Found, an Image of Saddam, Dead, Hanged and Dangling...

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Mon, 2007-01-08 00:45

On Sunday the 14th I found two small jpg's by searching google images with the terms "saddam hanging."

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Saddam's Cat

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"Found, an image of Saddamn's cat."

That was hilarious. You've gotta send it to Diana and post it to HPO. If you don't, I will.

(Your cat is cute, too. I so miss my cat, Max. Sigh.)


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good one!

Found, an image of Saddamn's

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Found, an image of Saddamn's cat.

Hey, kinda looks like my cat. Smiling

Thanks, Ted!

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Thanks, Ted!

Try right click copy image

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Try right click copy image location. The URL I gave was for the site, but the exact URL is

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Ted, I entered the above URL into my browser and it brings up a blank page. (And I can't capture it off this Solo page). Do you have an address that enables one to do a Cmd-S or Ctrl-S on so I can save the picture to my hard drive?

Ted, that's the picture I

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Ted, that's the picture I was talking about. And notice how morally satisfying it is as a photograph of justice done to that strutting little Hitler.

Would that there had been such a photo of Hitler, of Mao, and (there's still time yet) of Castro.

Swinging, neck broken at the end of a rope.

I'm Sorry Ted

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I concede that I was a bit presumptuous in my comments to you. This occurs far to often on internet message boards; I should have known better. And thank you for remembering that there is more to me than eating shit.


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First, you, of all people, should know that images may be deceiving. I am nearly twice the age of the image you see here of me. And I am more mellow and less vindictive now than then.

Also, this is not a snuff film, a slasher flick, or the infamous "Faces of Death" film of the 1980's. This is a proof of justice done, one of the most sublimely benevolent of things. I am the survivor of my lover's murder, a witness to the death of my neighbours who leapt from the top of the towers. Don't presume that I am vicious or treat death lightly.

I assume you are new here, so don't take my words here as a sign of offense on my part, or an attack upon yourself. I am merely explaining my situation and motivation, and I welcome the star of one of the best comedies (Hairspray) ever made.

Amrika Akbar!



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If anyone has the technical skill, would they please just post the picture (captured from the cellphone video) here...the one just after he is hung, with his neck broken, and his face looking almost straight up.

Then we can -capture- it and use it for t-shirts, in emails, for magazine covers...etc.

Instead of debating ABOUT the picture, SHOW the picture. After all a picture is worth....?

I do not glorify death

I do not glorify death either, but justice. I would proudly display a hung Sadaam as a symbol of such.


Islam insofar as it is directed by governments, and as a measure enforced from above by any government, is to be done away with.


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For someone with such an adorable face you have a dark soul. I shed no tears for Sadaam, ... but I choose not to glorify death.


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Thank you, I would love to add one of those to my "infidel" gear.

Who's Your Baghdaddy

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The T-Shirts may still be available from distributers to the military. I can send your email address to my friend Cheryl who served there if you like.

"Who's Your Baghdaddy?"

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Love it Smiling


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Thanks Chris, I fixed the qualifier. But I guess (hope) he may have still been alive for some seconds there while his neck was broken but his brain had a little O2 left. Should have asked him to blink after he dropped, like the French did during the Terror...

I figured someone here must

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I figured someone here must have come accross a jpg. I find it a strange coincidence of silence that there is no still of him so dangling available on Google. I expect some behind-the scenes self-censorship. Were someone to know of a link to a still, it would be proof.

In any case, my answer to Phil is that although I technically know how to get a still, I haven't come across a capturable video link, and wouldn't be able to upload the still here anyway, since I don't have my own server hosting capacity. Unless I were to make him my avatar...

Ted, why not take the

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Ted, why not take the well-known and widly available video and extract a still picture? It shows him looking up neck broken just after the hanging. I would wear it on a T-Shirt.

Can any of the more technical people here explain how to extract a freeze-frame from a video one finds on the internet?

Why would you want a poor,

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Why would you want a poor, unsuspecting image dead?

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