Perigo launches voluntary euthanasia book

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Mon, 2007-02-12 08:32

As I was playing losing tennis yesterday out at Patumahoe, libertarian Lindsay Perigo was in Grey Lynn launching what is hoped to be a winning campaign by Dr Philip Nitschke to help people who through age or illness are no longer able to live without pain, and who are unable even to help themselves to end their own lives with dignity.

Dr Nitschke's new project is a new book, The Peaceful Pill, and it was launched yesterday in NZ at a meeting in Grey Lynn that included a workshop on techniques of voluntary euthanasia. NZ customs added to the launch by going over Nitschke and fellow campaigner Dr Fiona Stewart on their way into the country on Friday.

Here's a link to the raw audio of the launch, which features a controversial speech by Lindsay, recounting the chief adversaries of the view that your life is your own. Religious bigots feature highly. In a delicious example of the uselessness of the traditional political spectrum, he is introduced by Jack Jones, an old Marxist adversary of Perigo's but with a similar passion for free speech.

As Perigo says in the speech, grab the book while you can, because governments both here and in Australia are already making moves both here and in there to have it banned. Irony of ironies. Not only do the religious bigots ban you taking your own life, or having help to do so, they also want the political bigots to ban you reading about being able to take your own life.

Listen to the launch while you can.

[NB: If there are any volunteers to transcribe Lindsay's speech for the next issue of 'The Free Radical,' I'd be enormously grateful. Email me at organon at .]

LINKS: Nitschke launches 'death' book in NZ - The Age
Speeches to launch the 'Peaceful Pill' handbook - Lindsay Perigo et al [5.5MB mp3]

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Humanity is Not The Way of Muslims

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Not only has Australia now banned the book, here is a passage from a
government publication in the Australian Air Force, where Muslims are to be treated differently from everyone else.

"Because death is perceived as predestined by Allah, Muslims disapprove of any medical care that may hasten the death of a patient, even for humane reasons."

"Islam is a religion of peace, mercy and forgiveness"

Where's the mercy?  Oops it must be lost amongst the hypocrisy!

Fortunately for all Australian Muslims, Australia has banned Dr Nitschke's book since the launch here in New Zealand.

Brilliant Speeches!!!

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Just got around to listening to the audio and it was very inspiring to hear that "Freedom of Speech" is being applauded in NZ.

Bravo to Linz and the authors!!!

I also went along to the

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I also went along to the launch. Lindsay speech was a credit to the entire ethos of the book and as Julian said, it was very well received.

The book itself is fascinating and the dedication from Dr Nitschke is a life's work.

Great work

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Great to hear Doctor Death is getting the support he deserves from New Zealand libertarians. He's a busy guy fighting the good fight. It has been learned from his visit, I suppose, that in Australia all open talk of consciously ending a life has been outlawed (although this particular book has so far been able to be sold under the counters.)

A South Australian Federal rep sought to get around the ban by having her suicide instructions taken down in Hansard last year. This became the first precident for Hansard being censored in Australia.

Congrats Mr Perigo.
Tough luck about the tennis, Cresswell.

Great Event

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Thanks for posting this Peter. I went to this book launch and I must say it was nice to see the older generation angry about the government's stance regarding this issue of freedom. Lindsay's speech was very well received. The event was well supported and a number of media organisations also showed up. I have a few photos which I will put up when I am able to upload the photos.


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