How The Sociopathic Selflessness of the Democrats, Academic and Political Elites, Aids Jihadists - Hsiehkovian/ARI parallels?

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Psychiatrist Pat Santy – blogging under the clever title ”DrSanity” – admires both Thomas Jefferson and Ayn Rand. These influences come through in her analysis of the today’s political events and the GWOT, as we see in “ZAWAHIRI, CHEAP GLORY, AND THE TRIUMPH OF NARCISSISM,” excerpted below with slight commentary.

Santy now teaches at the University of Michigan Medical School, but also served as flight surgeon when NASA’s Challenger space shuttle went down in horror soon after launch in Janaury, 1986. The skill of confronting the unendurable and making sense of the unimaginable, in all its guises, is what Santy excels at.

The reflections Santy casts upon the interplay between our intellectual elites, the Democrat’s November, 2006 victory, and Al Qaeda boasts about their effectiveness, puts the Objectivist debates about eventual US theocracy in new light. Specifically, it implies that the Hsiehkovian’s preoccupation is more than nugatory, but childish and misplaced. In short, at odds with fundamental Objectivist values like facing reality with clear-eyed honesty.

DrSanity writes:

The triumph of narcissism and the embrace of political correctness and multiculti worship in our political, academic, and cultural elites has led them to take the easy path to fame and cheap glory. All one has to do is "heroically" and sincerely
bash America, as you proudly displaying a casual contempt for its values. It also helps to publicize how your courageous stand is being "oppressed" by the BushHitler Administration, well on their way to making the U.S. a fascist theocracy.

The righteous anti-semitism of people like [James] Baker [of the Iraq Survey Group] and [former president Jimmy] Carter fits nicely into the larger anti-American paranoia constructed by the political left and its useful idiots, the Democratic Party. [Al Qeada leader] Zawahiri clearly understand this to be the case, as he warns against any continued American support of Israel.

…Zawahiri is actually engaging in a cheap sort of glory himself, by taking credit for the Democrats' recent victory at the polls. He would like to turn that Democratic victory into his organization's victory--and he knows he has a chance to do that.

It is all a matter of attaining that "cheap glory". Cheap glory for the Democrats who feel they best express their patriotism by heroically and honorably caving into the religious fanatics whose principal desire is to destroy our country; and cheap glory for Zawahiri and the other terrorists who, knowing they cannot possibly win on any other battlefield of this war, cleverly plan to achieve victory by letting America defeat itself.

The Democrat's quest for cheap glory is nothing more than the sociopathic selflessness (a form of malignant narcissism) of an organization that puts its overweening obsession for power above the needs of the country--and primly tells us that they are doing so "for our own good". Through the magic of postmodern irrationalism, they can always spin any defeat and surrender into examples of honor and integrity.

But they are betrayed by their own pathology. Those who engage in such narcissistic behavior, spend a lot of time rationalizing it, too. That is why those who exhibit the most blatant examples of unpatriotic behavior are so wildly sensitive to any comments about their lack of same. The criticism hits too close to a truth they cannot face.

Patriotism, for them, is always 100% compatible with their narcissistic sense of entitlement. They bash America because they love America--or, rather, they love their own personal and private image of what America should be.

And here is where the ARI Objectivist’s insistence that Bush’s Forward Freedom strategy is a “selfless” cause clashes with objective reality. The US cannot remake the mid-East over in its own image by turning oil exporting nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia back into the Stone Age. It’s not just the US who depends upon their oil, but the rest of the world. The US exists within a community of industrial nations all dependent upon oil impots, and our security cannot come at the expense of everyone else’s without also seriously damaging our own. And lacking a Roman concept of imperial colonization because of our national origins, that, truly, would be selfless - and self-destructive! It is anti-American.

Politics is the art of the possible – not the impossible. As Robert Tracinski avers elsewhere (and noted here last fall), Objectivists have not been notably prescient in forseeing paramount changes in world history. Instead, quite the reverse. Isn’t this ARI foreign policy analysis just another similar failure to work through the consequences of these recommended actions?

DrSANITY continues:

The pursuit of cheap glory is characterized by denigrating the parent--and feeling somehow as if this is a courageous thing to do. You see the Hollywood elites [like actors Sean Penn and William Baldwin], for example, patting themselves on the back for the brave, valiant behavior of standing up against BushHitler. I'm sure they truly believe they will imminently be dragged to a jail cell for saying the ridiculous things they say; just as they fiercely denouce the coming Christian theocracy (that has for some inexplicable reason failed to materialize in the last 6 years)--all the while totally ignoring those who would like to impose an Islamic theocracy. [COMMENT: while in no way so festively egregious, this suggests an obvious paradox which Hsiehkovian’s are not currently grappling with: confonting theorized theocracy at home while disparaging confronting actually existing theocracy abroad?]

You also see the pursuit of cheap glory in the left's sneering contempt and devaluation of their fellow citizen siblings [in the military] who are willing to defend freedom in the real world, instead of the fantasyland that exists only in the windmills of the leftist mind.

Meanwhile, in that real world, every day people are being murdered for desiring freedom and democracy. Standing up against real world villians, though, is far too frightening for the narcissistically preoccupied.


Which worryingly suggests that our Hsiehkovian friend’s are somehow engaged in immature, if not childish, pre-occupations themselves. They would have us cut off our developed industrial nose to spite our US (ie, Bush=Pubbie=theocratic) face.

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