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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2007-02-12 04:26

This is a brilliant recent broadcast video of Wafa Sultan discussing Islam as a religion of hostages. She talks about the Danish cartoons being a "crack in the wall" of the prison of Muslim life:

I that this is her best television speech by far.

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Well, ultimately I agree

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Well, ultimately I agree with you.  However, I would say that you're focusing so much on the ends you wish to gain, that you are ignoring the importance of the means by which we get there.  We get there by getting there, in however many reasonable steps we need to take to get there.  I think Sultan should be given enormous, colossal credit for at least moving us in the right direction, even if she is wrong about calling herself a Muslim.  Ultimately, I think what she's really calling for is a whole new religion that would yet bear the name "Islam".

Beyond merely the eradication of religion as a tool of stunting the mind, I would say that religion has a certain value in terms of its tranquilizing power of sheer ritual.  Rituals give us a sense of structure and can even be beneficial, so long as they aren't actually destructive.  I think we all have and need our little rituals to function.


Your mother wears combat boots... and how damn cool is THAT.

Wafa Sultan, is a hero. But,

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Wafa Sultan, is a hero. But, despite her controversial statements she's still not controversial enough. Islam can't be reformed OR transformed, it is what it is. Sultan is an atheist. Why doesn't she argue for the eradication of the religious cancer?

Thanks Jeremy

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Ms. Sultan will be one of the most important voices in the battle of ideas during the next few years because of her Arab background and because of the clarity of her message. She is not especially eloquent in English but I strongly sanction her appearances on Arab TV, which are available on YouTube as well and are among the links listed on the URL you've posted here (and include English translations). Here is an example :

- Jason

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