An X-Mas Toast: Here's to Rich People and Unfettered Happiness!!!

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Submitted by Marcus on Sun, 2006-12-24 17:05

Here's to Rich People and Unfettered Happiness!!!

These two articles from the Times (Christmas Eve edition) get into a praise-worthy X-mas spirit of rational egoism!!!

"When asked about happiness many people talk about making a difference; a difference is precisely what one cannot make in the irresponsible yet over-regulated culture of our times and this sense of personal and political powerlessness is, I suggest, a cause of general unhappiness. It makes one feel like an unpaid extra in the drama of life.

Any political party that will really try to restore power not to the people but to individual people will also be doing a great deal for the national stock of happiness."

Happiness is being squeezed out of us.

"A couple of mothers were perusing house brochures together in the assembly hall the other day. I peered over their shoulders, not entirely subtly: one of the houses, I happen to know — because the children and I bicycle past it on our way to school every day — is on the market for £9m.

It’s a beautiful house, unsurprisingly. In fact the whole, long street is chock-a-bloc with beautiful houses, all of them beautifully preserved by people with an awful lot of money. It is a pleasure — and one that costs me nothing — to travel along it every school day.

The truth is, if it weren’t for the very rich and their extravagant efforts to improve their own surroundings, the world would be a much plainer place. I could list hundreds of buildings — hospitals, libraries, private houses and the Taj Mahal, for heaven’s sake — that would never have been built if it hadn’t been for the stupendous wealth of private individuals."

The rich are good for us.

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In sunshine affirmation let success
Be favored with material fruitfulness.


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