Tivo Series 3

Submitted by wngreen on Mon, 2006-12-11 18:21

I love my Tivo and have had a hacked Series 1 since it first came out. I upgraded the memorycard, network card and hard drive myself. I've been a huge proponent amoung family and friends encouraging them to live a life free of commercials. I never took the plunge when the Series 2's came out, opting for another hard drive upgrade arround that time for my Series 1. But now Tivo is offering the Series 3 with lifetime service upgrade to Tivo Series 3 for owners of a series 1 or series 2 Tivo. Dual cable card inputs, HD tuners and cable tuners it has everything I wish my old Series 1 had. While it is expensive, its simple interface and HD features make it worth the investment. I get only a small amount of time to watch the few quality shows that are out there and the Tivo makes sure I always have something I want to watch. Considering the frustraitions I have with the 'DVR' provided by my cable company I'll be watching the door for the delivery of my new Tivo.

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