Finally, Elegant – and Accurate

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Thu, 2007-02-01 21:07

Allan Gotthelf and Greg Salmieri have authored an elegant summary of Rand's life and work. It can be found at the website of the Ayn Rand Society. Just scroll down to the "Overview."

As Greg Perkins puts it over at Noodlefood, "Reading it feels almost like reading a poem."

Another plus: it was written for a dictionary of modern philosophers.


[Thanks to Fred Weiss for correcting my mortifyingly stupid misattribution of the author of the Noodlefood post.]

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James, that's actually Greg

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James, that's actually Greg Perkin's review.


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What's an Objectivist?

The philosophical summary is as good an answer to this as I know.

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