The Final Thing in Philosophy?

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      Here is the explanation for Our Consciousness and Our Evolution process as it happens every time!

       This is what Ayn Rand missed out on, isn'it?

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Epistemic Urges

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"Can/does the consciousness have a "life" -- even a brief life -- beyond its corporeal existance?"

I have written in response to this specific issue--particularly addressing the reason behind why we entertain such thoughts as "can conscousness [extend] beyond corporeal existance."

I have coined the term "epistemic urges" to describe this behavior. Here's an excerpt from my complete article at

"human consciousness–as it cannot fathom the notion of nothingness, is forced (or has strong epistemic urges) to imagine some sort of continued existence; because death and non-existence, i.e., nothingness, is simply unfathomable and impossible for human consciousness to imagine; the nature of our minds is such that we are unlimited in what we can think of so long as we think of something, and that we think of ourselves as thinking beings. We are unable to come to a point where nothingness envelops our consciousness such that we can imagine what death and non-existence must really be like.

Since we are incapable of experiencing, or even imagining, what death and not existing must be like, we tend to explore (using our unlimited epistemic capabilities) “after-death” scenarious of our continued existence. And while we are engaged in such flights of imaginative fancies, we might as well fabricate elaborate scenarios that fulfill our hedonistic desires, such as “unending happiness and bliss” in heaven, joy, honey, wine, virgins in heaven; our desire of justice is likewise fulfilled, with evil and rich people banished into hell where they suffer forever, and poor, meek, and good people who “suffer” on Earth are abundantly rewarded in heaven."


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Consciousness is an Irreducible Primary element of nature.And there is no creation and destuction of the

irreducible elements.

Hi Ergo,

          You mean Control Urges...

One of the reason why elders don't like to teach their childrens about the existence of our souls is because they like to control their lives.That which is so utterly out of our control like our souls

[Our souls are neither matter nor energy.They cannot be perceived through our 5 senses],we are inclined to think that such things don't exist!You must see that Human Volition is not the Final Thing in this Universe.Our volition is subject to the laws of reality.THAT WHICH EXISTS DOES EXIST NO MATTER WHATEVER OUR WISHES!...SMILING...I see.Folks are still very busy with things here!

Meanwhile here is a Kris pic!


Also see this -

Hi Andrew and Duncan,

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 Ok, so I have uploaded a picture of myself here in a new thread!

Please use that for my picture!...smiling...

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Don't feed the trolls!

There are a few things in

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There are a few things in life that are just undeniably hilarious:

1.) "These go up to 11..." from This is Spinal Tap.

2.) Ted Kennedy slurring his speech in a drunken stupor.

3.) Krishna endlessly holding forth as some kind of god, while at the same time leaving up the "Mola Ram" profile pic from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which anyone with even an iota of intelligence could figure out how to change on his own.

Hi Joe,

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Because you don't want to accept the things that Do exist!

I see that!...smiling...


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no. Smiling

Hi Mr.Joe and Mr.Landon,

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You are attemting to make me yawn...smiling...

 But I won't!...laughing...

 Would you kindly define here what is meant by the Metaphysical! Or maybe this is the only word

where you disagree with Ayn Rand! I am not curious about it. But whom are you kidding here?

Ayn Rand or me? ...laughing...

 Please do reply me and don't run away from here!

Maybe Kirshna does need

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Maybe Kirshna does need PARC.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Consciousness is Eternal...

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Yeah, sure you got the right website here, Krishy? Next you'll be quoting Carl'er mind.

The fact that you can attempt to say such things in the same breath as Ayn Rand shows that Nathaniel Branden has really opened some floodgates. Koestler, hypnosis, Ken Wilbur, what's next, ESP? Seances with Patrecia?

Hi Jenna,

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You must see my manner of deriving things.I give explanations for that which does exist!

My explanations are the simplest possible and obvious even to say a kid.

So unless you have more simpler explanations than me the burden of Dissent is on you and not me! Ok! ...smiling...

And could you say something to Andrew Bissel about the wrong picture here! ...smiling...

   And so just as matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed,that it is eternal, so our

consciousness can also be neither created nor destroyed and is eternal in its existence!

We were always there though

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We were always there though there was a first time when we entered the genes and assumed our bodies!

Burden of proof. Evidence, please.

still have any Existential problems?

No existential problems. I know who I am.


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Only one correction to my writings here!

Like the whole of the universe which was never created in the first place but is given metaphysically,

So is our consciousness or souls.We were always there though there was a first time when we

entered the genes and assumed our bodies!

