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Submitted by Chris Cathcart on Sat, 2007-01-27 03:18

Seeing as it's been 6 weeks (!) since the last posting in Thrust . . .
(Jeez, what have people been doing in the meantime? Debating how to vote or something?)

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Stuuuuuunnnnnnning!!!!!!!! Smiling


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As visuals seem important for this, here it is for direct visual comparison:

Well, Landon

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Not being one to disappoint, I'll just mention that a poster on a forum rose to the challenge nicely with this.

A further collection of photos of this model.

One part of the RYM forum discussion has focused on the difference in the photo styles. Someone mentioned how the model photos are posed and in that sense contrived and "too consciously sexy." And also subject to cosmetic airbrushing and the like. The model looks like she might be sucking the tummy in. The pole vault photo is more spontaneous, at a particularly nice angle (save for the lighting situation Smiling ), etc.

Lighting could be better

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The shadows hide what might be some pretty sweet cameltoe, nevertheless it's a sight to behold...

Mike Erickson

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Oops. I wanted to post this image but I'll just post the link:

This girl can fly!

Mike Erickson
(html challenged)

Well then...

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Chris, thanks for posting this. It actually made my day. What a glorious sight!


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I keep saying you should take this position over. Which I think is completely justified if you keep posting stuff like that.


Inking is sexy.


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She is beautiful! Smiling

Looks like she knows her way around that pole, too! Eye

Oh, wait, are girls allowed to post in this section?


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

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