Muqtada Al-Sadr Captured?

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Submitted by Ted Keer on Sat, 2007-01-20 00:07

I have been sick in bed all day, but awoke to see on ABC News that Muqtada Al-Sadr, several high-ranking members of his militia, and several other bad guys not necessarily related to the Al Mahdi Army have been captured - or "arrested" if you look on a leftist slanting website.

I won't bother posting any links, we all know how to search Google, and I am too tired.

I understand there is a used gallows available for rent or sale at a very low price...

Yee Hah!

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ABC World News Tonight and all the major internet outlets were reporting it as fact. And I am in bed with my occasional bought of Crohn's disease, wishing I had morphine and not just Darvocet. I provisionally accept authority in matters of news and science in so far as they do not have a direct life or death or significant monetary impact. (on 9-11 I did not accept the reports, before the second impact, that there had been an "accident" at the North Tower.) Such matters tend to be self correcting. The only further fact checking I would have been able to do would be to visit Mesopotamia. ABC was advising he had been captured, not just reported captured.

I have some inside info on a new technique developed by a certain mssrs. Fleischman & Pons that promisses to change the energy industry radically. Anyone seeking further information can email me directly.


Please don't post things

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Please don't post things like this without fact-checking. And get our hopes up.... Smiling

On the other hand

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They are actively hunting the prick...

Such is the News Cycle

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I shall console myself in the news that they are looking for the bloody fat fuck, and that he'll have to start wearing a burkah, and lay off the pork-rinds!

he is still free

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it was muqtada aid that got arrested not the cleric.


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About bloody time that over weight peasant name Muqtada al sadr got arrested.

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