 This follows from the fact that there can be no universe at any stage without consciousness to be conscious or aware of it.Ayn Rand wrote this in objectivism,or didn't she?...smiling...

 So the Solo members here still have any Existential problems?I hope not!...laughing...

Hi Mr.Landon and others,

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 I think after 4 days I have understood the meaning of your 1st line!...

So have you all run away from here?...smiling...


Hello Mr.Landon,

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 I didn't get the meaning of your first statement!

And why do you keep repeating - 'flight or fight'?

After 94 replies here basically I seem to be teaching others not to run away from this place!...smilng...

   And do you see that I have basically solved the greatest mystery of mankind by my writings?...smilng...

The mystery that the whole mankind was running away from since we came into existence!...smiling...

 And Mr.Landon,

                    if you were to meet Roark or Galt, what would you say to him?...smiling...

 Why don't you try and get a publisher for this book which may not be worth a million but say a

billion bucks?...laughing...

I've seriously seen better

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I've seriously seen better reasoning from the conspiracy theory section of an issue of high times kirshna.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.


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And Ashley here requires some lessons in reason and objectivism!...smiling...

Come and visit me in India.I will give you some free lessons in the same...laughing...


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 I am now actually learning to live without the computer!...laughing...

So I basically sit in front of the computer only once in 3 days!

And its nice to see that some posting is still being made here! May be I should expect that by now!

And Ed,

         You didn't say anything about my second question?Don't you pay for it when you have a

very costly ice-cream which costs about $10,000!

        One of the reason why I would on my own get a publisher for this short and crisp book

in the next 50 years, is because publishers would hardly have any other book to publish by then!

The whole world will be mine by then...laughing...

...laughing ...

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In 1,209,004 lifetimes I could never find another who had such an indomitable resistance to reason, nor who was less aware of the futility of continuing a flawed line of thought in a SOLO forum...

...laughing ...

... smiling ...

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... who is the one guy here who will get a publisher for me?


Thanks for the comical entertainment! ...

"... smiling ..."



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 So who is the one guy here who will get a publisher for me?

Or sending 10,000 might be a easier option?

What do you think?...smiling...

Hi Jody,

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Thanks for your posting!

You see that I wrote this book by online discussions with other people. So I am not going to

publish it on my own! Someone has got to do this for me! Or I might do it on my own in the next

50 years!

   But I thought that someone would be interested in making some money out of this.

   Maybe people already have too much money!

   Or its a matter of Ideals...laughing...

 Though the Ideals look Inverted here...laughing...

 So someone here who is not inverted?


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You can make money out of this book,you see!...smiling...

If only those dastardly publishers wanted to make a little money, you'd have no problem finding one to publish your book. Or, if it's such a sure thing, then you might invest some of your own capital and self-publish it.


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And anyone here who can find a publisher for this book of mine which I am talking about here -

You can make money out of this book,you see!...smiling...


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And my apology to Mr.Landon for the infant comment! Though not for Bissell unless he removes

the wrong picture first.


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The postings here has gone bottoms up!...smiling...


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What I meant by lesser brothers here is that all must be non-geniuses here.The not from my

category! If there were a high level genius around here he would have immediately sent me

the 10,000 bucks!

 Well, somebody can still pretend that he is a high level genius and send me the bucks!

So what do you think about it?


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I am just getting a little curious here.Just another game of mine...

But how many here have actually understood the axiom that Existence Exists!

I know Ayn Rand left a few things here to be understood implicitely.

But have you people fallen for that trap?

I am inclined to think so because anyway I am dealing with my lesser brothers here!...smiling...

Hi Summer,

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Well, when are you going to recover from your severe traffic accident?

Should it not be in this lifetime?...laughing...

And you say this things after having read what I have written!

A little bit of forgetfulness also...laughing...

Having an ice-cream for free and not paying for it! Thats a bad habit...?


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I appreciate that you have the guts to come back here again and again.


It isn't so much guts as morbid curiosity;  something akin to gawking at a severe traffic accident.

And I suppose I have a soft spot for attention-hungry trolls as well.  Just one of my many human failings.



Hi Summer,

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 I appreciate that you have the guts to come back here again and again.

Sure people learn something from me.I know that!

And you mean I am trying to wake up the dead horse here!Well,some horses maybe dead here,

only to be reborn in their next birth!

    But I don't think that applies to every Solo member.I am looking here for the one Who is

Alive and Kicking and will give me the 10000!


