USB Rocket Launcher

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Fri, 2007-02-23 05:37

Check out this tasty little weapon of mass destruction. Oh, how I wish I worked in an open-plan office. I may have to put it on my windowsill and fire at the stray pussy in my chile patch.

Kiwis, get yours here.

That 5v USB line has a lot to answer for Eye

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They ship with windows

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They ship with windows software by the looks of it, but there appear to be some open source drivers and interface software on the interwebs.

Are they compatible with

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Are they compatible with apples

I thought the video let them

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I thought the video let them down. They could use a little marketing help.


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That's fricken brilliant! *takes out credit card*

Ha Ha Ha - I love it

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Firing rate looks good, but the real question is how long is the reload?

This weapon would be a serious distraction to me, I'd spend all day trying to line it up to land a couple of missiles into someone's coffee. Now if it went around corners......

---Buy and wear

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How about a USB Airsoft Gun?


Buy and wear InfidelGear - 100% of all InfidelGear profit goes to SOLO!


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Stray pussy? USB vibrators?

I suddenly find myself having difficulty forming words.


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

And I thought things were

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And I thought things were getting carried away with USB flashlights, coffee warmers, and vibrators. That's cool!

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