My hometown actually had a decent year for once

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Submitted by Landon Erp on Wed, 2005-12-21 01:59

I don't really know what percentage of americans is on here because this has to do with american sports. One time when the World Wrestling Federation came here our local sport teams got criticized as "choke artists" for once it seems to not be the case. Our football team the Indianapolis Colts had an AMAZING season this year. 13-1 at the end of the regular season and we DESTROYED our usual biggest competition (The New England Patriots) early in the season.

Last year our quarterback broke the record for touchdown passes in a single season last year, only to be embarassed in the afc championship game with a score of 20-3 (for those of you out of the know a touchdown is 6 points and a field goal is 3... that's right in a year when our quarterback set a record for touchdowns thrown... he didn't score a single one in his last game).

This year it looks like they're superbowl bound, I'm not normally a huge fan of the hometeam but with a record like this year's it's hard not to be.


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You know why there's such a

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You know why there's such a rivalry right. They're both in the AFC which means they meet in the semi-finals pretty regularly but they also could never go against each other in the superbowl (Superbowl is AFC champs against NFC champs)

Wouldn't hazard to guess this years outcome but everytime those two meet it's always memorable.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Yep, the Colts have had a

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Yep, the Colts have had a great year. Would you care to have a little bet as to the outcome if the Patriots meet the Colts in the Superbowl?

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