Nanny State Is Uncool!!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2007-02-14 06:16

I just saw Mark Peck, ex-MP and spokesman for the Smokefree Coalition, say on the Sainsbury programme (for non-Kiwi SOLOists, that's the current affairs programme that follows our leading TV news bulletin) the reason he doesn’t expect his push for a tobacco tax hike to be successful is the “Nanny State” argument, which he said is “huge” and was the cause of Finance Minister Michael Cullen calling the proposal “political suicide.” Well, take a bow, Libertariaz. Whence else did this argument emanate?! This confirms something said to me personally by Green MP Sue Kedgley—that the "libertarian argument" had a reach, including to MPs, way beyond what the actual number of Libz voters in NZ would suggest.

What say ye, Hsiekovians who obediently damn political activism?!


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We're not alone...

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As Mrs. Marsh in the Macleans toothpaste commercial once proclaimed, "It may not happen over night, but it will happen." How heartening it is, Lindsay, to hear your epithet coming out of the mouth of the enemy, proving Mrs. Marsh's theory that if you persist "It does get in!"

For a bit of fun here's a site dedicated to taking the piss out PC Nanny: ANTI-NANNY SITE

Some of the highlights...

I only hope that the...

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...public distaste for "nanny state" is ideologically driven, rather than just a sneer at the Government.

In the UK, journalists (even those of the BBC) have been using the expression "nanny state" as a counter-argument against Government intrusion for years.

I have no idea where they have picked up the term - but it doesn’t seem to have made much ideological difference to the rampant socialism in this country.

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