed to have converted to isl*m two days before his death. He did have m*slim relatives and his Father did not find the conversion odd. Yet the possible connection to another terrorist group cannot be discounted.

Not the Threat itself, But that we Ignore it Scares me

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Thanks Aaron,

And keep in mind that Ahmedinejad's (who recently boasted he will have a nuke by March) greatest ally is Vladimir Putin. By seizing Yukos and doing everything he can to destabilize oil markets Putin is keeping his regime afloat on the profits he makes on stolen oil. I advise anyone in the US who buys from Yukos to consider whom they are benefiting (Yukos is one of the cheaper sellers here in the states.) I have gotten my family to stop buying there.

The arguments made by others to immediately deregulate energy production in the US are of vital importance. Something for ARI, TAS, & everyone to champion.


Ted- Rather than

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Rather than petty-dictator-du-jour syndrome, you've got perspective enough to focus on the corrupt leader of the one nation that could still kill us all in half an hour. Thanks for your recent posts about Russia; I regard them as the greatest international danger due to capability, and it's informative if frightening to read your comments about their leadership and intent.


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For our Non-American friends, pictured are Lee Hamilton, right, and former Secretary of Scrape, James A. "let's leave Saddam, Milosevic, and the USSR in place" Baker III. They are the primary luminaries of the Iraq Study group, which wishes to engage in a "peace process" with Iran and Syria over the future of Iraq. Known as aiding and comforting one's enemies, this is defined as treason by the U.S. Constitution, and as the realistic voice of moderation by the incoming Surrenderist Congressional majority.

Ted Keer

65 Years Ago Today

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It was apparently in the UK embassy in Moscow where the radioactive contamination was found. Still an act of war. Were the UK to declare it so, NATO would be duty bound to support her. France would probably balk, and we could thus deal with those cheese-eating surrender-monkeys as is necessary. Meanwhile we have our own surrender monkeys to deal with in the US.

As an aside, Bill, you mentioned elsewhere our frequent disagreements. I would prefer to characterize this as our agreement that life is enough worth defending so that one can debate its subtleties in peace and at leasure. I had to laugh last night reading one of my favorite polemicists who mocked the "intolerant tolerationists." It was G. K. Chesterton who used the term. A British convert to Catholicism, he was not always right but was almost never entirely wrong. He certainly puts such would-be wits as Ann Coulter to shame. Men who actually admit that values exists and that relativism is wrong can usually get along quite nicely whatever their specific disagreements, since they ultimately do agree on existence, consciousness and identity. Chesterton was on the same level as Orwell and Rand as a rhetorical polemicist, even though the three violently disagreed on so many issues. What a fantasy dinner party line-up those three would make. I can stongly recommend the first three volumes of his collected works (his pro-Catholic arguments are almost always actually anti-relativist arguments) and his Orthodoxy is a tour de force. Commenting on The Great War, Chestereton said in the 1920's that the only thing worse that the Great War was the suicidal pacifism that became the vogue in its aftermath.

Ted Keer

Pictured is Chesterton from

An Enemy No One Wants To Acknowledge

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Russia should be immediately excluded from the G8, the WTO, its foreign assets seized, its diplomats expelled, its UN seat be stripped, Ukraine should be admitted immediately into NATO.

Absolutely. Russia is re-emerging as one of America's greatest enemies and its a fact no one will dare mention.

Tea & Sympathy, & Polonium 210

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The killings of Anna Politkovskaya, the US Businessman whose name escapes me, the regular KBG style assassinations, Putin first act as prime minister to unveil a plaque to the assassin KGB head Yuri Andropov, Putin's seizure of YUKOS through false tax charges against Khodorvsky, Putin's support of Iran and the presence of Russian troops in Iraq at the beginning of the war, Putin's attempt to have the presidential term limit removed, after he said that he would not do this, his poisoning of the Ukrainian prime minister, his total repression of any free press in his country, his attacks on NGO's as foreign provocateurs, His replacement of federal government with direct appointment of governors from Moscow, his outright lies about the Kursk, the Theater Gassing, his apparent connection to the apartment block blasts that were the pretext for the second Chechen war, His obstructionism on Iran, etc., etc... all make this last widespread and co-ordinated action quite blatant. Tell me how Polonium just happened to show up at the embassy, and why Putin will not allow British Authorities to question Russian subjects, while Russian operatives kill British subjects.

Putin is counting on several things. Western cowardice, fecklessness, and the collusion of the anti-west press. Political correctness and an unwillingness to call an act of war an act of war. THIS IS NO CRIME. People commit crimes. States and their agents commit acts of war. Plus, all those funny Russian names are hard for Westerners to keep straight.

Putin, when denied an extension of his term limit, expressed the desire to "stay influential in politics." We now see in what this consists.

Russia should be immediately excluded from the G8, the WTO, its foreign assets seized, its diplomats expelled, its UN seat be stripped, Ukraine should be admitted immediately into NATO. Putin should be given what he deserves. With the socialists in power in Washington, he'll probably be given tea and sympathy.

And the press is refering to Polonium 210 as a "rare substance."

Ted Keer, 07 December, 2006, NYC

pictured, from Time, is Polikovskaya, murdered on the street this year.

Polonium was often used in

Polonium was often used in triggers for early nuclear weapons. It has a half life of 140 days or so. It is very expensive to produce.


Islam insofar as it is directed by governments, and as a measure enforced from above by any government, is to be done away with.

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