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Submitted by Jason Quintana on Fri, 2007-02-02 22:32

I just decided to start a new forum, which is in part inspired by the recent debate that took place on this site about voting and political parties. I don't think anything of merit has come out of that debate, and I am not interested in taking part in any extended version of it. I definitely don't want that to occur here on this particular forum.

However, I have noticed several people in the course of that debate who mentioned the idea of an organized Objectivist oriented political movement. I think that an elaboration of this idea would make for interesting discussion. And who knows, it might even lead to something productive. This movement would be centered around a general set of principles that are clear and yet at the same time a set of principles that a large majority of us can support without demanding that everyone among us be ideological clones.

Lindsay suggested "The Freedom Party" and I think this works very well unless someone has a better idea. For obvious reasons we won't try to call this "The Objectivist Party". This discussion will be about political reform in the United States, but since we are dealing with a broad platform the discussion applies to SOLOists and possible movements originating from any country. I definitely do not want to limit the discussion to Americans.

I am not interested in debating the merits of taking political action or forming a group like this in this forum. Those who are opposed to such an idea can show their opposition elsewhere on the site.

Here is the task as I see it.

1. Develop a political platform. This will take a lot of brainstorming and hopefully at the end several of us can get together and write something formal.

2. Develop a set of amendments to the American Constitution. The quality of the wording here will be very important.

I hope that several of you who supported this idea elsewhere will jump in and help out. This is an opportunity to define what it is we have in common, and what we hope to see in the future.

- Jason

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"I am not interested in

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"I am not interested in debating the merits of taking political action or forming a group like this in this forum."

Reading this, I can't help but think I came to mind. Smiling

a thought

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I think that there should be some sort of international capitalist organization that is democratic in countries where there is a democratic process but I would like to see a group of professional libertarian revolutionaries. Forget the ballet, get the guns. It's time to take the Second Treatise seriously. Like Jefferson said let's use some of that natural manure if you know what I mean.


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there some outfit in NZ called the Freedom Party? someone in the ACT party threw a hissy fit a while back?


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Perhaps my use of "welfare" perplexes you.

This is the meaning from Webster's 1912, before the word was deliberately misused: "Well-doing or well-being in any respect; the enjoyment of health and the common blessings of life; exemption from any evil or calamity; prosperity; happiness." Jefferson might have said "Life, liberty and the pursuit of private welfare."

My poetic erudition may be difficult for some readers.


Good stuff guys

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As this discussion dies down I'll probably setup specialized threads for different projects. Again, I think of this more as an intellectual exercise at this point -- i.e. figuring out what we would do IF we were to start a movement like this in America. As for the name, I think it needs to be something that both describes our platform and sounds serious and dignified (and not like some kind of fringe group). Individualist Party and Freedom party are decent candidates but I suspect we could come up with something better.

Paul, I do like the idea of an international movement. In fact these days (in the era of globalization) the idea of a purely national political movement might be a bit out dated. Unfortunately a general international Marxist movement (with all sorts of factions and splinter groups) was and still is very influential. Nothing like this has ever taken place among an international group of classical liberals.

Mr. Light, I often have no idea of what you are talking about (I'm not sure if that is more of a reflection on me or you) but regardless I look forward to hearing more from you in this discussion.

- Jason

Jason D. Quintana is not associated with the Ayn Rand Institute -- neither as a writer nor as a speaker.

Hi Jason:Sorry about that:

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Hi Jason:

Sorry about that: I've always thought of Solo as having a connection with the LibertariaNZ.  Not being able to spend a lot of time on solopassion, I don't have an adequate appreciation of everyone's country of origin.  That said: nothing against NZ...I've always planned to have a (Canadian) winter home there when I retire (I dislike the darkness and cold of Canadian winters).

It's actually good news to hear that you are located in the USA.  Freedom Party USA is a work in progress.  We have been speaking with US-based objectivists about expanding in the USA.  If you've got the inclination, there could be a great commonality of interests between yourself and FPUSA.

As for platforms, here are the links to Freedom Party of Ontario's and Freedom Party of Canada's election platforms for the upcoming provincial (Ontario, 2007) and federal (probably 2008) general elections.



It should be noted that "election platforms" are APPLICATIONS of FP "policies" (which are more general in nature).  The 2007 FP Ontario platform is rooted in Freedom Party of Ontario's policies, which are are available here: (be sure to read the Forward, which explains the role of policies in FP Ontario's constitution).

Please do give Robert Metz a call at FP International HQ Mon-Fri, noon until 5 PM (EST): 1-800-830-3301 (or 1-519-681-3999).  I think you would quite enjoy the conversation, and I think you will find it would help you in your efforts quite a bit.

