The Great Global Warming Swindle!!!

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Surprise, surprise.

You can watch the entire thing now - for free - already on Google Video.
Watch it while you can, here is the link below.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle.

This astounding documentary was aired last Thursday night (8th of March) in the UK.
What it illustrates both clearly and definitively is that global warming through human activity is the most contrived pseudo-science of the last 30 years. The scale of the swindle is both frightening. As the film narrator boldly states:

“Everywhere you are told that man-made climate change is proved beyond doubt, but you are being told lies. Each day the news reports grow more fantastically apocalyptic. Politicians no longer dare to express any doubt about climate change.
This is the story of how a theory about climate turned into a political ideology.
It is the story of the distortion of a whole area of science. It is the story of how a political campaign turned into a bureaucratic band-wagon. This is a story of censorship and intimidation. It is a story about westerners invoking the threat of climatic disaster to hinder vital industrial progress in the developing world. The global warming story is a cautionary tale of how a media scare became the defining idea of a generation.”

This film proceeds to completely strip away the emperor clothes of the theory of global warming caused by man-made CO2. It’s main points against the theory are that:

1) “We are told that the earth’s climate is changing, but the earth’s climate is always changing. In earth’s history there have been countless periods when it was much warmer and much cooler that it is today. When much of the world was covered by tropical forests or else vast ice sheets. The climate has always changed, and changed without any help from us humans.”

“The polar bears obviously survived that period, they are with us today, they are very adaptable and these warm periods in the past posed no problem for them.” Says Professor John Clark – Dept of Earth Sciences – University of Ottawa.

2) If you take the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere of all gases, it is 0.054%. The proportions that human are adding is even smaller, the main source in fact coming from the world’s oceans. CO2 is a relatively minor greenhouse gas. The geological records show that in fact CO2 does not precede warming, but lags behind it by some 300 years. So as Gore rightly says in his film “An Inconvenient Truth” that there is a correlation between CO2 and temperature. However it is not a positive one, but a negative one, in fact often an inverse correlation.

3) The atmosphere is made up of a multitude of gases and a small percentage of them are the greenhouse gases. And of that small percentage, 95% of it is water vapour, and that is by far the most important greenhouse gas often in the form of clouds. Further, solar activity is the most accurate way of predicting climate changes on earth. The interplay between water vapour and solar activity being the main determinants of earth’s climate and human beings have almost no influence upon.

4) If greenhouse warming were presently occurring you would get more warming in the troposphere, because greenhouse gases trap heat from escaping the atmosphere in the troposphere. However, that is just not the case. The data collected from satellites and weather balloons show that the earth is in fact warmer than the atmosphere. This evidence damns the theory of greenhouse effect upon climate through CO2.

Surprising is the origins of this political scandal. Apparently it originated from a desire of Margaret Thatcher in the eighties to discredit fossil fuels in favour of nuclear power.

Even more shocking is that the entire present global warming lobby, hijacked from Thatcher by neo-Marxists and Environmentalists, has become in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats an evil “gravy train” of the millions of tax dollars pocketed in this disgusting “global warming” industry which is based upon a lie.

“Fact of the matter is that tens of thousands of jobs depend on Global Warming right now. It’s a big business.” Says Professor Patrick Michaels – Dept of Environmental Sciences – University of Virginia.

“Climate scientists need there to be a problem in order to get funding.” Says Dr Roy Spencer – Weather Satellite Team Leader – NASA.

As the film spells out for us:

Man-made global warming is no ordinary theory. It is presented in the media as having the stamp of authority of an impressive international organisation. The UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change or IPCC.

“The IPCC like any UN body is political. The final conclusions are politically driven. It’s become a great industry in itself and if the whole global warming farrago collapsed, there would an awful lot of people out of jobs and looking for work.” Says Professor Philip Scott – Dept of Biogeography – University of London.

“This claim that the IPCC is the worlds top 1500 or 2500 scientists: you look at the bibliographies of the people and it is simply not true. There are quite a number of non-scientists. Those people that are specialists but don’t agree with the polemic and resign, and there are a number of them I know of, they are simply put on the author list and become part of this “2500 of the worlds top scientists”. We have a vested interest in causing panic, because then, money will flow to climate science.” Says Professor Paul Reiter – IPCC and Pasteur Institute of Paris.

“And to build up the number to 2500 they have to start taking reviewers and Government people and so on, anyone who has been close to them. And none of these people are asked if they agree, many of them disagree. People have decided that you have to convince other people that since no scientist disagrees - you shouldn’t disagree either. But whenever you hear that in science you know that it is pure propaganda.” Says Professor Richard Lindzen – IPCC and M.I.T.

Unfortunately as the Times notes, the whole Global Warming bandwagon has evolved into “less an issue and more a doom-laden religion demanding sacrifice to Gaia for our wicked fossil fuel-driven ways.”

“There is such intolerance. This is most politically incorrect thing possible to doubt this climate change orthodoxy.” Says Lord Lawson of Blaby (In 2005 a House of Lords enquiry was set up to examine the scientific evidence of man-made cause of Global Warming and Lord Lawson was a member of it.) He goes on to comment - "We had a very thorough enquiry and took evidence from a whole lot of people expert in this area and we produced a report. What surprised me was to discover how weak and uncertain the science was. In fact there are more and more thoughtful people, some of them a little bit frightened to come out in the open. But who quietly privately and some of them publicly are saying ‘hang on, wait a moment, this simply just does not add up’."

“I often heard it said that there is a consensus of thousands of scientists on the global warming issue and that humans are causing a catastrophic change to the climate system. Well I am one scientist and there are many that simply think that is not true.” Says Professor John Christy – Lead Author IPCC

And finally the definitive comment of the documentary must belong to Nigel Calder – the Former Editor of the New Scientist.

“I have seen and heard their spitting fury at anybody that might disagree with them, which is not the scientific way. The whole global warming business has become like a religion and people who disagree are called heretics. I am a heretic. The makers of this programme are all heretics.”

After this documentary and more publicity, hopefully not heretics for much longer!!!

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Greenies talk shit again!

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American taste for soft toilet roll 'worse than driving Hummers

'Extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply toilet roll made from virgin forest causes more damage than gas-guzzlers, fast food or McMansions, say campaigners

Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment correspondent, Thursday 26 February 2009

The tenderness of the delicate American buttock is causing more environmental devastation than the country's love of gas-guzzling cars, fast food or McMansions, according to green campaigners. At fault, they say, is the US public's insistence on extra-soft, quilted and multi-ply products when they use the bathroom.

"This is a product that we use for less than three seconds and the ecological consequences of manufacturing it from trees is enormous," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defence Council.

"Future generations are going to look at the way we make toilet paper as one of the greatest excesses of our age. Making toilet paper from virgin wood is a lot worse than driving Hummers in terms of global warming pollution." Making toilet paper has a significant impact because of chemicals used in pulp manufacture and cutting down forests...

Coen brothers target US coal industry

Suzanne Goldenberg, US environment corespondent, Thursday 26 February 2009

The Coen brothers have applied their slightly off-kilter sensibility to the campaign against America's coal industry, with a new television advertisement debunking the notion of clean coal.

The filmmaking brothers, working from a concept and script supplied by the ad makers for the environmental campaigners, the Reality Coalition, Reality Coalition environmental campaign, produced a spot showing a salesman spraying black smog from an aerosol can around a home...

"The Age of Stupid" is here!

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"Why didn't we save ourselves when we had the chance?" asks Pete Postlethwaite in the just-released trailer for upcoming climate armageddon film Age of Stupid."


Guardian Blog

Power Shift climate protest gathers momentum in Washington

Thousands of young Americans are converging on Washington to demand clean energy policy and action on climate change

"There are now more than 10,052 young people coming from all over America to the largest ever youth climate event in history, where they will lobby US political leaders to enact bold climate and energy policies that will rebuild our economy and halt global warming."

Will Happer Congressional Testimony: "Earth in 'CO2 Famine'"

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See the full press release for the embedded links.



February 25, 2009

Posted By Marc Morano – 5:05 PM ET


Scientist Tells Congress: Earth in ‘CO2 Famine’

‘The increase of CO2 is not a cause for alarm and will be good for mankind’

‘Children should not be force-fed propaganda, masquerading as science’


Washington, DC — Award-winning Princeton University Physicist Dr. Will Happer declared man-made global warming fears “mistaken” and noted that the Earth was currently in a “CO2 famine now.” Happer, who has published over 200 peer-reviewed scientific papers, made his remarks during today’s Environment and Public Works Full Committee Hearing entitled “Update on the Latest Global Warming Science.”

“Many people don’t realize that over geological time, we’re really in a CO2 famine now. Almost never has CO2 levels been as low as it has been in the Holocene (geologic epoch) – 280 (parts per million - ppm) – that’s unheard of. Most of the time [CO2 levels] have been at least 1000 (ppm) and it’s been quite higher than that,” Happer told the Senate Committee. To read Happer’s complete opening statement click here: [Also: See Inhofe Warns of Costs of Massive $6.7 Trillion 'Climate Bailout' & 'Consensus' in Collapse: Japanese scientists make 'dramatic break' with UN hypothesis of man-made warming! (UK Register) & $ave the Planet? 'Four climate lobbyists for every member of Congress' – Number of Lobbyists Up 300% & The Year of the Man-made Global Warming Skeptic ]

“Earth was just fine in those times,” Happer added. “The oceans were fine, plants grew, animals grew fine. So it’s baffling to me that we’re so frightened of getting nowhere close to where we started,” Happer explained. Happer also noted that “the number of [skeptical scientists] with the courage to speak out is growing” and he warned “children should not be force-fed propaganda, masquerading as science.” [In December, Happer requested to be added to the groundbreaking U.S. Senate Minority Report Update: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims ]

Happer was pressed by the Committee on whether rising CO2 fears are valid. “I don’t think the laws of nature or physics and chemistry has changed in 80 million years. 80 million years ago the Earth was a very prosperous palace and there is no reason to suddenly think it will become bad now,” Happer added. Happer is a professor in the Department of Physics at Princeton University and former Director of Energy Research at the Department of Energy from 1990 to 1993, has published over 200 scientific papers, and is a fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the National Academy of Sciences. Happer was reportedly fired by former Vice President Al Gore in 1993 for failing to adhere to Gore’s scientific views.



