In Good Company

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Submitted by Joe Idoni on Mon, 2005-12-19 20:39

So I watched this movie last night entitled "In Good Company" and honestly I can only remember one portion of it. At the climax of the movie, the father character stood against the CEO known as Teddy K. and gave an empassioned speech regarding the treatment of people as people and not as objects. He continued to comment on 'bottom-line' thinking and how that affects morale.

I have often heard commentary from my own employees, although rarely so passionate. And honestly, I can't say that I disagree. But I suspect that my motivation is slightly different.

In my company, and I suspect many others, I'm often faced with the decision between how to keep people happy and satisfied in their job and my own responsibility to complete projects within the designated budget. I of course work for me, but as a result I produce for the company and that is why they keep me employed.

But I don't think that these two need to be seperate. To risk being labeled as an idealist, I say that one must be understanding that an unhappy employee must make money and be satisfied. If not, they will seek other employment - and rightfully so. I also say that this is a fantastic way to increase productivity.

Businesses must seek to provide a balance between a happy employee who works effectively and their bottom line. In no way do I see this as an easy task, since every company is different.

I guess that it will just take a little bit of work and... synergy. Smiling