I should just add: FP International also has affiliates in Sweden.  If you are in Sweden, give us a call and we'll connect you with a few like minded individuals.

Lie and the world lies with you.
Tell the truth, and the world lies about you.

-Oscar Wilde

Excellent idea, Jason

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Naming the party is a good first step.

What about Free Beer and Sex Party?  Who wouldnt vote for that?

Just kidding, of course.

If you like Freedom Party, then roll with it.  I would suggest adopting the COnstitution Linz directed you to as an ideal model, or at least starting place.

Decide what your goal is in starting sucha party, and where to go next will crystalize.

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

The Private Welfare Party (first four pages)

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The Private Welfare Party will commence
With liberal Eleutheria’s compliments.

My private needs are my concerns and yours
Are not the matter of our governors.

The Private Welfare Party has in mind
No little Eleutheria for mankind.

My private requisites pertain to great
Attainments, not to favors from the state.

The Private Welfare Party tantamount
To natural juvenescence I account.

My private needs with lucre are fulfilled
For one in hungry speculation skilled.

The Private Welfare Party flourishes
Where household mastery resourceful is.

My private needs are not impoverishing,
As I abide uncostly bargaining.

The Private Welfare Party would surcease
All public meddling with domestic peace.

My private needs are homely, not fulfilled
Abroad where vile expenditures are spilled.

The Private Welfare Party dissipates
The false solicitude of social states.

My private needs require propriety
In goods that with resourcefulness agree.

The Private Welfare Party’s devotees
Exemplify assiduous remedies.

My private needs proprietary are,
Resolved to realize my particular.

The Private Welfare Party’s following
In genesis may prompt gestations bring.

My private needs proprietary are,
To your particulars dissimilar.

The Private Welfare Party’s following
In thorough genesis is flourishing.

My private needs proprietary are
And will distracted exercise debar.

The Private Welfare Party vindicates
Household exuberance* in homely straits. *copious fruitfulness

My private needs are independently
Material, not requiring fantasy.

The Private Welfare Party wakening,
Frustration rouse, free men determining!

My private circumstance in property
From public subjugation sets me free.

The Private Welfare Party never checks
Our providential efforts and effects.

My private needs to no reliant end
Have brought one richly chary, loath to spend.

The Private Welfare Party never checks
The inexpensive newness of enhanced effects.

My private needs no needy parasite
Deserves whom terrible deserts requite.

The Private Welfare Party flourishes
Where expeditious profit honest is.

My own proprietary welfare may
Redound to yours, as riches interplay.

The Private Welfare Party in redress
Would cease all mandates, leaving man success.

My private requisites particular
To consummate pursuits of judgment are.

The Private Welfare Party, leaving us
Mercurial chance, has no mad animus.

My private needs require propriety,
Resourceful promptitude thereby for me.

The Private Welfare Party steadfast peace
In honest promises will never cease.

My private needs are not importunate
But in good time uncostly if I wait.

The Private Welfare Party will not seize
Your household fortune for another’s ease.

My private needs by cunning I suffice,
With dividends a lucrative device.

The Private Welfare Party comprehends
In Maoist evanescence effervescent trends.

My private needs enough with lucre come,
As equities convey a needful sum.

The Private Welfare Party leonine
Would leave our spirits, letting courage shine.

Shining in private welfare, I’ve escaped
Mental duress, not by the schools misshaped.

Editor: Throughout the manuscript there are various sets of alternating couplets.


The Private Welfare Party

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For the last five months I have labored on a manuscript of couplets called The Private Welfare Party, my name of germination. The following paragraphs are from my query letter for this book:

3000 dictums of rhythmic diction, of intoned reflection, affirm the philosophy of private welfare and germinate the prospect of a new political force, The Private Welfare Party, a name which would appeal to far more Americans than factions called Libertarian or Reform or Conservative. Happiness begins with private welfare.
But far more persuasive than a good name in politics is the force of verbal genius vehemently generating vision. The fortunate attraction of this book lies not merely in the great idea of a Private Welfare Party, but in the clearness of unblunted diction inimitably distinct. In lucid consciousness of language, my name is Light.
The American electorate is not enthralled by either major party. I believe there is a market and majority for the ideas of Private Welfare, which include the care for fortune and successful affluence, or How Private Welfare Will Provide For Wealth.
To better customs of accomplishment this book is dedicated, the private fruition of rugged ingenuity promoting.
There are five chapters: 1) Private Welfare (1800 aphorisms); 2) The Private Self of Property (350); 3) Welfare Grows by Work (300); 4) Human Units (400 on individualism); 5) Disparities Are Just Deserts (400 anti-egalitarian dictums). I send this query, having polished the order of this book. The chapters strictly follow their titles. What I mean to say is said amain.
I cite Kahlil Gibran and Eric Hoffer as forebears of this type of book. Their succinct, persuasive sanity won them success.
Sophoclean attrributes my aphorisms have in rational ferocity and rhythmical gaiety. Like dialogue in Greek tragedy, the couplets are set in dramatic order of point, counterpoint. Should you ask to see a chapter, I will number the couplets.


