If there is a youth at Solo come here for general hanging out.

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Submitted by Jeff Kremer on Sun, 2007-01-14 09:29

Hey, I'm Jeff Kremer, new here. Just noticed that on the SOLO Youth forum...well there's no Youth. So, if there are any of you guys out there come say hi, maybe get a topic going.

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About me

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Well, I'm NZ's Youngest Libertarian/Objectivist at only 13. And I understand pretty much everything that's said here.


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Thanks, but I don't think your spelling is just as bad as mine.

Anyway enough about me, what about you,  what do you think of me? Eye


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Don't feel bad, I'm 22 and I don't understand everything yet either!

Luckily, the people here are great, and will hardly ever bite.

*glares around room* Right guys?!?!

And, by the way, welcome!



"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."


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Hey, my name's Ruby and I am the youngest member of SOLO at 13 years old! I don't understand half the things people are writing about so, you'll only see me posting in fairly basic conversations.



Just a thought

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Is there anything on the page that might interest a teenager first then get them to contribute?

SOLO Youth front page

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Hey Jeff (and others)

This is the SOLO Youth main page.

It contains a variety of content sourced from young Objectivists (or, aimed at young Objectivists), including some articles by a friend of mine which appeared in the Free Radical, and a few short stories. If we can recruit more contributors, maybe the page can be resurrected.

I beat ya.

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Looks like I'm a year younger.

I'm a yute at heart

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I am 17 and 70, the alpha, and the o my gosh


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Ya, I'm having fun here. I'm still getting used to the youngest to oldest reply format though.

Greetings! I was impressed

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Greetings! I was impressed by your eagerness to inquire, discuss and learn when I saw you on OL. Now I'm glad to see you on a forum that I actually check regularly. Melissa, Summer and I can be honorary members, young at heart (or was that immature? Smiling ) forever.

 I was a "youth" once.  I

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I was a "youth" once.  I think Vespasian was president back then.


"I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction."



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Welcome Jeff,

I don't know if I can be considered a "youth", but welcome anyway! Laughing out loud


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

Solo Youth Coordinator?

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What does that position entail? Besides that, I think it would probably best if I got acquainted with my surroundings before I took on any sort of position.

I told Phil ...

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... he'd be an old fart before getting SOLO Youth off the ground! And he doesn't really have the energy for it since he had his stroke. So Jeff, I echo Jason's welcome ... and his hint. Smiling


SOLO Youth

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Hey Jeff,
Great to see a new face here. I'm officially the SOLO Youth coordinator, but I'm probably too old now (having turned 20 and finished my BA). So, if you're really interested, maybe you should take over from me!

Welcome to SOLO Jeff

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We're happy to have you here. It would be great to see a substantial SOLO youth group pop up.

- Jason

Jason D. Quintana is not associated with the Ayn Rand Institute -- neither as a writer nor as a speaker.

Hey there!

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Awesome to see someone else near my own age here. I'm one of the regulars; you'll probably see me posting all over the place. Hope that you enjoy your time at SOLO!

Aw shit.

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Someone move this to the Youth forum.

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