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Submitted by Joe Idoni on Sun, 2005-12-18 23:03

Well it seems that there is either no one in Maryland except myself -or- no one wants to go bowling. I can't imagine that it's the latter Smiling, so until someone steps up to coordinate for other areas, I would like to invite the Washingtonians and Virginians to speak up! I know you're out there.... If there is just one, then I will immediately set a recurring meeting date.

And I promise that bowling will not be involved.


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The congratulations should

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The congratulations should go to Tim V, the club co-ordinator, who sure knows how to go to excess when organising a party.

The Christmas party is an annual event, funnily enough, but there's lots of good stuff in between as well.

Damn Rght

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"Now isn't that how an Objectivist club should work?"

Damn right. When's your next one? :-0


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It's certainly how a SOLO Club should work, Tim! Bravo! ALL club coordinators, please note! Wine, women, song & argument, with hunk's shirt ripped off for Linz' edification!

Well, we SOLO UK-ists had a

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Well, we SOLO UK-ists had a party on Saturday night, chez Visser where the infamous V twins (Jon and Tim) and myself live. SOLO UK parties go off! In one night we managed to fit in a magnificent three course meal (courtesy Jon, Tim & Jon's partner), a bunch of cigars, numerous bottles of champagne, wine, vodka, & whiskey, Country Roads, the Star Spangled Banner, & lots more tunes round the piano, Fraser's shirt, Tim's tuxedo, and, the piece de resistance, two beautiful arias sung by a beautiful soprano.

Oh, and we also had a bunch of Objectivist arguments thrown in and a swathe of lovely ladies in attendance. Now isn't that how an Objectivist club should work?


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Joe -

I myself have taken back my group at RoR in the hopes that the differences between them and Passion are cast aside in the interest of comeraderie.

If you ever find out what they are, please let me know!


Great ideas

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Excellent Jim, that's why I was only partially joking when I first suggested bowling as an activity. In fact, I don't even particularly care what I do, as long as I don't have to do it with morons.

I myself have taken back my group at RoR in the hopes that the differences between them and Passion are cast aside in the interest of comeraderie.

Suggestion for recruitment

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One suggestion I have for recruitment is to do something that is intellectually challenging,fun, but not necessarily straight Objectivism. One of the best extended activities I've done is to go through Leonard Peikoff's Eight Great Plays series. If you haven't read Schiller's Don Carlos or Ibsen's An Enemy of the People, you're in for a real treat.

I would also get in contact with Marsha Enright and you can cross-fertilize with her NIF group in Chicago, some of whom post here.


They didn't come

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They didn't come to my group either. It is extremely frustrating. Only two of us showed up this time. It may have been because there were Christmas parties and stuff going on, but it seems to me that people simply are not motivated to stay involved for some reason. I want to get this thing going where there are at least 6 people coming regularly. It sure would be nice to have a group of people that I can relate to and be able to talk about things like religion and politics and actually have people around who agree with my views.



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You know, I've never been much for choosing sides, it always leads to having to make a decision. Smiling



Nil Disperandum!

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Out of tiny acorns big oak trees grow. Smiling

Solo Florida

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I doubled with Luke for Solo Florida and RoR Florida. The original SoloHQ group already was very small.

Saturday we had a meeting with Luke, me and one other person. I asked if he was RoR or Solo, and he looked confused. I saw my chance, jumped on it and proclaimed loudly to Luke, "He's mine!"

Luke blinked. Paused. Then proclaimed right back, "No, he's mine!"

"He's mine!"

"He's mine!"

"He's mine!"

"He's mine!"

Well, since this is Objectivism and not Christianity, the wisdom of Solomon was not used, so the poor guy got off without being cut in two.

He might be thinking of starting a third group, though. We never did resolve the issue...


I have the same problem in

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I have the same problem in Indiana (minus the bowling). I think it's mainly because, well first and foremost I suck as a recruiter. I feel your pain.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

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