“I keep hearing about the ‘pollutant CO2,’ or about ‘poisoning the atmosphere’ with CO2, or about minimizing our ‘carbon footprint.’ This brings to mind another Orwellian pronouncement that is worth pondering: ‘But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.’ CO2 is not a pollutant and it is not a poison and we should not corrupt the English language by depriving ‘pollutant’ and ‘poison’ of their original meaning. Our exhaled breath contains about 4% CO2. That is 40,000 parts per million, or about 100 times the current atmospheric concentration. CO2 is absolutely essential for life on earth. Commercial greenhouse operators often use CO2 as a fertilizer to improve the health and growth rate of their plants. Plants, and our own primate ancestors evolved when the levels of atmospheric CO2 were about 1000 ppm, a level that we will probably not reach by burning fossil fuels, and far above our current level of about 380 ppm. We try to keep CO2 levels in our U.S. Navy submarines no higher than 8,000 parts per million, about 20 time current atmospheric levels. Few adverse effects are observed at even higher levels.”




Oppose the ETS

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"We are building an Internet campaign to oppose the ETS..."

West blamed...who else?

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West blamed for rapid increase in China's CO2

• Consumer exports behind 15% of emissions - study
• Campaigners suggest new criteria for climate deal

Duncan Clark
The Guardian, Monday 23 February 2009

The full extent of the west's responsibility for Chinese emissions of greenhouse gases has been revealed by a new study. The report shows that half of the recent rise in China's carbon dioxide pollution is caused by the manufacturing of goods for other countries - particularly developed nations such as the UK...

Squabbling derails greenhouse gas efforts, says ex-minister

David Adam, environment correspondent
The Guardian, Monday 23 February 2009

Britain's efforts to cut carbon emissions have been hampered by government infighting and a reluctance to stand up to industry, according to the UK's former climate change minister.

Elliot Morley, head of the new energy and climate change select committee, said tensions between different government departments had undermined moves to cut greenhouse gas pollution. Policies to cut carbon and help the environment were dismissed inside Whitehall as "idealistic and not giving enough attention to the pragmatic needs of industry", he said...

"Newspeak" comes ever closer...

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UK is branded a 'climate criminal' over coal plans

Campaigners in 40 countries say UK's proposed new coal power plants will undercut emission deals

Juliette Jowit, environment editor The Observer, Sunday 22 February 2009

A global protest against UK plans to build new coal power plants is being launched today by campaigners from more than 40 developing countries accusing the government of being a "climate criminal"...


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Friday February 20,2009
By Emily Garnham for

OUTSPOKEN environmentalist David Bellamy is a well-known opponent of the theory that man-made global warming is destroying our planet.

The 76-year-old botanist’s controversial views have provoked both ridicule and alarm – and he even claims he has been blacklisted by the BBC and ITV.

But Bellamy’s recent interview on this website caused a worldwide stir, registering a staggering 200,000 hits in a single day from sympathetic readers in 190 countries.

Support flooded in from those who agreed with him, while others were shocked that Bellamy believes the world is cooling down.

Next week will conduct a video interview with Bellamy to field YOUR questions about climate change and global warming.

We want to know what you think. Is Bellamy right or are his views dangerous at a time when we should be slashing our carbon emissions to save the planet?

Email your questions for David Bellamy to or leave them in the comments section below this article...

Climate change rhetoric spirals out of control

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Climate change rhetoric spirals out of control

Christopher Booker says that the Government must be absolutely sure that their data on climate change is accurate.

By Christopher Booker
21 Feb 2009

It was another bad week for the "warmists", now more desperate than ever to whip up alarm over an overheating planet. It began last weekend with the BBC leading its bulletins on the news that a "leading climate scientist" in America, Professor Chris Field, had warned that "the severity of global warming over the next century will be much worse than previously believed". Future temperatures "will be beyond anything predicted", he told a Chicago conference. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) had "seriously underestimated the size of the problem".

The puzzle as to why the BBC should make this the main news of the day only deepened when it emerged that Prof Field was not a climate scientist at all but an evolutionary biologist. To promote its cause the BBC website even posted a video explaining how warming would be made worse by "negative feedback". This scientific howler provoked much amusement and derision on expert US blogs, such as Anthony Watts's Watts Up With That – since "negative feedback" would lower temperatures rather than raise them. The BBC soon pulled its video.

This was followed on Sunday by yet another outburst from the most extreme of all the scientists crying wolf on global warming, Al Gore's ally Dr James Hansen, director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. In The Observer he launched his most vitriolic call yet for the closing down of the coal-fired power stations which are the world's main source of electricity, repeating his claim to a British court last year that the new coal-fired plant at Kingsnorth will alone be responsible for "the extermination of 400 species".

"Coal-fired power plants are factories of death," wrote Hansen, "the trains carrying coal to power plants are death trains". This deliberate echo of the trains carrying Jews to Nazi death camps recalled how the more extreme warmists like to equate sceptics on climate change with "Holocaust deniers". But such overheated language seemed somehow at home in the newspaper which in 1996 solemnly predicted that by 2016 half a million Britons would be dying each year from having eaten BSE-infected beef...

Fifth of world carbon emissions soaked up by extra forest growth

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Fifth of world carbon emissions soaked up by extra forest growth, scientists find

Trees in the tropics are getting bigger, which means they are soaking up an extra 5bn tonnes of CO2 a year

David Adam, environment correspondent, Wednesday 18 February 2009

Trees across the tropics are getting bigger and offering unexpected help in the fight against climate change, scientists have discovered.

A laborious study of the girth of 70,000 trees across Africa has shown that tropical forests are soaking up more carbon dioxide pollution that anybody realised. Almost one-fifth of our fossil fuel emissions are absorbed by forests across Africa, Amazonia and Asia, the research suggests.

Simon Lewis, a climate expert at the University of Leeds, who led the study, said: "We are receiving a free subsidy from nature. Tropical forest trees are absorbing about 18% of the carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere each year from burning fossil fuels, substantially buffering the rate of change."...

Glenn Beck on Green "Hitler Youth"

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Take climate change off the agenda

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Take climate change off the agenda

Posted: February 17, 2009

Canadians and Americans place climate change near bottom of priorities

By Christopher Horner

Barack Obama, on his first foreign trip as President to Canada, will then lecture the United States’ largest trading partner and source of energy imports on the need for a renewed commitment to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions.

Both governments claim to be forging ahead with what’s known as a cap-and-trade system, domestically and internationally, through a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, expected to be signed later this year.

In a cap-and-trade system, the government creates a top emissions level — the cap — and assigns quotas to individual sources of emissions, like utilities and factories, dictating emissions levels for each facility. A facility then must either reduce emissions to meet its quota or buy “hot air credits” from facilities that emit less than their quota. This system rations greenhouse gases (GHGs).The European experience provides a cautionary tale. There, cap-and-trade applied to GHGs was far pricier than its proponents presumed, and didn’t bring the promised emission reductions. It was all pain, no gain. Excuses for all of this are plenty, though it is inarguable that cap-and-trade is not well-suited for ubiquitous GHGs like carbon dioxide, which are not “pollutants” in any traditional sense.

The attraction of adopting such a scheme is difficult to spot. Except for politicians, who like cap-and-trade because it is an indirect and non-transparent tax — they claim businesses pay for GHG reductions instead of taxpayers. Of course, people pay taxes, not businesses.

As a result, voters in Europe, and even their usually timid industry, are rebelling. Cap-and-trade, the key component in the Kyoto policy mix, has demonstrably increased not only energy costs and economic uncertainty but has already sent manufacturing jobs, e.g., steel, and related construction jobs, to the United States...

Climate change outlook: mild

Tales of our environmental demise are greatly exaggerated – coal reserves are dwindling, and lower emissions will follow

Thomas Crowley, Tuesday 17 February 2009

As more and more discoveries are made about global warming, scientists and political organisations have been clamouring for stronger and more immediate actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Amid this rising call for action, there has been surprisingly little attention given to recent work suggesting that future peak carbon dioxide levels may have been overestimated by a factor of four to five.

At the annual December meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, Professor David Rutledge from the California Institute of Technology re-examined estimates of world coal inventories. He concluded that reserves (resources that can be economically produced) – widely assumed to be sufficient for energy use for centuries – are far smaller than usually assumed...

Thermageddon, the BBC and a giant snake

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Thermageddon, the BBC and a giant snake

By Andrew Orlowski

Posted in Environment, 15th February 2009 09:02 GMT

Listeners to BBC World Service's Science in Action program got a nasty surprise last week. In the midst of a discussion about the large snake fossil, a scientist dropped this bombshell:

"The Planet has heated and cooled repeatedly throughout its history. What we're doing is the rate at which we're heating the planet is many orders of magnitude faster than any natural process - and is moving too fast for natural systems to respond."

Hearing this, I did what any normal person would do: grab all the bags of frozen peas I could find in the ice compartment of my refridgerator, and hunker down behind the sofa to wait for Thermageddon.

Hours passed. My life flashed before my eyes a few times, and a few times more. But then I noticed that the house was still there, and so was the neighbourhood. And so was I!