The Individualist Party

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There is also a Freedom Party in Austria – the party is associated with racism and fascism there.

I think the name Freedom attracts all sorts. One may get members expecting things as diverse as “freedom from Government” to “freedom from poverty”! My point here is that "Freedom" is one of those "hooray words" that politicians love to abuse and have sadly tainted in order to get support for their religious and socialist agendas.

Far superior is the word "Individualist". Most politicians avoid this word like the plague - even though it is an untainted word with a positive meaning - because it is anti-herd mentality.

The word "Individualist" would hopefully attract "individualists". Not only that, but it goes to show that the party is not just about economics and politics - but also culture and attitude. The "Individualist Party" or another name incorporating the word "Individual" would be my suggestion for the party name.


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I'm afraid Canada doesn't count. Everyone knows that! Smiling

Yes, we have a "freedom party" in NZ: Libertarianz. Fred Weiss is honorary patron. What we're talking about here is a freedom party in America. Mr. Weiss keeps insisting on one.


"I would encourage you to

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"I would encourage you to contact FPI should you decide to start a "Freedom Party" in New Zealand"

Well I have never been to NZ, so I'm not really interested in starting a party there. Strange people over there, from what I can tell Smiling I do like your overall idea. Have you created anything like the explicit political platform I suggested in my above post?

I started this thread more as a brainstorming project. I hope you don't mind us using this name for the moment until we find something different to call this. Your own input is certainly welcome since I'm sure you've thought this over more then we have.

- Jason

Jason D. Quintana is not associated with the Ayn Rand Institute -- neither as a writer nor as a speaker.

There's Already an Objectivist Freedom Party

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Registered in 1984, Freedom Party of Ontario ( has evolved to the point that it is now pretty much formally objectivist.  Freedom Party's non-electoral functions (advocacy and education) were hived-off into Freedom Party International ( in 2002. Although the FP International web site makes no explicit reference to an adherence to any philosophy, that is due to the fact that (a) its philosophical committments have evolved over time, and (b) the .org site was at one time the FP Ontario web site, and detailed reference to a particular philosophy was felt out-of-place on an electoral web site.  FPI's new web site is being prepared (see a not-yet-functioning draft here: ), and it will be rather explicit about FPI's philosophy.  However, it's not completely non-functional: you can, at this point, click on the tiger, the "Freedom Party International", or the FPI logo and read the related material.  Clicking on the FPI logo ( ), I think, will give you a good idea of where the organization is coming from philosophically, and of how much work has gone into marketing so as to communicate the party's sense of life more easily to people who might have little formal knowledge of philosophy.

FPI is the umbrella organization - a non-electoral philosophical hub - for all affiliated electoral Freedom Parties (including Freedom Party of Ontario, Freedom Party of Canada, and Freedom Party USA).  It controls the name, logo, symbols, and other intellectual property used by affiliates, and sets the terms of affiliation (most importantly, the philosophy that must underpin the affiliate's policies and electoral platforms).

I would encourage you to contact FPI should you decide to start a "Freedom Party" in New Zealand.  And I would encourage all objectivists to contribute articles to FPI's international journal, entitled "Consent".  Consent began as a journal in which a broad selection of views - often scientific or economic rather than philosophical - from a broad spectrum of contributors, was published (without endorsement by FP).  I expect that, with the work that has gone into honing the organization's philosophy and branding it, the content of Consent will be more focussed on philosophical insights into current events and public policy.  The latest issue for example (not yet available online), contained an article that dealt with racism, tribalism, and the census in Canada; it also included part 1 of my essay entitled "Justice", which questions definitions of justice so far proposed by others, whether objectivist or non-objectivist.  Contributions by writers from the SoloPassion community might help to build an international association of political parties whose nature the world's mainstream media could eventually recognize more readily.


Paul McKeever
Co-founder, Freedom Party International
Leader, Freedom Party of Ontario

Lie and the world lies with you.
Tell the truth, and the world lies about you.
-Oscar Wilde

Jason ...

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Good on you for taking the initiative. As far as amending the Constitution is concerned, we already did it. A place to start anyway. Smiling

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