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Take the hint...



Hi everybody here,

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Well, the people here are quite well behaved!Nobody sent me any abuse mails.

But still no one has said anything about the $ either and the wrong picture is still there.Well?

Hi Ashley,

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But it is circular,isn'it?!...laughing...

You posted here for whatever be your reason,whatever that you haven't yet finished in your

present lifetime because of which you have some trouble in accepting the final truth of life!

But I take your post as that you agree with me, if not now then maybe later, because right now

you are very busy with things! I am not busy with anything!

  And I see that others still agree with me! And I respect them for that.But of course this are

truths about life which they must have grasped earlier than me since I am only 31 now.

Maybe Joe and Ashley are younger than me...laughing...

  But still I am interested in the 10,000 dollars!

Here is my mail-id

No abuse mails though!I don't abuse, But if you have noticed my writings here carefully, then you know that I reply

everything.Observe that philosophy gives the answer for every possible questions in this universe!

And in any case I have already said everything here...smiling...


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"But you still posted here which means you agree with me without wanting to!...laughing...
And others by not posting here have implicitly stated that they agree with me!"

Oh, no way dude. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. First of all, you can certainly *ask* that anyone not agreeing with you not post to this thread, but we are under no obligation to respect your wishes. I would suspect that most of us have stopped reading and posting to this thread because you are nuts and the whole "discussion" is pointless and stupid. Whether one posts to this thread or not, I am doubtful that anyone agrees with you about much of anything. Your posts are very poorly written, I suspect that you think your "style" is very wise and mysterious but it is actually just tiresome.

Hi little Joe,

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But you still posted here which means you agree with me without wanting to!...laughing...

And others by not posting here have implicitly stated that they agree with me!

But AB,

          The wrong picture is still there!And what about my 10,000 .....smiling....


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I've read both Atlas and Fountainhead, and some more. Perhaps these are the only books that you have read. OPAR, ITOE, VOS... am I getting too far ahead of you?

And we should be grateful for what? You have provided nothing other than speculative comments that amount to gibberish. You still insist on writing your numbers in the wrong way, and you have not provided a shred of evidence beyond your own dis-integrated conceptual garbage.

In response to your other comment,
"If you read my comments carefully you will see that I have asked for those who do not agree with me [read agree with facts of reality], please do not post on this thread",
why would you even bother.

But if that's the way you want it....


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If you read my comments carefully you will see that I have asked for those who do not

agree with me [read agree with facts of reality], please do not post on this thread.If I still have to

convince people about my identity, then what do you think my writings so far amounts to!

You will be convinced anyway in the next 5000 million years.

 Or do you propose to go and live on the planet Krypton?...laughing...Why do you think I am asking

you for 10000... I know you will not give it to me! I am asking from the one guy who will give it

to me who knows somethings about being thankful and grateful etc.

   And Joe,

              Either you have not read The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged or you have forgotten

them...smiling... If you are not interested in Ayn Rand I suspect you will not be interested

in the real life Roark and Galt.Go have a chocolate and be happy and forget about me.

Obviously you are not comfortable with metaphysical discussions here!

Double fool

Joe Idoni's picture

Both Howard Roark and John Galt, were they not fictional, would most definitely use correct grammar. You clearly cannot be the real-life incarnation of either.

Secondly, how do you suppose you EARNED anything when you have provided nothing?

I'll tell you what, you send me $20,000 USD, then I will send you 10000 bucks.



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I find it slightly odd that you would use the Gregorian calendar if you were truly immortal/reincarnated. It is a decisively christian invention in use by someone who, while exhibiting the typical self-reinforcing delusions of christians, has not indicated that he is.

As for hallucinating about multi-armed blue people: I made both references. The first one was regarding hindu deities with blue skin and mutliple arms. These deities include Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu. I would think you would know this.

Secondly, your inability to judge reality as it is, versus what you see in your mind, displays you have a tendency to hallucinate. But if you would like to attribute hallucinations to something mystical, then that only supports my conclusion. In the real world, hallucinations result from a mental instability, usually drug induced.

And did you really just suggest that you fucked a toddler? Woah.

Finally, there are only a few reasons that people hide their identity. They are ugly, they are scared, they are stupid, or they are all of the above. Why do I think you match the last?



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And I am not teasing anyone here!

And nobody needs to get any inferiority complex or anything like that because of what I am saying


       Please understand that I am the Real Life Howard Roark and John galt.I AM THE MAN OF


I am stating a fact of reality.It is true.When I make a statement like there is No one superior to

me on this earth in this Universe AND THATS FOR FOREVER, I am not bragging or being arrogant or self -conceited or

to make others feel low etc.

