In honor of Valentine's Day....

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Submitted by Melissa Lepley on Wed, 2007-02-14 14:31

I saw something on YouTube today that might make you guys...ehem...stand up and take notice.

I figure if you like chicks with might like chicks with power tools.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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Laughing out loud

I know *quite* well the necessity for short nails and sensible clothing when working with tools...I've done a bit of it myself in the past. Obviously real women with real power tools are infinitely more sexy and wonderful than this silly video, I just saw it, thought it was fun, and thought I'd share.

Your wife sounds like an awesome lady!

I've always loved getting tools and toys as gifts, you give words to how I've felt about them my whole life. Smiling


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

> you might like chicks with

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> you might like chicks with power tools.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Definitely made my day. When I was an adolescent, there used to be a powe tool company called Ridgid with pictures of gorgeous women with power tools. What a well named company and what ever happened to those pictures:

"Where have you gone, Josephine DiMaggio\?
A nation turns its hungry **** to you."

Two Valentine's Day poems

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Here are two poems, one from each side of the holiday:

My Girl

If I were a king
In a different time,
And knew everything
By verse and by rhyme,

If my riches were mountains
And my homes castles wide,
If gardens and fountains
Covered my countryside,

If my carpets were silk
And my roses were blue,
And my tap ran sweet milk
And honey, too,

If I could conjure magic potions
And speak a thousand tongues,
And calmed the heaving oceans
With the breath inside my lungs,

If I could clear a stormy sky
With a wave of my right arm,
And stare in tiger’s eye
And chant the savage charm,

If all these things were mine
My girl, if it were true,
I thought I’d drop the line,
I’d share them all with you.


I Must

I loved you once, enough for a lifetime
You who loved me in my dream
A thousand bridges to paradise crumbled
You never saw what I had seen.

I held you dear in heart and mind
Over years not to betray
My love for you that never surrendered
While your path took you far away.

I fought to defend your right to spurn me
To find your joy elsewhere
Vast vistas fell dark and burned inside me
I stood a vigil of despair.

How much was traded for a desert
Joyous justice, so much dust
I waver over whether to send you away —
At last, I know I must.

Two poems by me that may help sweeten the wine or salt the beer. Cheers on Valentine's Day!


Thanks for the thought, but

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Thanks for the thought, but the first thing I saw was the hammer, nail, and the outrageously long fingernails ... and after that (the bikini, e.g.) it was just funny.  The producer should really have a chat with my wife about the realities of DIY with long fingernails Smiling

Perhaps this would be an opportune moment to start a "guys / girls with tools" photo-thread?

I'd post a photo of my wife working on the house while wearing only a green sarong because of the heat ... but then she'd have to kill me, & I'm afraid she's every bit as a handy with swords & knives as she is with power tools Shocked

As an aside, I've always thought of tools - including guns and knives - as being a great gift for women.  I'm struggling to phrase this without seeming condescending ... but simple tools are the 'great equaliser', that undo the vast differences in strength handed both men and women by genetics & gender.  They enable us to do what our minds are capable of, even if our bodies are not. 

For a man to give a tool as a gift to a woman is to explicitly acknowledge the equality of men & women where it counts: between the ears.

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Well, I have to say: I just watched that video, and it didn't make me stand up and take notice.

It did, however, make my heart race and my dick swell.

Was that an objective response?


My taste includes both snails AND oysters.

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