The Federal Communism Commission

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Submitted by Chris Cathcart on Sat, 2007-02-24 16:29

The FCC Commissars' plan laid bare w/r/t the proposed Sirius/XM merger:

See, the FCC's de facto job in this day and age is to make sure that boring old fashioned radio stations can remain boring and old fashioned and stay in business. If a company or show or station is getting too good (entertaining), the idea is to get restrictions on them. The radio industry, instead of improving its product, uses its funds to send hordes of lobbyists to the Death Star on the Potomac to do what they can to see that this is done.

Now, how does the boring old radio industry remain competitive? By satellite radio being unprofitable to operate. How does the Federal Communism Commission ensure that satellite radio doesn't get to be profitable? By blocking moves by the satellite radio companies that would make them profitable. The Commissars, mind you, haven't a single clue how to run a business profitably themselves. It's not their job to know or to care. Their job is to regulate the hell out of those that do.

According to antitrust experts, the People's Department of Justice may see the move by XM and Sirius as threatening competition. Well, in one sense, it does threaten the ability of radio-industry mediocrities to compete with their superiors. But the rationale here is supposedly that by engaging in a consensual capitalist act, these companies are threatening their ability to compete with one another. Not only is that absurd on its face, it's also fundamentally dishonest: if they were to merge, there's nothing that would prevent another company from coming in and competing with the newly-merged company. So much for the logic behind antitrust laws.

So, how do Americans like their watered-down Communism?

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Ask me that again...

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when Peikoff (I've got $10 on it, who's going to bet against me?) comes out with a call to vote for Hillary 'universal health care' Clinton whilst declaring that it's too early to start a objectivist political party...

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