 My purpose if any is to teach others also to stand up for themselves!

To understand that there is nothing superior to human consciousness in this universe.

That you Exist! And this is a real insult to Ayn Rand if having read her you are not sure that

you Exist and if you do not seek who is the real life Roark and Galt.

   And Hi,

            What about my 10,000 dollars which I have earned many times over by now!

I don't like Thankless people!...smiling...

       You send me the 10000 bucks and I send you my picture which I am sure you would like!...



krishna2's picture

I don't mind infants teasing me!Who did that silly thing though!...laughing...

As for those 4000 looks of mine you will have to pick up any book of Krishna or simply search for

Krishna on the web.All the 4000 looks are preserved there since the last 5000 years!

And all those looks will come back again in my next birth, say by 2076AD! Because I was born in

1976AD this time! I might choose the year 2076 for my next Incarnation...laughing...

 And someone here hallicunates about blue multiarmed people! Maybe the result of excessive

Comic book readings about the same in some past lifetimes!...laughing...

Actually as I have an explanation for everything here it is for Hallicunations also!

Some incidents from your past lifetimes which must have made a deep impact on your subconsciousness, that it disaplays those Images to you even during your waking hours when

you encounter some similar situations in your present lifetime.

I saw images of Krishna dancing with a woman and making love to her at the age of 3 or 4

while I was awake and playing on one morning!

Very helpful Andrew. I'd

Landon Erp's picture

Very helpful Andrew. I'd like to know what he's smoking and where I could get some.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

I went ahead and added

Andrew Bissell's picture

I went ahead and added Krishna's picture for him. It's a shot of him in one of his previous lives, when he was Mola Ram. "Kali Ma, Schakdeeday!"

I wonder if he ever has dreams of being defeated by Indiana Jones?

I remember when this guy used to hang around, he's always good for a laugh.


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I have said a lot of things below here!Maybe not necessary!

I wish I could edit,delete a few things here and there!...laughing...

I don't really want to look into Telepathic messages between two infants...laughing...

 I am interested only in the Adults around here!...smiling...

So, something about my face.Well, as I have written earlier in the Ayn Rand message board,

All those 4000 violent,intense and godly looks have come and gone on my face!

Right now its quite a normal face, just the end state, summation of those 4000 godly looks!

Still when I have good nights sleep [which I have everyday, nowadays!] and wake up in the morning

and take bath and look into the mirror, I see the whole Universe!...laughing...

Of course, some infants may not agree with it.

But it is usually childrens who are very honest! They just look at my face with that awe and wonder!

And I don't have to remind you about that one liner - When you walk past a lady on a street...

the last time I was here...

 All of the women folks have seen me in their dreams - passionately kissing their mouth!

And they remind me that whenever I see one of them!...laughing...

I am not giving my picture here, till someone pays me 10,000 dollars for my writings!


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Yeah..... spelling aside, I think you hit the nail on the head. Smiling


Moments I'm reminded of the

Landon Erp's picture

Moments I'm reminded of the line from I think thc Compachrios (sp) "An infant's first frown is the birth of it's intelect" I'm paraphrasing but I'm fairly certain everyone will get the significance.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Hi Christy,

krishna2's picture

But you didn't have to say this things!

And I am the Final Source.Whom Am I supposed to refer to?...laughing...

And it is not possible to step out of existence in the first place.

You leave your body when it perishes, but you still Exist - Your consciousness.The existence of your body is conditional, but not that of your soul!

 There is no Non- Existence for us, you see! Qoute Atlas Shrugged - 'YOU ARE!'

  And one more remarkable property of our soul is this - Since it is pure energy,it has zero mass

and we would be capable of travelling at the speed of light like any light rays.

We could visit the outer space,sun and moon and come back to earth all at the speed of light!...


    And Hi,

             What about My Picture?...laughing...

I am not in the habit of giving Freebies either!

 This last question is not for Christy though...laughing...

It is for Mr.Perigo!...smiling...

For the troll

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Mr. Krisha2,
If you post an illogical question about stepping out of existence to prove it, you have not won the discussion because it is unanswerable. You have merely posted an illogical question.

If you think everything that happened in the movie "Ghost" was real, please refer to, find the screenplay writers and debate this with them.

IF you are going to share what you have read about kitten deaths, cite your source.

