The Dangerous Book For Boys.

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Submitted by Marcus on Mon, 2007-01-22 14:44

A rare bred of children's writer, Conn Iggulden, celebrates the heroic in his non-fiction bestseller - "The Dangerous Book For Boys".

"For the moment what he is really concerned with is trying to get boys to be inspired by the idea of the heroic; it’s the theme that runs through all his writing.

“Yes, it’s in everything I write and it’s something that still inspires me. Take the Douglas Bader story. When you think about him losing his legs and still flying against the Germans it makes it harder for me to be feeble about stubbing my toe.”

Superdad will make a man of you, lads.

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One Question?

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Why does Heroism always have sth to do with guns, bombs and blowing things up? Why this predilection for destruction and enduring suffering without complaint? And why only boys?

When other kids yapped about the latest teen-magazine-issues I was at the library reading books that took me way beyond my small-town boundaries.
When other kids got together to be wild I was in the forrests looking at the trees, listening to birds, checking their nests, playing hide and seek with chipmunks.
When other kids got rowdy and messy I was running up a storm through the fields until my whole body was screaming from exhaustion.

Don't get me wrong: I love heroism and teaching children not to be afraid and if his books can convey that great. But why do it with the greatest slaughters in history?
Teach our children that war and conquest is fine? Train them for their future as a soldier in whatever war comes next?

And for what reason did his books actually got praised to the tops?


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