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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Sat, 2005-12-17 03:10

There is a lot of talk about wine on this site - but not beer. Who here favors beer, and what are your favorites?

- Jason

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Complete Nonsense

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Turns out I was completely wrong in my classification of beers. Stouts, ales, lagers etc are all varieties of beer. Ross, you have the humblest of apologies from a half-educated dullard.

Good thread, however

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Good thread, however (unusually) almost 100% unadulterated colonial bollocks from Ross this time Eye

1. New Zealand does not provide some of the world's finest wines. You have been taken in by NZ's ignorant, parochial press. New Zealand produces some fine wines, unique in the depth of their fruit. There is a big difference between fine wines, and the world's finest wines.

2. Your list did not contain a single beer. You listed one stout, and the rest were lagers. I learnt this in the UK.

2. Drinking beer ice cold - like consuming anything ice-cold - reduces the depth of flavours you taste. I remember enjoying some micro-brewery beer in New Zealand, and I still like Steinlager for nostalgic reasons, but nothing is better than a cellar temperature European ale. Actually, that's not true, I'm just trying to win every argument. The best beer/lager/ale/stout experience has to be a very hot day with an ice cold lager.

3. I'm sure Ross is aware that Bliss was composed as a piss-take at NZ's drinking culture. This is a significant problem with Bliss as a drinking song. Drink, drink, drink from the Student Prince is superior.

4. Ah, the crate...good memories.

Guiness is good, and so is

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Guiness is good, and so is the Oatmeal Stout - but oddly enough, find Pabst Blue Ribbon worthy of consuming... and then there's this Raspberry one had one time which was like no beer ever had before, but not remember the name... and, of course, mead...

Beers and Germany

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I like some beer, but not all of them and I am very conscious to details, which perhaps is best explained through German's rich heritage in making beers.
For example, there is Becks from Germany, which is naturally a good beer. However, I must admit that I am more of a fan of Guiness and several Mix-beers like Grape (from a local brewery mixing Grapefruit with their milder Beers), Mixery (Cola + Beer by Karlsberg), Becks Lime etc.

Well, it is impossible to live in South West Germany and not to like beer (just to piss-off Winey French Eye ).

On those extremely rare

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On those extremely rare occasions when I'll have beer, I prefer Sam Adams or Bass Ale.  But only in small quantities, and only if I'm having food with it (I seem to have a thing for Buffalo wings and Bass Ale, for example).


Brazilian beer

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Brazilian beer is some of the world's finest. The two major brands, Brahma and Antarctica (now owned by the same company, AmBev) are much better than the bland carbonated crap they drink in the USA.

I no longer drink alcohol, but I have extremely fond memories for Serra Malte, the best beer I have ever tasted. When I stopped drinking, it was not as good as before, but it was still superior to the rest. That was because it used to be made only with fresh spring water before Antarctica bought it.

Also, Brazilian ale (called chop, pronounced "showp") makes Budweiser, Miller & Co. (which is generally more ale than beer) taste like piss-water.


I tend to be a beer man

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I tend to be a beer man myself. My drinking tends to be so non-prolific I'm probably not a good judge.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

My favorite brew

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My favorite brew is Stella Artois, a Belgian beer.


I generally dread the

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I generally dread the question "What's your favorite beer?" because I couldn't settle on any single one...usually my answer is "The next one!!" If I had to pick a couple, there's a little brewery up in Warren, MI called Kuhnhenn, and they make a wonderfully chocolatey, raspberry-tinged beer called Raspberry Eisbock, where they brew the beer and then freeze it, and since alcohol has a lower freezing point than water, they can remove the chunks of ice and it results in more of the beer's flavor (plus I appreciate the defiance, since it's technically illegal to do without a distiller's license....*grumble*).
Another one is the fine St. Lamvinus from Belgium's Cantillon lambic brewery called St. Lamvinus, where wine grapes are added into the lambic...the perfect marriage of beer (and quite a tart one at that!) and wine. But in general, since I'm a bit of a beer whore, I tend to say "the next one" Laughing out loud

The Christmas/winter ales are also quite a treat, and such a nice tradition in the brewing world. Too many of them out there to have, and so little time Sad.