Speaking of using sources, adding some -- including to your initial post -- might help you.

But I don't think you're here to assert anything credible. A troll is a troll. It's not my place here to say you need the boot, but I'm hard-pressed to find a reason to follow this thread or any other place here that you feel the need to post.

Hi Summer,

krishna2's picture

Sorry, but you were a woman in your previous birth!

Your consciousness would be incapable of entering the elephant's embryo.If you did, you would be

thrown out anyway!...lauhging...

 The elephant cannot build the brain content or intelligence of a human in it!


    Hi Joe,

             You missed the point.Polygamy is when you have more than one, say 2,3 or 10.

It is not polygamy when you have 16,108!...laughing...

  It is called - It is the One Boy who is getting so much which they cannot bear as Ayn put it in

her own words!And I get this thing from a girl who is as young as 10 to 20 to 30.... to even 60!...laughing... It is any and every woman regardless of her age,looks and intelligence!

   Somebody here give me just 10,000 dollars and I will upload my picture here.

Though it might take me less than 10 bucks to upload the photo I don't like to give this writings

of mine for free!...laughing...

Hi Ross,

krishna2's picture

The explanation for things like Esp and telepathy is this -

  Observe that in seeing dreams while our eyes are closed, we still see pictures and hear sound.

So some part of our subconsciousness has this capability of receiving and storing sound,pictures,

sequences and displaying this things to us in our mind.

 And the subconscious self is capable of sending and receiving messages across any distance and

even time!

  I remember reading about an experiment conducted by the scientists on a cat and its kittens.

Where the mother cat was kept at the top floor of the building and the kittens were taken few floors

below, and were killed one by one.

 At the instance that each kitten was being put to death, the mother cat responded to it  as if it

felt some pain! There is the clear Evidence for telepathy!

 The explanation is all about the wave propagation through the entire space and the ability to

pick up this signals because you are tuned for that particular wave frequency.

 How do two people speak on their cell phones while no one else is hearing their conversation?

You don't go and study the physics behind the wave propagation! You just press the numbers,don't


 Similarly, since the mother cat and her kittens share some Intimacy with each other, their minds

are tuned into each other, which means that their Subconscious Self is capable of sending and receiving messages to each other.

 Observe that this process is involuntary [it happens without our conscious choice], though there are some people out there who have practised to do it with their conscious choice.Though I would

still prefer to use the cell phone and not my subconscious self to carry out this task!...laughing...


krishna2's picture

I think I should have posted this 'The Final Thing in Philosophy?'  in the Banter section!...laughing...

I did not have that much knowledge then!...laughing...


Summer Serravillo's picture

Shhh!!!  I'm in the middle of having my past lives read.




Post Scriptum:  Apparently, I was an elephant in my past life, which explains my fear of mice...



Joe Idoni's picture

Summer, if you keep telling us about what you having in common with Krishna, I might have to question your motivation. Smiling


"Do you often hallucinate

Summer Serravillo's picture

"Do you often hallucinate about multi-armed blue people?"


I really need to see a doctor...  *sigh*



krishna2 said: I don't want

LWHALL's picture

krishna2 said:

"I don't want anyone to attempt to define consciousness here!

Because I am sure it would be so silly that I would be feeling silly myself while reading it!...laughing.."

Thanks for clearing up how I was feeling while reading your posts.


Joe Idoni's picture


Since we're on proving things. Polygamy is contrary to self-esteem. No man could possibly be satisfied with that many relationships. Or perhaps you were not speaking of relationships. If that is the case, then I suggest that you reconsider what it is you actually achieve by having women show you their breasts. Breasts by themselves are fine and well, but if they are not attached to a beautiful body AND mind, then what purpose would that serve? It would demean any type of self-worth you feel whilst trying to complete yourself through the usage of insignifigant women.

Also, you seem quite bent on proving that existence exists in your terminology. Have you also realized that philosophy is not limited to epistemology? Do you often hallucinate about multi-armed blue people? Does your mother know that your typing on the sin box again?


"Or are you a greater

Summer Serravillo's picture

"Or are you a greater philosopher than me?"


I bow to your superior self-image.  Now pipe down and pass the bong.



Post Scriptum:  I see the cloak and the beard, ...


krishna2's picture

My favourite character is Krishna who is the real life Roark and Galt And who happens to be myself!

What I like best about my previous birth?

  I had 16,108 wives!

What I like best about my present birth?

