Totalitarian t-shirt

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Submitted by Jameson on Thu, 2007-02-22 02:35
Totalitarian t-shirt

Since this design is infinitely better, I’ve ditched its predecessor. I'll give it a bit of a tweak and talk to a t-shirt company next week about getting it produced.


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There are many varieties in Eastern Europe

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I'll need to take a picture of it, but I picked up a "Communism World Tour" tshirt in Hungary that listed all of the countries that experienced it and is anti, there is a Czech company that does them (admittedly in Czech) here Radio Prague did a piece in English on it here Radio Prague is good on this, there being a museum of communism in Prague and a Museum of Terror in Budapest (for both communism and the brief fascist regime in Hungary during WW2).

Anyone know how many have sold?

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Just bumping this thread

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Just bumping this thread because I've a Lefty acquaintance who I'm directing to this site, who is seriously in need of 'the idea' behind this t-shirt.


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After some technical difficulties (solved by clever William) we can now declare the Totalitarian T-shirt for sale at CAFE PRESS.

This durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt makes a monkey out of Mao, puts the gorilla back in to Guevara and exposes the ape who makes heroes out of dead dictators.

Impress your friends and shock your mother - this shirt is a guaranteed conversation starter!

*Due to CAFE PRESS printing restrictions this is as large as we could make the type on the t-shirt. For reasons beyond our understanding they can't print the original design for the back of the t-shirt on red, but they CAN offer the two-sided version in white, blue and grey.

Perhaps a little late, but...

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I WANT ONE!!! I'm at Vic Uni in Wellington and I can tell you that there will be no end to the amount of people I can piss off. As for the back, it absolutely needs to be there. Talk about anti-Communism 101 on the back of a t-shirt! Just one question, what does the star stand for? I assume China?


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Call me on 021 733345 or 09 4800512 and let's discuss how we should proceed.

-- EDIT --

Claudia's just informed me that you live in the US, so a call might be tricky. Write to me at:

One intelligent comment

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There was a single intelligent comment on that whole page, as far as I could see:

"Proper capitalization is the difference between I helped my uncle Jack off a horse and I helped my uncle jack off a horse."

My god that forum is painful

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My god that forum is painful to read. The 'anti-red' school system has apparently not taught them how to construct or express any coherent thought.

Pro-Che whiners

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Speaking of "anti-Che,", check out this pro-Che chat forum re the shirts. The shirts are working! The responses are priceless, if scary.


Good man!

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You'll probably get attacked double much as they won't mess with me!



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Sounds like a good idea! Let me check the size of my testicles - yep, they're somewhat large this morning.

So where can we order ours?


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Nice new picture! I think we should wear the shirts out to a bar or two. I'll have to put a slit in the neck and cut off the sleeves (cause you know I don't go to bars without bare arms and cleavage!), but maybe I'll get two so that I can have a day wear one too! Can't you imagine how cool we would be wearing these shirts while listening to some blues band? What about at the Masquerade? There are probably some commies to piss off there. (For all you non-Atlantaites, the Masquerade is a techno/industrial dance club that caters to a kind of weird (well a lot weird actually) gothy type crowd.) Everyone should come to Atlanta to party with us in our cool new shirts!


Final design

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I've opened up the kerning and upped the point size as much as I can to make the type more legible from a distance.

I've also tidied up the neckline of Adolf Bastardface to make it look more reminiscent of the Che Guerillaturd design.

Front side...

Back side...

Getting costs back in a couple of days. And Jason, of course you may use the design for the Cafe Press store - just let me know the format you require then I'll burn it to disc and post it to you.

Add me to the waiting list!

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I want one too. Not sure where I'll wear it, but I'll find a place. Maybe in front of my socialist/mystic sister. Evil

Jameson, Personally, I think

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Personally, I think you ought to have kept the first all-black design with the swatika, BUT I also love the one with the various murder statistics on all three dictatorships.

My solution? Produce ALL THREE t-shirts in small quantities, and see what sells. Then just up-produce the ones that do sell.