Then I remembered something else.

According to our leading climate institutes, global temperatures have been static for almost a decade now. (You have to look the graphs, not the institutes' own press releases, which typically offer similar spine-chilling predictions) . The climate scientists are now predicting more of the same, or cooler. The latter, they explained, is because natural systems are at work...

UN carbon cut to cost Australia $870m

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UN carbon cut to cost Australia $870m

Dennis Shanahan, Political editor | February 13, 2009
Article from: The Australian

AUSTRALIA faces the prospect of paying an extra $870 million for greenhouse gas emissions after Kevin Rudd's ratification of the Kyoto Protocol and a new UN target for carbon pollution.

After a year-long review by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change committee, Australia has been given a tougher target to cut its greenhouse gas emissions.

The UN has reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions Australia is allowed to produce by 6.6 million tonnes a year.

If Australia is above the carbon emissions target at the end of 2012, it will be required to make up any shortfall by buying carbon credits from other nations.

Continuing growth in carbon emissions in Australia and the new target have led leading global carbon market analyst Point Carbon to estimate a potential extra cost to taxpayers of $870 million in carbon credits in 2012.

"The revision could force Australia to purchase over 30million assigned amount units (AAUs) more than expected, which could cost up to some $870 million, unless it can achieve further emission cuts domestically," Point Carbon's latest Australian emissions report says...

Global warnings

The Copenhagen protocol will not succeed unless China and India sign up, but bribing these nations to take part is counterproductive

Björn Lomborg, Sunday 15 February 2009

"Some would have us believe that getting China and India on board will be easy. According to former US vice president Al Gore, developing countries that were once reluctant to join in the first phases of a global response to the climate crisis have themselves now become leaders in demanding action and in taking bold steps on their own initiatives.

But Gore's fellow Nobel laureate, Rajendra Pachauri, the chair of the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is not so sure. He recently told an Indian audience, "of course, the developing countries will be exempted from any such restrictions, but the developed countries will certainly have to cut down on emissions".

It is likely that Pachauri is right and Gore is wrong: neither China nor India will commit to significant cuts without a massive payoff."

Row over climate change ad will not cost minister his job, says colleague

Henry McDonald
The Observer, Sunday 15 February 2009

Sammy Wilson's position as environment minister remains safe, his DUP colleague and Northern Ireland finance minister Nigel Dodds said yesterday.

Dodds said he did not think Wilson should resign over his decision to block a UK government television advertisement on climate change...

Who let the loons out?

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Coal-fired power stations are death factories. Close them

The government is expected to give the go-ahead to the coal-burning Kingsnorth power plant. Here, one of the world's foremost climate experts launches an excoriating attack on Britain's long love affair with the most polluting fossil fuel of all

James Hansen
The Observer, Sunday 15 February 2009

A year ago, I wrote to Gordon Brown asking him to place a moratorium on new coal-fired power plants in Britain. I have asked the same of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd and other leaders. The reason is this - coal is the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet.

The climate is nearing tipping points. Changes are beginning to appear and there is a potential for explosive changes, effects that would be irreversible, if we do not rapidly slow fossil-fuel emissions over the next few decades. As Arctic sea ice melts, the darker ocean absorbs more sunlight and speeds melting. As the tundra melts, methane, a strong greenhouse gas, is released, causing more warming. As species are exterminated by shifting climate zones, ecosystems can collapse, destroying more species...

Welcome to my world

Doug Tompkins made a fortune "selling people countless things they didn't need". Now he's spending it saving the planet. Dan McDougall enters his private Patagonian wilderness to hear how the tycoon turned environmentalist has declared war on industrialists, whalers - and Greenpeace

Dan McDougall
The Observer, Sunday 15 February 2009

"Look, I'm not proud of how I made my money; the carbon footprint aside, fashion is one of the most intellectually vacuous industries. We had to manufacture desires to get people to buy our products. We were selling people countless things that they didn't need. It set the agenda for the other multinationals that shift disposable items in unfathomable bulk. The retail industry is a monster hoovering up the planet's vital resources."

Vaclav Klaus speech in Paris

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Europe, environmentalism and the current economic crisis: a contrarian view

Posted 14 February 2009

"I see another big problem in environmentalism and in its currently most aggressive form – global warming alarmism. This ideology has gradually turned into the most efficient vehicle for advocating extensive government intervention into all fields of life and for suppressing human freedom and economic prosperity. I am frustrated that this ideology has not been sufficiently challenged both inside and outside of climatology. We keep hearing one-sided propaganda, but do not hear serious counter-arguments."

Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus, speaking in Paris.

The Guardian letting its Guard down?

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Climate scientists blow hot and cold

Antarctic warming isn't evidence of climate change – despite what scientists would have us believe

Patrick Michaels, Thursday 12 February 2009

Just about every major outlet has jumped on the news: Antarctica is warming up.

Most previous science had indicated that, despite a warming of global temperatures, readings from Antarctica were either staying the same or even going down.

The problem with Antarctic temperature measurement is that all but three longstanding weather stations are on or very near the coast. Antarctica is a big place, about one-and-a-half times the size of the US. Imagine trying to infer our national temperature only with stations along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, plus three others in the interior.

Eric Steig, from University of Washington, filled in the huge blanks by correlating satellite-measured temperatures with the largely coastal Antarctic network and then creating inland temperatures based upon the relationship between the satellite and the sparse observations. The result was a slight warming trend, but mainly at the beginning of the record in the 1950s and 1960s. One would expect greenhouse effect warming from carbon dioxide to be more pronounced in recent years, which it is not.

There's actually very little that is new here. Antarctic temperatures do show a warming trend if you begin your study between 1957, when the International Geophysical Year deployed the first network of thermometers there, and the mid-1960s. Studies that start after then find either cooling or no change...

Christopher Monckton debates...

Marcus's picture Alarmist on 'BBC radio five live' (talkback radio), from last monday.

Debate starts 11 minutes into it...

Green ideas must take blame for deaths

Marcus's picture

Sydney Morning Herald

Green ideas must take blame for deaths
Miranda Devine
February 12, 2009

It wasn't climate change which killed as many as 300 people in Victoria last weekend. It wasn't arsonists. It was the unstoppable intensity of a bushfire, turbo-charged by huge quantities of ground fuel which had been allowed to accumulate over years of drought. It was the power of green ideology over government to oppose attempts to reduce fuel hazards before a megafire erupts, and which prevents landholders from clearing vegetation to protect themselves.

So many people need not have died so horribly. The warnings have been there for a decade. If politicians are intent on whipping up a lynch mob to divert attention from their own culpability, it is not arsonists who should be hanging from lamp-posts but greenies...

Who let these loonies out of the green bin?

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David King: Iraq was the first 'resource war' of the century

UK government's former chief scientific adviser says Iraq war was about oil, not weapons of mass destruction – and warns there will be more 'resource wars' to come

James Randerson, Thursday 12 February 2009

The Iraq war was just the first of this century's "resource wars", in which powerful countries use force to secure valuable commodities for themselves, according to the UK government's former chief scientific adviser.

Sir David King predicted that with human population growing, natural resources dwindling and seas rising because of climate change, the squeeze on the planet would lead to more conflict...

Nicholas Stern: Spend billions on green investments now to reverse economic downturn and halt climate change

Leading economists – including Nicholas Stern – call for immediate £277bn global fund to generate clean power, insulate homes and create jobs

David Adam, Wednesday 11 February 2009

Governments across the world must commit to hundreds of billions of pounds in green investments within months in a combined attack on the global economic crisis and global warming, according to leading economists including Nicholas Stern...

Sammy Wilson interviewed on...

Marcus's picture 4 news.

Even alarmists alarmed by green propaganda!

Marcus's picture

'Apocalyptic climate predictions' mislead the public, say experts

Met Office scientists fear distorted climate change claims could undermine efforts to tackle carbon emissions

David Adam, Wednesday 11 February 2009

Experts at Britain's top climate research centre have launched a blistering attack on scientific colleagues and journalists who exaggerate the effects of global warming.

The Met Office Hadley Centre, one of the most prestigious research facilities in the world, says recent "apocalyptic predictions" about Arctic ice melt and soaring temperatures are as bad as claims that global warming does not exist. Such statements, however well-intentioned, distort the science and could undermine efforts to tackle carbon emissions, it says.

In an article published on the Guardian website, Dr Vicky Pope, head of climate change advice at the Met Office, calls on scientists and journalists to stop misleading the public with "claim and counter-claim".

She writes: "Having to rein in extraordinary claims that the latest extreme [event] is all due to climate change is at best hugely frustrating and at worse enormously distracting. Overplaying natural variations in the weather as climate change is just as much a distortion of science as underplaying them to claim that climate change has stopped or is not happening."..

Scientists must rein in misleading climate change claims

Overplaying natural variations in the weather diverts attention from the real issues

Vicky Pope, Wednesday 11 February 2009

News headlines vie for attention and it is easy for scientists to grab this attention by linking climate change to the latest extreme weather event or apocalyptic prediction. But in doing so, the public perception of climate change can be distorted. The reality is that extreme events arise when natural variations in the weather and climate combine with long-term climate change. This message is more difficult to get heard. Scientists and journalists need to find ways to help to make this clear without the wider audience switching off.

Recent headlines have proclaimed that Arctic summer sea ice has decreased so much in the past few years that it has reached a tipping point and will disappear very quickly. The truth is that there is little evidence to support this. Indeed, the record-breaking losses in the past couple of years could easily be due to natural fluctuations in the weather, with summer sea ice increasing again over the next few years. This diverts attention from the real, longer-term issues. For example, recent results from the Met Office do show that there is a detectable human impact in the long-term decline in sea ice over the past 30 years, and all the evidence points to a complete loss of summer sea ice much later this century.