Here are mine :

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My standard drinks are Heineken and Dos Equis. I also enjoy Fat Tire,
Guiness, Sam Adams, Peroni and a beer from a local brewery called Kilt Lifter. I had a lot of good beers when I was in Europe this summer. My favorite was a local Austrian brew called Puntigamer. I always see Steinlager at the store. I'll have to give that a try next time. I didn't realize it was a New Zealand brew.

- Jason

yes to beer

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I love the taste of wine, but I'm iffy on it for the headache factor.

I'll throw in another vote for Corona -- with the lime -- and I also like Boulevard, which is local to the Kansas City area, and Pete's Wicked.

Good thread, Jason.

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Good thread, Jason.

Being a New Zealander whose country, for years, wallowed in a huge beer trough to the exclusion of all else, and then almost without preamble began producing some of the world's finest wines, I find myself being in equal adoration of both wine & beer. And to those enophiles who look down their noses at the sacred brew, stop being so pretentious.


Local brews: Steinlager, Export Dry, Flame (sorely underated)
World: Corona, Sol, Miller, Victoria Bitter, Grolsch & a quiet Guinness on St Patrick's Day

It's easy to spot my leanings in the above list but I'm more than willing to take suggestions.

Best tip about drinking beer I ever heard: never drink it out of a bottle but always out of a glass, and for exactly the same reasons as you drink wine from a glass: beer has a nose and you must sample that first to fully appreciate the fullness of the brew.

For those who are interested, New Zealanders acquire beer in the following ways:

The Flagon: 2.27 litres of draught, fat glass container, usually poured fresh. AKA "a jar", "a goon", "a peter".
The Quart: 745 millilitres (1.4 pints), bottles, sold by the dozen in a wooden crate. Known as "a crate".
The Stubbie: ~330 millilitres (~12-13 oz), sold in six-packs, dozens, or 24 packs.

Rule: only a wanker would drink beer in a stemmed glass.

Culture tip: Kiwis drink their piss (beer) quite cold, unlike the British who wouldn't have a clue Smiling

Best Kiwi drinking song: Bliss by The Dudes.

The Mighty Steinie: Hallowed Be Thy Name!

Hey Linz, Congrats on

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Hey Linz,

Congrats on the new site! I've been following from afar for a little while, but I just couldn't resist getting involved in a thread on beer and its implicit passion....always pick your moment Laughing out loud.

Things have gone really's finally the end of the semester, so enjoying my little rest before January 9th comes much too soon (and I have to start doing research).

I'm definitely impressed with the quick work, and I hope to stay more involed in the future!

Beer, yes!

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My new favorite is made by a friend who just opened his own brewery: Laughing Dog. If you can find it (he's gearing up for nationwide distribution), I recommend it.

Of course, I wouldn't turn down a $10 bottle of Belgian Westmalle either.


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Long time no see!! Where/how have you been, you fucker?! Smiling


I'm definitely a beer guy,

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I'm definitely a beer guy, and love the wide range of tastes that the craft beer offers, from the hoppiest Double IPA to the roastiest Imperial Stout, from the most subtle German lager to the biggest, most flavorful Belgian ale. Craft beer has certainly reached the highest flights of passionate joy that wine provides!

Homebrewing is so much fun, and nothing I enjoy more than drinking or handing to a dear friend a beer that I personally made.

If I had a 2nd favorite fermented beverage, it would be mead....such a sublime experience, but sadly there's not enough made commercially (and homemade mead takes 4-9 months to be ready to drink).

However,I do like Corona

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I do like Corona with that wedge of lime.

I only favor beer when it is

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I only favor beer when it is in direct competition with a limited supply of wine, and then I favor others drinking the beer so that I can have more of the wine!

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