  That whenever a woman walks past me she shows me her breasts! It gives a nice feeling!...laughing...


krishna2's picture

I meant 5 billion years.So you forgot your school physics textbook!...laughing...! I knew nobody

was interested in schooling, anyway!

And Summer,

                  before I ask you to maybe drink a little less wine because it seems to make your

consciousness wonder whether it exists or not - Have you actually read the three pages that I

have written on our consciousness!Sure I say things which no one has said before but everything I say is true because thats the way to explain things which Do Exist!

  Or are you a greater philosopher than me?

Whats your philosophy by the way?... laughing...

Joe writes,

krishna2's picture

Our consciousness just happens to be a fortunate application of chemicals!

That the Law of Non-Contradiction is against the Law of Identity,the axiom that Existence Exists!...


And somebody else writes that there is no evidence for ESP and Telepathy, So he is not sure if

our consciousness exists or not [when in fact esp and telepathy have been observed in experiments

by scientists!Only no one has given the simple explanations which exists for them!Just think a little

and you will get the answer.]

    So I will state things in a more simple form for you people!

Observe that the scientists have concluded that there is no genetic basis for our consciousness

and intelligence.Which means conscio...... is an independant entity which enters the embryo

in the womb from outside.You know the consciousness which floats freely in the air around us!

Someone here wonders if our cons.... requires some kind of sustenance.

Well, I don't know! But it certainly doesn't require any food,clothes or shelter when it is outside our body!It is an element which is pure awareness and it doesn't forget anything like we human

beings do when we possess a body...laughing...

     I don't want anyone to attempt to define consciousness here!

Because I am sure it would be so silly that I would be feeling silly myself while reading it!...laughing..

Depends on the eyes - are

Robert Malcom's picture

Depends on the eyes - are they red or blue?


Joe Idoni's picture

I guess that depends on what you mean by bad......




Summer Serravillo's picture

"Have you seen green fairies, pink elephants, or ..."


Um...  not that I'm asking for any particular reason, you understand, but is that a bad sign??






Joe Idoni's picture

Did you mean 5 Billion years? Do you not read other posts besides your own drivel? Do you not realize that you are completely dis-integrated? Can you form intellegent sentences? Have you seen green fairies, pink elephants, or been abducted by aliens lately? Are you over the age of 16? Have you stopped breast feeding? Do you not know that you have completely missed the point of all the responses to your original questions? Is your favorite Ayn Rand character Ellsworth Monkton Toohey?

While you prattle on about your view of the axiom of existence, have you not also read that contradiction cannot exist?

Read a little more before you attempt to engage people smarter than you.


I'm not offended by teasing,

Summer Serravillo's picture

I'm not offended by teasing, and I tend to give as good as I get.  But you might consider taking a few minutes between posts to check the bong water.  It must be gettin' a bit murky by now.


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I admit that I was teasing you people by stating facts of reality with which you are uncomfortable!...smiling...

But I have a single question for those who don't like me,disagree with me etc.

  How do you propose to exist on this earth for the next 5000 million years [and then for forever!]?

Did you study in your school textbooks that the sun is going to shine for the next 5 billion years?

Please don't be offended by my teasing!

I wouldn't mind it if you keep teasing me!


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If you have read the 3 or 4 pages that I wrote in order to show that we exist, and if you still don't

agree, then this is what Ayn wrote in Atlas Shrugged in the Galt's speech - When they ask you to

prove that Existence Exists, they are asking you to step out of existence and prove it.

    Maybe you have forgotten that line...laughing...


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This thread has received so far 40 replies.Let me say one thing straight here.

Those who don't wish to agree with me [ Read agree with facts of reality.], the only way to

defeat me which is not possible [to defeat me,that is!], please do not post on this thread!...laughing...

The arguments if any, against the axiom that Existence Exists looks so silly that the only reasonable conclusion that I can arrive at is that there is not a single idea of Ayn Rand with which you

agree.Well, there are not many people out there who agree with Ayn.

So be happy!...smiling... You are not alone!


"1. Mermaids are

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"1. Mermaids are lesbians."

Oh, really? Is it the fishy smell? What?

"3. Of all colors, green is best."

I like blue. For mood, music & movies Smiling

"4. Wilco should be more famous."

They are already.

"6. If you have a lot of cats, forget about using "invisible" tape."

Oh, the trouble that stray pussy has caused...

"8. Newspaper just feels good."

Oh, please, elaborate.

"9. "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen""

I prefer: "Get 'em young, train 'em right"

That is the nub of it - that

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That is the nub of it - that these notions came from such times and in such ignorance, and that today - in light of much understanding of the nature of things, this primitivism still makes the rounds, appealing to the same ignorance and innocence - or cowardice...