This is just one example where scientific evidence has been selectively chosen to support a cause. In the 1990s, global temperatures increased more quickly than in earlier decades, leading to claims that global warming had accelerated. In the past 10 years the temperature rise has slowed, leading to opposing claims. Again, neither claim is true, since natural variations always occur on this timescale. For example, 1998 was a record-breaking warm year as long-term man-made warming combined with a naturally occurring strong El Niño. In contrast, 2008 was slightly cooler than previous years partly because of a La Niña. Despite this, it was still the 10th warmest on record...

Brave NI Minister stands up against green fascism in the UK!

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BBC News

Quit call over blocked green ad

A Northern Ireland minister's decision to block a government advertisement campaign on climate change has led to a call for his removal from office.

The advertisements urged people to reduce energy consumption and cut carbon dioxide output.

But Environment Minister Sammy Wilson claimed the adverts were part of an "insidious propaganda campaign".

Calling for his removal, the Green Party said Mr Wilson made "a laughing stock out of Northern Ireland."

Sammy Wilson argued that the Scottish executive had objected and stopped the adverts being broadcast. However, the Scottish executive told the BBC the reason it did not run these adverts was because they are already running their own climate change adverts.

He argued that they were "giving people the impression that by turning off the standby light on their TV they could save the world from melting glaciers and being submerged in 40ft of water".

He said that was "patent nonsense".

Mr Wilson said he had written to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to say that the advertising campaign Act on CO2 "was not welcome".

He explained that he did not believe in its message that "man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of climate change" and that the campaign was contrary to his personal views.

He told DECC: "I do not wish for climate change messages to be promoted by other Whitehall departments here"...

Vaclav Klaus / Liberal Nazism in Europe

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Klaus will be one of the keynote speakers at the Heartland Institute conference if he can make it. We're eagerly hoping he'll be able to attend, since we'd love to meet him.

Re "liberal facism," Marcus, see this concluding part of the Hitchens article -- "How the Czechs are fighting the marshmallow EU tyrant" -- you posted an excerpt from 5 posts below.



An extraordinary number of the Third Reich's aims and objects of 1939 and 1941 seem to have come to pass under the European flag, or even in the name of Nato.

Nothing important now divides Austria and Germany. France is Germany's obedient servant. Britain sits, hostile but powerless, on the edge of Europe.

The Low Countries and Scandinavia know what is good for them. So do Spain and Italy. Russia's western boundaries have been rolled back hundreds of miles, while oil and gas from the Caspian Sea flow westwards.

In the Balkans, Germany seeks favours for its old friends in Croatia (and eventually Bosnia), while the Serbs are reviled.

The small nations of Eastern Europe provide cheap labour for German companies (though Czechs can't easily work in Germany), and their farmers send cheap tomatoes to German supermarkets.

The last traces of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, resented so furiously by Berlin ever since, have been wiped out by the astonishing Schengen Agreement, which forbids most EU members from guarding their own boundaries.

So, after 90 years of arguments, the ancient border disputes have been solved by simply abolishing the borders themselves.

With no borders, how long can the countries last? The EU's unaccountable chiefs hope the Lisbon Treaty will finally bury the idea of a Europe of Nations, and lock us all into a new bureaucratic empire.

And so it is that for the fourth time in a century, the poor Czechs are about to see their independence snuffed out because it is inconvenient to greater powers in a vast continental scheme.

Repeatedly invaded, occupied, suppressed, Germanised one year, Russified the next, their survival is amazing. But the threat of absorption into an EU superstate menaces the Czechs, perhaps more permanently than before.

The Lisbon Treaty, if ratified, will empty one of Europe's most lively and truly democratic parliaments of the last traces of power, and dissolve the Czech state, yet again, into a pretty but impotent province governed, benevolently enough, but from far away, by people who know little of it.

The sticky, marshmallow bonds of the EU are obviously not the iron shackles of the old dictators. But they are bonds all the same, and once they are in place, the Czechs will have little to distinguish them from their neighbours apart from their beer, their literature, their music and their complex language.

From having been a country, they will become a regional oddity in a state called Europe.

We may imagine that this fate will not overtake us, safe as we foolishly think we are beyond the Channel. But, as happened once before, the fate of the Czechs is inextricably linked with our own.

Their courage alone cannot save us. But if we showed some backbone, we might save them, and ourselves as well.


'Global Cooling' and the Madness of Davos

Neo_Gonzo's picture

 Al Gore cheerleaders still will not even begin to address the historical fact that the Earth has been many times hotter before, than it is today. Now as we move into a colder phase, they are all rewriting their politicised science papers... because so many scientists, businesses, accountants, bankers, consultants, politicians and journalists have carved a career out of the "carbon" economy. Read the whole scoop here:

'Global Cooling' and the Madness of Davos 


"Has the world lost it's mind, or am I going T-total?"


Neo_Gonzo's picture

 Politics aside, I’m still waiting for Climate Change lobbyists to explain to this writer exactly where the cooling and warming periods of Earth's ancient past came from without humanity’s SUV’s and flatulent livestock.

The Dinosaurs Age comes to mind here- as well as pure marvel at Fred Flintstone’s carbon neutral, foot-powered car. Was Fred a green warrior, battling climate change? A man way ahead of his time. Only that the earth was many degrees hotter during the Jurassic era. Is anyone asking why? The answer is staring us in the face every morning... read about it here:



Neo_Gonzo's picture

 Politics aside, I’m still waiting for Climate Change lobbyists to explain to this writer exactly where the cooling and warming periods of Earth's ancient past came from without humanity’s SUV’s and flatulent livestock.

The Dinosaurs Age comes to mind here- as well as pure marvel at Fred Flintstone’s carbon neutral, foot-powered car. Was Fred a green warrior, battling climate change? A man way ahead of his time. Only that the earth was many degrees hotter during the Jurassic era. Is anyone asking why? The answer is staring us in the face every morning... read about it here:


The propaganda-machine continues...

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Scientists plan emergency summit on climate change

David Adam, environment correspondent
The Guardian, Monday 9 February 2009

Scientists are to hold an emergency summit to warn the world's politicians they are being too timid in their response to global warming.

Climate experts from across the world will gather in Copenhagen next month to agree a stark message to policy makers, which they hope will break the political deadlock on efforts to curb rising temperatures. The meeting follows "disturbing" studies that suggest global warming could strike harder and faster than expected.

It comes ahead of a year of high-level political discussions on climate change, which climax with international negotiations in Copenhagen in December, where officials will try to hammer out a successor to the Kyoto protocol.

Katherine Richardson, a marine biologist at the University of Copenhagen, who is organising next month's event, said: "This is not a regular scientific conference. This is a deliberate attempt to influence policy."

The meeting will publish an update to the 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Richardson said the IPCC report was "wishy-washy" on issues such as sea level rise. "The IPCC talks of a 40cm sea rise this century. Well, if the consensus now is a rise of a metre or more then they need to know that."..

How the Czechs are fighting the marshmallow EU tyrant

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Daily Mail

PETER HITCHENS: How the Czechs are fighting the marshmallow EU tyrant

By Peter Hitchens In Prague
07th February 2009

...Compare the pasts of the two men, especially in the fateful year of 1968, the beginning of the modern era. In that year, Klaus was experiencing the towering hope of the Prague Spring - a brief dash for freedom - and the miserable disappointment and fear that followed its merciless repression by genuine, iron-bound killer tyrants.

Cohn-Bendit was a rather mature student, leading the playtime revolutionaries of Paris in calls for easier access to the girls' dormitories. These 'revolutionaries' never risked anything serious in their lives or had a clue about what it meant to live in a secret police state, for all their cries of 'repression'.

Cohn-Bendit, once called 'Danny the Red', has remained in the forefront of radical chic.

He is now as Green as he used to be Red, an intolerant zealot of the man-made climate-change lobby, a supporter of liberal wars and a keen Europhile.

Flanked by an Irish Euro-MP (embarrassed by his countrymen's rejection of Lisbon), Cohn-Bendit spoke to Klaus as if the President of the Czech Republic were a disobedient subordinate. He also rudely thrust an EU flag across the President's desk.

But this bumptious pipsqueak got more than he bargained for.

Having first lectured the President on how he was wrong about global warming (Klaus is a courageous sceptic about this, too) he started telling him what his presidential duties were, that he would have to sign the Lisbon Treaty if the Czech Parliament approved it (which is incorrect). Then, amazingly, he told the Head of State: 'I don't care about your opinions on it [the Treaty].'

Czechs are sensitive about being ordered around by politicians from other countries.
They remember how Hitler screamed so wildly at poor President Emil Hacha in 1939 that the aged professor collapsed and had to be revived by injections. They remember Josef Stalin telling them they couldn't have American Marshall Aid, and Leonid Brezhnev telling them to strangle the Prague Spring.

Klaus struck back hard.

'This is incredible,' he retorted. He directly compared Cohn-Bendit's dictatorial lecture to the past behaviour of the Kremlin. 'I did not think anything like this was possible. I have not experienced anything like this for the past 19 years [since the Soviets left]. I thought it was a matter of the past, that we live in a democracy.'...

Odd-bod Lovelock comes to some...

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...surprising conclusions!

From The Sunday Times
February 8, 2009

The fight to get aboard Lifeboat UK

Last week she played in the snow, but what will Britain be like when she grows up? James Lovelock, the Earth guru, foresees a land where blizzards are long forgotten and national survival depends on a new Winston Churchill

James Lovelock

...Indeed, in its way, the green ideology that seems to inspire northern Europe and the United States may be in the end as damaging to the real environment as were the previous humanist ideologies. If the UK government persists in forcing through impractical and expensive renewable energy schemes, we will soon discover that nearly all of what remains of our countryside becomes the site for fields planted with biofuel crops, biogas generators and industrial-sized wind farms – all this when what land we have is wholly needed to grow food.

