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Jack Wakeland, associate of "Enemy of Objectivism" Rob Tracinski, has launched a letter-writing campaign to President Bush urging him to be more KASS towards Iran. His own letter to the President is reproduced in Tracinski's excellent TIA Daily today. I commend this approach to the Hsiekovians, and suggest it is vastly superior to voting blanketly for the treacherous Dem-scum who, we learned today, are revving up their campaign to have America commit to withdrawal from Iraq by 2008. I urge every SOLOist to write a letter like this. Note the White House e-mail address below.—Linz

March 7, 2007

President George W. Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Mr. President,

Iran's uranium enrichment program is a threat to America and the free world that will soon become as grave as the Soviet Union’s plan to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba in 1962.

Just as in 1962, the United States faces a hostile dictatorship that has denounced our country for over a decade as the source of evil in the world; a dictatorship that swears that they will bury us. And, just as in 1962, there is no known way to secure American cities against a nuclear attack. And the threat of full-scale nuclear retaliation has not been proven to be an effective deterrent against this new enemy.

I’m an engineer with over 20 years experience in the civilian nuclear power industry and the naval nuclear propulsion program. The design for a highly enriched uranium bomb is so simple it does not need to be proved by full-scale testing. In 1945, the US did not test the design for the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. (The only design that was tested was that of the plutonium bomb dropped on Nagasaki.) A uranium bomb can readily be hidden from the radiation detectors of America’s Nuclear Emergency Support Team. A single bomb would cause more casualties than America suffered in Vietnam, cripple life in all of America’s major cities, invite the imposition of a police state at home, and require a retaliatory nuclear war. If Iran’s mullahs plan to attack us, the detonation of their smuggled bomb may be the first clear and convincing evidence of it that any of us will ever see.

Mr. President, please do not let limited or uncertain intelligence estimates rule your thinking. Iran is short on wealth, productivity, liberty, and order, but it has no shortage of ingenious engineers, resourceful political schemers, and determined terrorists. It has the industrial facilities required to fabricate the necessary machines and the hard currency needed to buy what it can’t make. It is a nation of 68 million people and the vast majority—Islamofascist hard-liners and reformers alike—support their government’s nuclear plans. The Iranian people and their leadership have coveted the power of America’s nuclear arsenal since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Their leaders’ repeated belligerence in response to every American and European offer to negotiate a disarmament deal demonstrates that they will not give up that ambition unless they’re compelled by military force.

Mr. President, you’re an unusual commander-in-chief. You may be the first president who has made it his policy to personally meet the families of every serviceman and -woman killed in war. I can imagine it took something very near physical courage when you ordered our nation’s Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines into battle where they face the possibility of physical destruction. To the man who will face the families of the dead, I ask: will you summon your courage and order the destruction of Iran’s nuclear program? Will you summon your courage and target the source of Iran’s nuclear program: Iran’s leadership, Iran’s economy, and—if necessary—the Iranian people? Will you summon your courage before the Iranian regime gains the capacity to impose upon us the possibility of mass destruction, here, in the United States, in our places of work, in our public spaces, in our homes?

Your respectful supporter (I voted for you in 2000 and 2004),

—Jack Wakeland

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