Although not being

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much of a believer in visitation by other-world beings, still when reading a description given of Angels appearing in the "Book of Ezekial" and what they looked like to him, it kind of gives the impression of what a modern day astronaut could appear to be to a person who had never heard of such a thing.

It was not my intention to restate what you had already written in different words. I had read the thread a few days ago but because of the way it was heading due to one certain poster I did not respond. When I did I did not reread the entire thread and forgot your remark in the 4th post. My apologies.

This manner of thought has long intrigued me and there may be much more breaking down of the division between observable scientific thought and spiritual beliefs as the years go by.

"In the purview of

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"In the purview of observable fact and science perhaps we will find this answer in not so much what the religous would call "unknowable", but rather that which is "unknown" to us now, and may appear as magical(for lack of a better word)to us today as a computer would have been to a caveperson."


Which is precisely what I meant when I said (in my 4th post on this thread), ...


"If indeed consciousness is perpetual, it is so because of a mechanism that is not yet known or understood, and not because of some ancient scribblings, scribed, collected and collated by people who knew less about consciousness than modern man."


Summer wrote:

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"I have, however, pondered this myself; Can/does the consciousness have a "life" -- even a brief life -- beyond its corporeal existance? Is there some part of us that lingers after death, perhaps drawing energy from its surroundings? If any of this can reasonably be debated (and that's a BIG 'If'), can it be done outside the context of God and/or religious beliefs?"

In the purview of observable fact and science perhaps we will find this answer in not so much what the religous would call "unknowable", but rather that which is "unknown" to us now, and may appear as magical(for lack of a better word)to us today as a computer would have been to a caveperson.

 "He may well be a

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 "He may well be a reasonably cheery and polite gentleman in face to face dealings, but his posts on this site have been offensive and worthless."


I don't know that I'd characterize his posts as offensive, necessarily.  But it's clear that he was more interested in preaching than engaging in reasoned debate, as evidenced by the fact that he never actually made an argument amid his many assertions and proclamations.


I'm guilty of "feeding" him for too long, but in my own defense, I was trying to goad him into providing evidence for his many claims.  And in the end, all I did was chase my tail and feed his ego;  a mistake I'm not likely to make again.



Be well, Summer - or be

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Be well, Summer - or be happy in your foolishness?

Krishna has demonstrated beyond doubt that he is a troll. He may well be a reasonably cheery and polite gentleman in face to face dealings, but his posts on this site have been offensive and worthless.

Can we stop feeding this particular troll?

"Thanks for conceding defeat

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"Thanks for conceding defeat though.Which can mean only one of the two things - You can't argue beyond this point and another that you agree with me!"


The third possibility, which you've conveniently ignored, is that arguing with someone who rejects reason is a fool's errand.  But if this "victory" makes you happy, then I'll not rain on your parade.


Be well,



Hi Ashley,

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The axiom that existence exists implies that matter,energy and our consciousness exists!

It cannot imply the existence of matter and energy alone!Ayn did not say that matter and energy

exists, So be happy!...laughing...

    We can speculate a few things about the beginning,that is,the time when consciousness was

not yet made,the Big Bang explosion,expansion,contraction was not yet perfected by nature.

    And we can speculate about our existence thus far when our subconscious memories was

getting fully loaded,that is reaching its full capacity of storage!

    Assuming that now our subconscious is fully loaded with the experiences of our many and many

lifetimes, we will not make the mistakes in the future as we did in the past.

    This means it is the end of evolution for our consciousness.

    We will now exist eternally with this achieved wisdom!

   And Ashley,

                   I would like to add one more thing to your list - Since we exist eternally our choice is

restricted to Eternal torture or Intermittent torture and enjoyment or Eternal enjoyment!

               A man like Roark and Galt says that he wants only Eternal enjoyment!

So you think Ayn Rand is wrong,foolish and silly?

              Please also read the Krishna Literature! That you see, is the Ultimate in Enjoyment!

Oh! How much I wish that Ayn Rand had read Krishna!

She would have then taken Indian citizenship also!...laughing...

Things that are Self-Evident

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Things that are Self-Evident:

1. Mermaids are lesbians.
2. Centipede and Millipede are exactly the same game.
3. Of all colors, green is best.
4. Wilco should be more famous.
5. "Rubric" is a ridiculous word.
6. If you have a lot of cats, forget about using "invisible" tape.
7. A hearty stew and a few shots of Jamie are the perfect winter's meal.
8. Newspaper just feels good.
9. "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen"
10. Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens - wow!