Don’t feel guilty about opting out of this nonsense: closer examination reveals it as an elaborate scam in the interests of a few nations whose economies are enriched in the short term by the sale of wind turbines, biofuel plants and other green-sounding energy equipment. Don’t for a moment believe the sales talk that these will save the planet. The salesmen’s pitch refers to the world they know, the urban world. The real Earth does not need saving. It can, will and always has saved itself and it is now starting to do so by changing to a state much less favourable for us and other animals. What people mean by the plea is “save the planet as we know it” and that is now impossible...

...In a small way the plight of the British at that time resembles the state of the civilised world now. We had had nearly a decade of the well intentioned but wrong belief that peace was all that mattered. The followers of the peace lobbies of the 1930s resembled the green movements now; their intentions were more than good but wholly inappropriate for the war that was about to start.

We woke in 1940 to find facing us across the Channel a wholly hostile continental force about to invade. We were alone without an effective ally, but fortunate to have a new leader, Winston Churchill, whose moving words stirred the whole nation from its lethargy: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” We need another Churchill now to lead us from the clinging, flabby, consensual thinking of the late 20th century and bind the nation into a single-minded effort to wage a difficult war...

That famous consensus...

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The Spectator

Melanie Phillips

Saturday, 7th February 2009

Yet another example of the ‘research’ masquerading as science that is used to reinforce the man-made global warming fraud. One of the difficulties the green zealots have had is that Antarctica has been not warming but cooling, with the extent of its ice reaching record levels. A few weeks ago, a study led by Professor Eric Steig caused some excitement by claiming that actually West Antarctica was warming so much that it more than made up for the cooling in East Antarctica. Warning bells should have sounded when Steig said

What we did is interpolate carefully instead of just using the back of an envelope.

To those of us who have been following this scam for the past two decades, ‘interpolate carefully’ makes us suck our teeth. And so it has proved. Various scientists immediately spotted the flaw in Steig’s methodology of combining satellite evidence since 1979 with temperature readings from surface weather stations. The flaw they identified was that, since Antarctica has so few weather stations, the computer Steig used was programmed to guess what data they would have produced had such stations existed. In other words, the findings that caused such excitement were based on data that had been made up.

Even one of the IPCC’s lead authors sniffed a problem:

‘This looks like a pretty good analysis, but I have to say I remain somewhat skeptical,’ Kevin Trenberth, climate analysis chief at the National Center for Atmospheric Research said in an e-mail. ‘It is hard to make data where none exist.’

Well, yes. But then the invention of data that does not exist and the obliteration of data that does exist has been precisely how the man-made global warming scam has been perpetrated right from the get-go. The most egregious example of this was the piece of ‘research’ that underpinned the entire IPCC/Kyoto shebang from 2001 when it was published -- the so-called ‘hockey stick’ curve, which purported to show a vertiginous and unprecedented rise in global temperature in the 20th century...

They like to scare you...

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GE Merges With The Obama Administration

Marcus's picture

Rational Scotts return?

Marcus's picture

Greenwash: Dirty claims on clean coal

The Scottish government is talking up the world's dirtiest fossil fuel as clean in its push to revive its coal industry

Fred Pearce, Thursday 5 February 2009

The Scottish government is planning to green its electricity generation by burning more coal. Yes, you read that right. Coal is green, say ministers in Edinburgh, who in December announced a climate policy that they declared to be the world's most advanced.

And if you can't get your head round that, you are not alone. Nasa's famed climate scientist, Jim Hansen, last week wrote an open letter to the first minister Alex Salmond declaring the policy a "sham".

Should anyone south of the border, or indeed on another continent, care? Well, yes. Later this year, Britain's climate change minister, Ed Miliband,will go to Copenhagen, to sign up to tough new targets on cutting national emissions of greenhouse gases. And that includes Scottish emissions – over which neither Miliband nor anybody in Whitehall seems to have any control. That may mess up the UK's bargaining position - although with the UK government backing the new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, they are making a good job of that themselves. More importantly though, the atmosphere does not care which country the CO2 comes from or where the coal that produced it was burned. Scotland has one-tenth of Europe's coal and Salmond seems hell-bent on digging it up and setting it alight...

BBC News

Friday, 6 February 2009

UK prepares for freezing weekend

Forecasters have warned of very low temperatures overnight, after snow brought a fifth day of chaos to the UK.

Road, rail and air transport was again badly affected, while hundreds of schools were again closed.

The West Country and south Wales were worst-hit, with Okehampton in west Devon seeing 22in (55cm) of snow.

The BBC Weather Centre said snow would start dying out overnight, but temperatures in rural areas would drop as low as -10C...

Heartland Conference Links

Ellen Stuttle's picture

Link to the conference home page.

Link to a .pdf blow-up of the poster.

According to fine print on the poster, there are now more than 34,000 signatories to the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine petition: See.

(The URL on the poster is wrong at the moment. I'll tell Larry to tell them to correct it.)


It's time to terminate the green Governor!!!

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Who would have expected such a sensible from the Guardian?

Hasta la vista, Arnold

California is shrinking, it's broke, and Schwarzenegger wants to tax golfers. It's time to terminate the governor

George Neumayr, Thursday 5 February 2009

After Gray Davis ran up enormous debts as governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others challenged him in a 2003 recall. Davis was ejected from office and Schwarzenegger parachuted into Sacramento with high hopes.

Today, that recall looks pointless: California is in worse shape under Schwarzenegger than was under Davis. A steady stream of bad news reports about the Golden State trickle out from the media: Despondent Californians are moving out of the state in large numbers, the state's treasury has been empty for months, tax refunds are on hold, etc.

Has Schwarzenegger governed worse than Davis? It is arguable. In one sense he has certainly been more dangerous than Davis: Many of his questionable proposals, had Davis advocated them, would never have gotten passed.

Schwarzenegger, owing to his celebrity and his stealth status as a Republican, has been able to advance dubious legislation much farther than the unpopular Davis ever could...

Republicans only won a Pyrrhic victory in tossing Davis out. They essentially replaced an unpopular liberal with a popular one. That Schwarzenegger ended up hiring Gray Davis's former chief of staff confirmed this farce.

The meaningless character of the recall, from a conservative point of view, is particularly obvious on issues like global warming. Look at the ease with which Schwarzenegger has advanced legislation on that issue.

The auto industry, already reeling from the aftershocks of the market collapse, is quaking under the Terminator's most recent move: to ratchet up fuel-efficiency standards in California so that they are higher than the existing national standard. This requires a usually-denied waiver from the federal government, and it looks like Schwarzenegger will obtain one from the Obama administration...

Sweden to swap green plan for nuclear plants

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Feb 03, 2009
SPPI New Monthly CO2 Report
By Christopher Monckton, Editor

SPPI’s Monthly CO2 Report shows that throughout the eight years of George Bush’s presidency there has been a downtrend in global temperature at a rate equivalent to 2 F (1.1 C) per century....


From The Times
February 6, 2009

Sweden to swap green plan for nuclear plants

David Charter, Europe Correspondent

Nuclear reactors are to be built in Sweden for the first time in nearly 30 years after the Government decided to abandon a decades-old commitment to phase out the power source.

Sweden joins a list of EU countries that have chosen nuclear energy under pressure to diversify from fossil fuels and meet tough climate-change targets for cutting CO2 emissions.

The dramatic policy switch showed that even in a country where popular opinion has been against nuclear power previously — and one with extensive hydroelectric resources — atomic generation is seen as part of an emissions-free energy strategy.

Swedes voted in a referendum in 1980 to phase out nuclear power by 2010 but the Government became anxious that renewable sources were not being developed quickly enough to decommission the generators.

The proposal to renew the reactors is expected to face a battle to get through parliament, however, and will become a main issue at the general election next year with the main opposition parties firmly against the move.

Several European countries are opting for nuclear energy and there is concern about the reliability of Russian-supplied fuel after Moscow's gas dispute with Ukraine last month.

Poland wants its first nuclear plant by 2020 and Britain decided last year to replace its ageing nuclear reactors and create new sites. France has ordered its 61st nuclear generator and Finland is building the largest reactor in the world, which is expected to open in 2011...

'Strong arm' tactics to get India to agree to strict emissions cuts criticised

China and India signal opposition to binding limits on emissions as UN secretary general says developing world 'must do more'

Randeep Ramesh in Delhi, Thursday 5 February 2009

Environmentalists have strongly criticised attempts to "strong arm" developing countries such as India into a binding commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions after the United Nations secretary general asked poorer nations to "get on board" with the industrialised world to find solutions to the climate crisis.

Ban Ki-moon told the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit that although "Brazil has been taking a quite proactive role in the implementation of biofuel and forestation policies. China and India have also taken steps. But that is not enough, they have to do more."

The UN's top official said that climate change was a "common and shared" responsibility and that the time for arguments about who caused and contributed to global warming was over.

"We should not argue who is more responsible, who is less responsible, who should do more… This is a common, shared responsibility," Ban said...

Yale Environment 360

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That ghastly article "What Obama Must Do on the Road to Copenhagen" by Michael Northrop and David Sassoon which Marcus linked yesterday via the Guardian Environment Network originally appeared on the Yale Environment 360 site: See.

Yale Environment 360 is a publication of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

Material on the site provides a case example of a prestigious educational institution being committed to the doctrine (at this point it doesn't deserve to be styled a "theory") of AGW. Lots of research projects' funding, lots of people's careers hinging on the supposed need to "do something" to stop AGW.


