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Contemporary society is dominated by a widespread pessimism about science; a pessimism which can only be understood within the context of developments that began in back in the 1980s. Though the churches may have been increasingly emptied, society has not developed an enlightened scepticism or a free-thinking culture; not even agnosticism.

The ever present need for salvation has simply found new modes of expression. Among the educated classes a variety of new religious creeds is spreading: anthroposophy and esotericism of numerous kinds. But the strongest and most popular belief refuses to be called a religion. Its name: ecologism. Under a worldly camouflage we have come to be dominated by a new natural religion.

Ecologistic dogmas have increasingly come to dominate public discourse on science, environment, technology, and even politics. Their mantras are delivered by a mass media which for three decades now has announced the imminent end of the world...

“Ecologism is one of today’s most influential religions in the Western World,” argues Michael Crichton.... “It seems to have become the preferred religion for urban atheists.”

- Dirk Maxeiner and Michael Miersh from their article 'The Century of Science and Culture of Pessimism,' in Science vs. Superstition: The Case for a New Enlightenment [pdf].

LINK: Science vs. Superstition: The Case for a New Enlightenment - Policy Exchange, UK

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I should point out here that article from which this quote comes is from a fabulous new collection of essays published by the University of Buckingham, UK, arguing the case for Enlightenment values in defence of science.

Marcus, if you're reading this, I know you will enjoy it.

Cheers, Peter Cresswell

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...a case in point...THEN there's James Lovelock!

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It's true.

One critical-minded biologist who has weighed into this philosophical arena is Robert Peters. His A Critique for Ecology, observes that while eco-toxicology is a well-founded scientific disicpline, wildlife econogy is not. For instance, the latter does not follow scientific canons like repeatability and falsifiability.

This, religious talk and silly thinking pervades related fields like global climate change. Reality testing even from senior ecologists such as Charles H. Southwick, in his "Global Ecology in Human Perspective," is lacking.

The case of religious ecologism by James Lovelock is simply off the charts! He heads the pack on eco-alarmism, put in wildly religious terms.

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