If this list is not true then every single idea of Ayn Rand is wrong, foolish, and silly.


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 With some initial adjustments, it has to be understood that the axiom that Existence Exists

implies that matter,energy and our consciousness Exists which means they exist eternally!

So you still want to disagree with the axioms of the universe!

Joe,     Thats nice that

krishna2's picture


     Thats nice that you have accepted that I am the Man of the Highest mind!

Hey, even Roark and Galt make some mistakes,don't they? But perfectly excusable!

That does not mean that they are not perfect! And they are not perfect because Ayn Rand said so!

They are perfect because possessing the highest intelligence and being the Supreme Consciousness

in this Universe, They are the Standard, Reference, Starting Point etc.

    So they are perfect including myself because its in our nature, Its Metaphysicaqlly Given etc.


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 Hi Summer,

                 I knew that you are afraid of your elders!

So I understand your backing away! Thanks for conceding defeat though.Which can mean only one

of the two things - You can't argue beyond this point and another that you agree with me!

By the way, for me both is one and the same! So thanks for your agreement!

After all, I have enlightened one more soul on this earth!

No longer chagrinned, now flabbergasted.

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You had me interested until you described yourself as perfect. That's an amazing leap.



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Summer, I only fear two things: 1. Revolving doors and 2. spiders.

Krishna is a little confusing and he is trying to trap people into his game, but I doubt he qualifies as either.



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This discussion evokes the same feelings that I had the first time I saw a Ren & Stimpy cartoon.


But as I love(d) Ren & Stimpy, I guess I should thank you.  And as a token of my appreciation, I'll concede defeat.


*smiling sweetly, backing away slowly*




Post Scriptum:  I once watched as my dog chased his tail for about five minutes.  Now I know how he felt...

Hi,   And what do you

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   And what do you mean by objective evidence? I would be interested in your way of defining things!

Krisrampro,Rama Krishna,Murugan and Krishna all are myself.Thats obvious to you isn'it?...smiling...

   And I repeat here that if our souls do not exist then every single idea of Ayn Rand is wrong,

foolish and silly etc.And if our souls exist which it does, then only Ayn Rand is Right and everybody

else is wrong.

   I picked up some one liners from the Bible - We must give up our flesh and exist eternally

as our spirits[ which is our consciousness]! And it is good for a man not to touch a woman!

Nevertheless because of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife!...laughing...

   I don't think Jesus agrees with Ayn Rand!

   And one last question - Who do you think is greater in philosophy?

   Ayn Rand or the Highest Man himself whom Ayn defined as being fully integrated,consistent

and perfect.

    And who do you think I am?Don't be in a hurry to answer this last particular question

because though I have answered this question myself, I know that it takes time to come to terms

with it!....smiling...


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"...I may be blind, but I have a memory like a digital elephant (plus I'm pretty handy with a mouse)."


I thought elephants were afraid of mice.





I shouldn't, but I'm not going to sleep anyways...

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I am still confused about what you are saying. What evidence do you have that dreams (or 4 dreams as it were) refer to our past lifetimes? Is this a conclusion that you have come to by yourself, or are you simply quoting someone who also speaks in obfuscated terminology?

Second, you do not have to repeat yourself. I may be blind, but I have a memory like a digital elephant (plus I'm pretty handy with a mouse).

Thirdly, you are still insisting that consciousness is eternal in it's existence. I cannot begin to understand your point until you clarify.

Why am I reminded of the time my mom asked me if vegetables have feelings?

P.S. Mr. Perigo, you berate me for apostrophe usage, and you ignore this!?!?! Now I'm definitely shaving!

Now I see...

Summer Serravillo's picture

My dreams usually involve large quantities of Hagan Daaz and some guy whose name I've yet to learn (I never get to ask -- too busy).   ;o)


But once again, you're spinning your wheels;

"This is true, and it's true because I say it's true.  And the fact that I say it's true is overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that it's true."


Allowing for the possiblity that an unprovable is true isn't necessarily irrational.  Building a belief system around an unprovable is absurdly irrational.



Hi,    We daily see 4

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    We daily see 4 dreams while sleeping all of which refers to our past lifetimes.

How can you reject such collossal evidence?

    And I repeat that we never die in the first place to be born again or reincarnated.

Rebirth is only with reference to our bodies.Not our consciousness which is eternal in its existence.

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