Antarctic warming?

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"Warming freezes the Southern Ocean, Another Mann-made Climate Change"
Written by Christopher Monckton
Monday, 26 January 2009

Notice the pun: MANN, as in Michael E. Mann of hockey-stick-model fame.


Taggert express is entering the tunnel!

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Daily Express


The World Economic Forum settled back into even-tempered discussion of global warming...

Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore reflected on the change in US leadership, noting that President Barack Obama was "the greenest person in the room" for making environmental funding a big chunk of the 819 billion dollar (£572 billion) economic stimulus bill passed this week.

The former US vice president was referring to frustration in many countries at the refusal by the Bush administration to sign international pacts on reducing emissions of carbon blamed for global warming.

UN climate chief Yvo de Boer and oil and insurance executives discussed the fate of a UN meeting in Copenhagen in December aiming for a global agreement on reducing emissions.

"The new administration is very serious about this," Gore said. "We need an agreement this year, not next year or some other time."

Later former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan will lead talks on how to make any such deal fairer to poor countries...

Obama's energy secretary outlines dire climate change scenario

Steve Chu's warning the clearest sign to date of the greening of America's political class under Obama

Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Wednesday 4 February 2009

Unless there is timely action on climate change, California's agricultural bounty could be reduced to a dust bowl and its cities disappear, Barack Obama's energy secretary said yesterday.

The apocalyptic scenario sketched out by Steven Chu, the Nobel laureate appointed as energy secretary, was the clearest sign to date of the greening of America's political class under the new president...

Climate change's Antarctic ruffle

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Climate change's Antarctic ruffle
Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post
Published: Saturday, January 31, 2009

For two decades now, those predicting climate-change catastrophe have been frustrated by skeptics who ask, "If carbon dioxide is warming the planet, why does the data show Antarctica to be cooling?" Until last week, the doomsayers had all manner of complicated explanations but no slam dunk answer. Now, thanks to a new study published last week in Nature magazine, the doomsayers obtained the answer they sought --proof that any fool can understand. The bottom line: Antarctica is in fact warming, just like the rest of the planet.

"Contrarians have sometime grabbed on to this idea that the entire continent of Antarctica is cooling, so how could we be talking about global warming," elaborated Michael Mann, director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University and a co-author of the Nature study. "Now we can say: No, it's not true ... It is not bucking the trend."

The press seized on the findings. "Antarctica is warming, not cooling: study," announced a Reuters headline. "Global warming hits Antarctica," stated CNN. "Antarctica joins rest of the globe in warming," said the

Associated Press. But this study in Nature leaves many unimpressed, including top scientists from the doomsayer camp. One week after the study's release, it is clear this study does nothing to explain the enigma of a cooling Antarctica...

Apropos Julian

Marcus's picture

Daily Telegraph

BBC abandons 'impartiality' on warming

Again and again the BBC has been eager to promote every new scare raised by the advocates of man-made global warming, says Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker
01 Feb 2009

Londoners might have been startled last Monday to see a giant mock-up of a polar bear on an iceberg, floating on the Thames outside the Palace of Westminster. They might not have been so surprised to learn, first, that this was a global warming propaganda stunt and, second, that the television company behind it is part-owned by the BBC.

It was ironic that, last week, while the BBC was refusing to show an appeal for aid to the victims of Israeli bombing in Gaza, on the grounds that this might breach its charter obligation to be impartial, a rather less publicised row was raging over Newsnight's doctoring of film of President Obama's inaugural speech, which was used to support yet another of its items promoting the warming scare. Clips from the speech were spliced together to convey a considerably stronger impression of what Obama had said on global warming than his very careful wording justified. While that may have been unprofessional enough, the rest of the item, by Newsnight's science editor, Susan Watts, was even more bizarre. It was no more than a paean of gratitude that we now at last have a president prepared to listen to the "science" on climate change, after the dark age of religious obscurantism personified by President Bush...

Snow is consistent with global warming, say scientists

Britain may be in the grip of the coldest winter for 30 years and grappling with up to a foot of snow in some places but the extreme weather is entirely consistent with global warming, claim scientists.

By Richard Alleyne, Science Correspondent
03 Feb 2009

Temperatures for December and January were consistently 1.8 F ( 1 C) lower than the average of 41 F (5 C)and 37 F (3C) respectively and more snow fell in London this week than since the 1960s.

But despite this extreme weather, scientists say that the current cold snap does not mean that climate change is going into reverse. In fact, the surprise with which we have greeted the extreme conditions only reinforces how our climate has changed over the years.

A study by the Met Office which went back 350 years shows that such extreme weather now only occurs every 20 years.

Back in the pre-industrial days of Charles Dickens, it was a much more regular occurrence - hitting the country on average every five years or so...

Watch the warmists squirm

JulianD's picture

I have been wondering how the UK advocates of man-made global warming are selling their theories now that the cold and snow are hitting the UK. Well, here you go, watch this clip (and below I paraphrase):

1. "It should be much colder than this, it was much colder in the big snow of the 1960s....perhaps the fact it isn't tells us something"

2. "The UK used to get this weather once every 5 years, now it gets it only once every 20."

3. "This is a localised event, unrelated to global climate temperatures"

Sheer Puke

Ellen Stuttle's picture

That Guardian Environment Network piece you linked, Marcus.

Especially frightening excerpts:


[H]e [Obama] must demonstrate how science has been restored "to its rightful place" in America in strong climate regulation and law.


For almost a decade, Americans have been purposefully led astray about the reality of global warming and about the positive relationship that exists between sustainable economic prosperity and environmental stewardship. The new president must use the bully pulpit of his office to provide quick and remedial education.


The latest science only underscores the need for immediate action, given the acceleration of global ice melt, extreme weather events, dangerous feedback loops, and potentially irreversible changes.


[I]t [global warming] must be appreciated for its cross-cutting immensity — it is fundamental to national security, global commerce, economic recovery, energy security, public health and safety, agricultural policy, land-use planning, and environmental protection.

[I.e., how to try to control every aspect of people's lives in the name of controlling CO2 emissions. (And be sure not to let people exhale.)]


To secure his crowning achievement, Obama must expend political capital in Congress and work with leaders there to complete passage of science-based federal legislation capping greenhouse gas emissions. The legislation must be signed into law this year, as delay into 2010 will wreck it on the shoals of mid-term elections, a time when political courage disappears. There will not be another political opportunity as ripe as now; nor will there be another financial context more sensitive to a strong new signal. As the global economy starts to rise from collapse, it must do so with a price on carbon as part of its cure.


None of the options is perfect, but one of them is rising as a preferred choice because it protects low-and middle-income families from rising energy prices. It's called "cap-and-dividend." Under this program, permits to pollute the air with greenhouse gases would be auctioned and the proceeds returned to citizens. The extra income, which should be targeted especially to the poor, will protect the most vulnerable American families from rising energy prices and will help build a long-term constituency for climate action. In the present economic crisis, the prospect of sending monthly dividend checks to families is a political winner. It makes a cap-and-dividend plan largely immune from criticism that it will be costly to the public, and it increases the chances of passage this year.


Still, cap-and-dividend provides the best point of departure because it creates a fundamental break with business-as-usual. It establishes a new, winning, cognitive frame of reference: the democratic principle that an equal share of the sky belongs to each person. Indeed, Peter Barnes, who originally formulated this concept and has championed it tirelessly, began by asking a simple question: Who owns the sky?

Without a price signal, nobody does, and global warming pollution will proceed essentially unchecked. With cap-and-dividend, everybody owns the sky and the emissions cap then becomes universally comprehensible as it begins to turn us toward a low-carbon future.

This American accomplishment, brought by President Obama to Copenhagen along with other concrete actions, would set the stage for passage of a comprehensive international treaty to slow global warming. Now is the year for President Obama to act, while the window of opportunity is wide open.




Why do Green zealots think they can dictate how many children we

Marcus's picture

Daily Mail

Why do Green zealots think they can dictate how many children we are allowed to have?

03rd February 2009


So the deepest green of them all turns out to be not so much a friend of the earth as an enemy of the human race.
Jonathon Porritt, the Government's 'green' adviser, has said that couples who have more than two children are being 'irresponsible' by creating an unbearable burden on the environment.

Curbing population growth through contraception and abortion must therefore be at the heart of policies to fight man-made global warming.
Apparently this is all because people have to accept responsibility 'for their total environmental footprint'.

That's what having children amounts to, apparently, in his mind.

The blessings of a large family and the contribution this makes to prosperity and progress don't figure at all. Instead, children are to be measured solely by their burdensome impact on the planet.

What kind of sinister and dehumanised mindset is this? It is no coincidence that the country which comes nearest to Jonathon's ideal society is Communist China, which imposed a murderously cruel policy of restricting families to one child apiece. For the desire to reduce the number of children that parents produce is innately totalitarian...

A box-car named ugly bitch...

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Democrats set December deadline for cap on US emissions

Barbara Boxer pledges to produce draft greenhouse gas emissions bill before the Copenhagen round of climate change negotiations in December

Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Tuesday 3 February 2009

Democrat leaders in Congress committed to swift action on a green agenda today, promising draft cap and trade legislation for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions before the Copenhagen round of climate change negotiations in December.

Environmental campaigners had been apprehensive about the chances of the Senate ratifying a new international treaty – a successor to the Kyoto protocol – to combat global warming unless a consensus had already been reached on Capitol Hill.

Barbara Boxer, the chair of the Senate environment and public works committee, said she was determined to produce a draft cap and trade bill that would have a strong chance of passage. Congress voted down a bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions last year.

"I want to get a bill out of committee that every member has a stake in," she said. "It could be weeks, not months, but it will be before the end of the year."