PS: Please do the "statistics" t-shirt in black, with red text. It's a just-plain fact that you can wear black with more things.


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When is it for sale?

I think it's improving, but

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I think it's improving, but still:

The print has to be big enough that someone walking by you can get it at a glance...or if walking toward you can start to read it at 30 feet away and have time to get the idea by the time you pass. Most reading incidents with t-shirts occur when one or the other party is in motion.

Is the single star supposed to be China? Cuba? Everything on a t-shirt has to be super simple and super clear, able to be comprehended in two or three seconds.


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I'd add the semicircle of four tiny stars to the big one or make it look like a flag. Single star makes me think US.

I disagree

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I think his design for the back of the shirt is great and gets an important message across. So Glen if you'd be willing to let us use it in our Cafe Press store we'd appreciate it.

- Jason

Jason D. Quintana is not associated with the Ayn Rand Institute -- neither as a writer nor as a speaker.


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Now I want one! It's wonderful! Laughing out loud

I'll have to fight down the gag-reflex long enough to wear it to the mall, just to piss off all the commie-punk mall-rats.

Where, when, and how can I get one? Or two? Or more? I smell christmas present possibility here...

I'm trying to imagine where I could wear this to upset the *most* amount of people in the shortest amount of time...


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

I like it better with just

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I like it better with just the front. The back seems like overkill.


Idea for the back...

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Well-done! I want one.

Jameson- The revised design

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The revised design rocks!

I will wear one of those

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I will wear one of those t-shirts so fast, it will make your head spin.

But I also agree that the words should be bigger, and the picture just a wee bit smaller.

Now I really want one!!!

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Now I really want one!!! Aaron and I can go out to lunch and wear our matching t-shirts! Maybe we can get our whole Objectivist club to wear them! The only bad thing is we don't have hardly anyone in Atlanta doing the ridiculous commie thing. I see way more shirts with right to bear arms slogans. Guess that is a good thing, but not so fun for us natural born rabble rousers. I did get a lot of great looks when I wore my "Keep your god out of my happy life" shirt.


Adolf Guevara...

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I want one!

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Lose the swastika, and make the face bigger. Find one of the Che shirts online, and try for a similar format. Make the text bigger, and more obvious, but change the color to match the image.

(Ooh, I'm bossy when I get into design-mode...guess all that schoolin's gotta come in handy one of these days!)


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

Loads of fun. I concur with

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Loads of fun. I concur with Phil's recommendation about larger+clearer font. Also, to still achieve the intended goal (i.e. pissing off dumb-fuck trend-followers ignorant of communism, and the occasional real communist) without as likely pissing of people at large, I'd say use just Hitler's visage without the swastika.

I'd wear it.

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Not just anywhere, mind you, but I freakin love it! Anyway, no one is going to beat up a girl in GA, so I'm pretty safe. Smiling Anyway, I do think the words should be more prominent, but I'll wear it for sure.


I'm surprised that

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Fred Wiess hasn't shown up and suggested that images of Ed Hudgins or BB be substituted for Adolf...

I very much like the

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I very much like the dramatic orange or blood red over black and the artwork in general

Yes: Have faces of che, mao

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Yes: Have faces of che, mao and hitler...and maybe stalin? floating over a mound of skullls:


Fair point...

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Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.

This is a first draft design - if I do go any further with it I'll make any necessary and sensible amends. Indeed there could be something on the back to help avoid miscommunication.

Any suggestions?

Tough Call

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I like the premise a lot. But if I were to wear it I'd be worried, because as Phil says it would likely give off the wrong impression. Normally I wouldn't even be concerned about that, but this is after all Hitler and a Swastika.

- Jason

Jason D. Quintana is not associated with the Ayn Rand Institute -- neither as a writer nor as a speaker.

I think the writing would

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I think the writing would need to be bigger and non-gothic and the picture smaller so no one would mistake what one is advocating (as one moves quickly past, or as the shirt is wrinkled).

Is there anything on the back?

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