The pledge from Boxer comes as Democrats try to capitalise on their majority in Congress and the installation of a strongly green president in Barack Obama to press ahead on an environmental agenda...

What Obama must do on the road to Copenhagen

If crucial climate negotiations later this year in Copenhagen are to have any chance of success, the US must take the lead, write Michael Northrop and David Sassoon. From Yale Environment 360, part of the Guardian Environment Network

President Obama will face one of the most important moments of his presidency this year on Dec. 18, and he needs his entire cabinet to help him prepare for it over the next 11 months. Dec. 18 is the final day of the global climate meetings in Copenhagen, a day that will signify whether the world community has finally mustered the will to rein in soaring greenhouse gas emissions. That fixed date, combined with escalating scientific urgency and unparalleled political opportunity, make 2009 the do-or-die year for comprehensive federal climate action.

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, says that emissions must be stabilized by 2015 and in decline by 2020. Science, in its rightful place, can tolerate no further delay. For Obama, the political winds at his back are now as favorable as they will ever be. He is in a position to seize 2009 and do three things to meet the climate challenge: properly educate the American public about climate change and the need for immediate action; exercise the full might of his executive powers and regulatory discretion under the Clean Air Act to jump-start action; and spend freely from his enormous store of political capital to lead the government to enact comprehensive federal climate legislation. If he does, the United States will reclaim the mantle of global leadership when it takes its seat in Copenhagen.

After eight years of U.S. inaction on climate change, American leadership offers the only hope of success. Even if President Obama himself decides to attend the talks — and hopefully he will — his mission will fail unless he carries with him a year's worth of demonstrated results to lend weight and credibility to the promise he made in his inaugural address to "roll back the specter of a warming planet." In Copenhagen, his inspiring oratory alone will not be sufficient; he must demonstrate how science has been restored "to its rightful place" in America in strong climate regulation and law...

Disgusting Monbiot...

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...has been hounding Chris Booker for years. Last year he tried to diacredit Booker over AGW by pointing out that Booker claims that white asbestos is safe! (He's right because chemically it isn't actully composed of asbestos fibres, but chrysotile.)

Monbiot is a creep and he tried earlier to discredit David Bellamy's article in the daily express by claiming Bellamy must have lied about the real reason the BBC rejected him. To cut a long story short his method was to simply re-interpret what Bellamy wrote so it sounded as if he had lied or contradicted himself. However, anyone who actually read the original article will see that it is Monbiot who on purpose twisted Bellamy's story to his own ends.

George Monbiot - a bonafide Climate Crook

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Check this latest outlandish mischief Booker's work of clanger-dropping fiction by George Monbiot.

"Today I am launching a new and much-coveted award. It is called the Christopher Booker Prize. It will be presented to whoever manages, in the course of 2009, to cram as many misrepresentations, distortions and falsehoods into a single article, statement, lecture, film or interview about climate change."

And some of the comments thereafter on the Guardian website from Monbiot's many dissenters:

beefy52 03 Feb 09,
Who will take on BOOKER?. Al Gore for a start, but you George run a close second.

03 Feb 09,
Oh dear oh dear, Chris Booker touching some nerves is he?

The fact you're quoting the pitbull of Surreal Climate (Gavin Schmidt) as a justification for your position doesn't help. Perhaps you like to inform the good readers of the Guardian who actually funds Real Climate and where they make their money from? Clean hands they are not.

You George are wasting your own time with these sorts of articles. This and the previous attack on Spiked demonstrate for me that you are getting desperate about your political CO2 position.

03 Feb 09,
I note that George likes to cite Real Climate, and links to an article (in The Guardian) by Real Climate's Gavin Schmidt. In that article, Mr Schmidt talks about how "cherry picking" comments out of context of a whole article is a common practice of propagandists.

...much like Mr Monbiot has cherry picked from the article in The Telegraph.


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The article by John Coleman which Hilton links below -- "The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam" -- makes Roger Revelle look rather like a funds hound. By all accounts I've heard from scientists who knew Revelle, his scientific stature and integrity were first rate.

There's more to the story than Coleman tells about the attempts to minimize Revelle's own doubts about the dangers of human-produced atmospheric CO2, including attempts to discredit his expressions of caution as resulting from senility and being pressured by Fred Singer. There was even an attempt to claim that Revelle wasn't really the co-author of the Cosmos article he and Singer wrote, an article which concluded, "The scientific base for a greenhouse warming is too uncertain to justify drastic action at this time."

In Chapter 11 of Politicizing Science, Fred Singer tells the story of his relationship with Revelle, of the Cosmos article, and of the successful libel suit he brought against Dr. Justin Lancaster of the Environmental Science and Policy Institute, Harvard University.

A .pdf of Chapter 11 -- titled "The Revelle-Gore Story: Attempted Political Suppression of Science" -- can be found here.

(I'll try later to find an html version from which I can select some quotes.)


Dissing Hansen

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American Thinker

February 02, 2009
Dissing Hansen
By Peter C Glover

In November 2008, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), run by Dr James Hansen, and one of the four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures, announced that October 2008 was the "hottest on record". Which must have come as something of a shock to the countless millions who trudged through the heavy snow and ice in what they had been told was an unseasonally cold October. But then Hansen should know. He is, after all, climate alarmism's ‘Mr Big'. But then this is far from the first time Hansen has been caught ‘fiddling' the climate figures.

In October, two independent monitors at Watts Up With That and Climate Audit, performed their own detailed analysis of Hansen's reported data. What they found should disturb us all. They discovered that the GISS readings from across a swathe of Russia that appeared to reveal a warming of 10 degrees above average were not readings for October at all. They were a repeat of September's readings.

A highly embarrassed GISS was forced to own up. GISS retracted the figures - and then immediately set about obfuscating its original error claiming they had discovered a new "hotspot" in the Arctic. This caused even more confusion. Intriguing as the new vacation prospect opened up by the GISS report might be, satellite indicators throughout the Fall consistently revealed the Arctic sea ice had undergone a remarkably fast, post-summer recovery with 30 percent more ice than for the same period in 2007...

Canada Free Press

Who is speaking for the plants?
By Dr. Tim Ball
Monday, February 2, 2009

The full proverb says, “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.” They’ve given carbon dioxide (CO2) a bad name and it is now being hanged by draconian and completely unnecessary legislation. Consider this comment by Susan Solomon, NOAA senior scientist, ”I think you have to think about this stuff (CO2) as more like nuclear waste than acid rain: The more we add, the worse off we’ll be,” An alarmist, outrageous and completely unsupportable comment, but not surprising from the co-chair of Working Group I of the IPCC 2007 report.

The reality is if CO2 is reduced we are worse off as the plants suffer. Something must be done to protect the plants from fanaticism...

The Amazing Story Behind the Global Warming Scam

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 The last two bitter winters have lead to a rise in public awareness that CO2 is not a pollutant and is not a significant greenhouse gas that is triggering runaway global warming.

How did we ever get to this point where bad science is driving big government we have to struggle so to stop it? 

The story begins with an Oceanographer named Roger Revelle. He served with the Navy in World War II. After the war ....   Full story here


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Document scanning 

Snow in London

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What you're missing today (2nd Feb 2009)...

Look to the sun

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Look to the sun

An experiment by Danish scientists offers convincing evidence linking global warming to an increase in cosmic radiation

Ian Douglas Clark, Financial Post
Published: Thursday, October 12, 2006

Since Newton's inadvertent experiment with gravity beneath the apple tree, scientists have constrained their theories of how nature operates with the need for experimental evidence -- replicable measurements and quantifiable data -- as proof. While the evidence may sometimes prove the obvious, it may also completely change the accepted view of fundamental processes. Ptolemy's theory of the Earth-centred solar system involved impossibly intricate gyrations of the sun, moon and planets. Copernicus' celestial measurements and Galileo's telescope provided experimental observations of moons orbiting Jupiter and reversals in planetary motion to prove we have a sun-centred solar system.

The science of global climate change is no different, where a heated debate exists between two theories -- climate warming forced by CO2 from human activities (anthropogenic global warming or AGW) and natural warming by changes in the Sun's activity.

Last week, the Danish National Space Center released the results of an experiment that demonstrates how cosmic rays could influence natural warming. In so doing, it ruptured a bedrock of some in the AWG camp. As put by Eigil Friis-Christensen, director of the Danish National Space Center, "Some said there was no conceivable way in which cosmic rays could influence cloud cover. [Our] experiment now shows how they do so, and should help to put the cosmic-ray connection firmly onto the agenda of international climate research."...

Al Gore’s Propaganda

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Al Gore’s Propaganda
January 27th, 2009 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D.

Listed below are ten propaganda techniques I have excerpted from Wikipedia. Beneath each are one or more examples of Mr. Gore’s rhetoric as he has attempted to goad the rest of us into reducing our CO2 emissions...

Appeal to fear: Appeals to fear seek to build support by instilling anxieties and panic in the general population.

“I want to testify today about what I believe is a planetary emergency—a crisis that threatens the survival of our civilization and the habitability of the Earth.”

Appeal to authority: Appeals to authority cite prominent figures to support a position, idea, argument, or course of action. Also, Testimonial: Testimonials are quotations, in or out of context, especially cited to support or reject a given policy, action, program, or personality. The reputation or the role (expert, respected public figure, etc.) of the individual giving the statement is exploited.

“Just six weeks ago, the scientific community, in its strongest statement to date, confirmed that the evidence of warming is unequivocal. Global warming is real and human activity is the main cause.”

“The scientists are virtually screaming from the rooftops now. The debate is over! There’s no longer any debate in the scientific community about this.” (from An Inconvenient Truth)

Bandwagon: Bandwagon and “inevitable-victory” appeals attempt to persuade the target audience to join in and take the course of action that “everyone else is taking”. Also, Join the crowd: This technique reinforces people’s natural desire to be on the winning side. This technique is used to convince the audience that a program is an expression of an irresistible mass movement and that it is in their best interest to join.

“Today, I am here to deliver more than a half million messages to Congress
asking for real action on global warming. More than 420 Mayors have now
adopted Kyoto-style commitments in their cities and have urged strong federal action. The evangelical and faith communities have begun to take the lead, calling for measures to protect God’s creation. The State of California, under a Republican Governor and a Democratic legislature, passed strong, economy wide legislation mandating cuts in carbon dioxide. Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have passed renewable energy standards for the electricity sector.”

Flag-waving: An attempt to justify an action on the grounds that doing so will make one more patriotic, or in some way benefit a group, country, or idea. Also, Inevitable victory: invites those not already on the bandwagon to join those already on the road to certain victory. Those already or at least partially on the bandwagon are reassured that staying aboard is their best course of action.

“After all, we have taken on problems of this scope before. When England and then America and our allies rose to meet the threat of global Fascism, together we won two wars simultaneously in Europe and the Pacific.”

Ad Hominem attacks: A Latin phrase which has come to mean attacking your opponent, as opposed to attacking their arguments. Also Demonizing the “enemy”: Making individuals from the opposing nation, from a different ethnic group, or those who support the opposing viewpoint appear to be subhuman.

“You know, 15 percent of people believe the moon landing was staged on some movie lot and a somewhat smaller number still believe the Earth is flat. They get together on Saturday night and party with the global-warming deniers.” (October 24, 2006, Seattle University)

Appeal to Prejudice: Using loaded or emotive terms to attach value or moral goodness to believing the proposition.

“And to solve this crisis we can develop a shared sense of moral purpose.” (June 21, 2006, London, England)

Black-and-White fallacy: Presenting only two choices, with the product or idea being propagated as the better choice.

“It is not a question of left vs. right; it is a question of right vs. wrong.” (July 1, 2007, New York Times op-ed)

Euphoria: The use of an event that generates euphoria or happiness, or using an appealing event to boost morale:

Live Earth concerts organized worldwide in 2007 by Al Gore.

Falsifying information: The creation or deletion of information from public records, in the purpose of making a false record of an event or the actions of a person or organization. Pseudo-sciences are often used to falsify information.

“Nobody is interested in solutions if they don’t think there’s a problem. Given that starting point, I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are, and how hopeful it is that we are going to solve this crisis.” (May 9, 2006 Grist interview)

Stereotyping or Name Calling or Labeling: This technique attempts to arouse prejudices in an audience by labeling the object of the propaganda campaign as something the target audience fears, hates, loathes, or finds undesirable. Also, Obtain disapproval: This technique is used to persuade a target audience to disapprove of an action or idea by suggesting that the idea is popular with groups hated, feared, or held in contempt by the target audience

“There are many who still do not believe that global warming is a problem at all. And it’s no wonder: because they are the targets of a massive and well-organized campaign of disinformation lavishly funded by polluters who are determined to prevent any action to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming out of a fear that their profits might be affected if they had to stop dumping so much pollution into the atmosphere.” (January 15, 2004, New York City)

Carbon's good, sceptic claims

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In the perverse humour section of today's Granny Herald - the 'Green Pages' - was this positive note:

"An Auckland University scientist has told the Environmental Court that wind farms have no environmental benefits because carbon emissions are a good thing.

Christopher De Freitas - noted as a sceptic of human-induced global warming - was giving evidence against Meridian Energy's consent bid for Project Hayes, a $2 billion, 176-turbine wind farm on the Lammermoor Range in Central Otago, the Otago Daily Times reported.

"Climate is not responding to greenhouse gases in the way we thought it might," he said. "If increasing carbon dioxide is in fact increasing climate change, it's impact is smaller than natural variation.

"People are being misled by people making money out of this."

He suggested mild warming of the climate was beneficial for New Zealand's agricultural industry.

"There is no data to show benefits in terms of mitigating potential dangerous changes in climate by offsetting carbon dioxide."

Meridian has said Project Hayes will contribute to a new renewable power supply meeting New Zealand's Kyoto Protocol obligations." - NZPA

Jim Hansen rational for once? Who would have thought it?

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Climate expert snubs Heathrow protesters

Robin McKie, science editor
The Observer, Sunday 1 February 2009

Heathrow protestors' hopes of attracting the support of leading climate scientists in their bid to block the airport's proposed third runway have suffered a major setback. Jim Hansen, director of Nasa's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, has told anti-aviation campaigners that their protests will not help the battle against global warming and do not deserve support.

The news is a serious blow for those opposed to airport expansion. Hansen is one of the world's mostly highly regarded climate scientists and has played a key role in other environmental protests. Last year, he helped defend six campaigners charged with criminal damage after occupying the Kingsnorth coal-fired power station in Kent. He told the court that their protest was justifiable because the 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted daily by the plant could lead to the extinction of 400 species. The accused were acquitted.

Now eco-campaigners are planning to follow that protest with one aimed at preventing Heathrow's third runway being built. However, Hansen has told them that there is no comparison with the dangers posed by coal power. "I don't think it is helpful to be trying to prevent air flight," Hansen told the Observer. He said he would make no move to help protesters arrested during occupations or disruptions at Heathrow.

Hansen is a world-renowned expert on global temperature fluctuations, and the victim of several unsuccessful attempts by George Bush's administration to silence his warnings about climate change. The climatologist believes the world has only a few years to halt the rise of carbon emissions and has warned America's new president, Barack Obama, that he must act decisively on climate change during his first term or put the planet at risk. Major cuts in carbon emissions must be made worldwide.

However, Hansen said cutbacks in new runways would be ineffective. "The number of runways you need for your airports depends on their traffic. You don't want to be so restrictive that you end up burning more fuel because planes are having to circle and wait to land because of lack of runway space."...

Funny how freezing Northern Hemisphere doesn't get a look in.

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Independent on Sunday

Parched: Australia faces collapse as climate change kicks in

Geoffrey Lean and Kathy Marks report on the worst heatwave in the country's history

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Leaves are falling off trees in the height of summer, railway tracks are buckling, and people are retiring to their beds with deep-frozen hot-water bottles, as much of Australia swelters in its worst-ever heatwave.

On Friday, Melbourne thermometers topped 43C (109.4F) on a third successive day for the first time on record, while even normally mild Tasmania suffered its second-hottest day in a row, as temperatures reached 42.2C. Two days before, Adelaide hit a staggering 45.6C. After a weekend respite, more records are expected to be broken this week.

Ministers are blaming the heat – which follows a record drought – on global warming. Experts worry that Australia, which emits more carbon dioxide per head than any nation on earth, may also be the first to implode under the impact of climate change...

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse!

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World Economic Forum wants $10tn to save the world

Larry Elliott, economics editor, Thursday 29 January 2009

More than $10 trillion must be invested in clean technology between now and 2030 to spare the Earth from an unsustainable increase in global temperature, the World Economic Forum warned today.

A report from the body that organises the Davos meeting of political and business leaders said at least $515bn should be spent annually on measures to limit carbon emissions.

Although the worsening financial and economic crisis has pushed climate change down the Davos agenda this year, the WEF study stressed that countries needed to vastly increase spending on safeguarding the environment.

Green investment has increased more than fourfold, from $30bn to $140bn, between 2004 and 2008, but would still need to triple to meet the target set by the WEF and the co-authors of the report, New Energy Finance. Outlays of $500bn a year would be needed to prevent a rise of more than 2C in global temperatures by 2030...

US air force drops plans to build coal-to-liquid fuel plant

Facility would have reduced dependence on oil but increased the emissions of gases that cause global warming

McClatchy newspapers, Friday 30 January 2009

The US air force yesterday dropped plans to build a coal-to-liquid plant to produce fuel for its aircraft, a plan that would've reduced dependence on oil but increased the emissions of the heat-trapping gases that cause global warming.

The air force has a goal to certify that all aircraft could fly on a 50-50 blend of fuel by 2011. It has been purchasing fuel made from coal from Sasol of South Africa, most recently 300,000 gallons, said air force spokesman Gary Strasburg.

The B-1 Lancer, B-52 Stratofortress and C-17 Globemaster III already have been certified to run on the coal-mix blend, and the F-15 Eagle, F-22 Raptor, C-5 Galaxy and KC-135 Stratotanker all have also used the blend, Strasburg said.

The air force is looking for alternatives to oil to make sure that it can continue to operate its aircraft when supplies are tight. The coal-to-liquid conversion process, however, is expensive to set up and there are no full-scale plants in the US.

Liquid fuel from coal produces more than twice the greenhouse gas emissions as conventional petroleum-based fuel...

Mail on Sunday

Having more than two children is 'irresponsible' warns Government advisor

By Daniel Martin and Simon Caldwell
01st February 2009

Couples who have more than two children are putting an 'irresponsible' burden on the environment, the Government's leading green advisor has warned.

Jonathon Porritt called on ministers to divert money away from curing illnesses towards contraception and abortion services to limit the country's population and help in the fight against global warming...

Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign

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Czech president attacks Al Gore's climate campaign

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 31 (AFP) Jan 31, 2009

Czech President Vaclav Klaus took aim at climate change campaigner Al Gore on Saturday in Davos in a frontal attack on the science of global warming.
"I don't think that there is any global warming," said the 67-year-old liberal, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union. "I don't see the statistical data for that."

Referring to the former US vice president, who attended Davos this year, he added: "I'm very sorry that some people like Al Gore are not ready to listen to the competing theories. I do listen to them.

"Environmentalism and the global warming alarmism is challenging our freedom. Al Gore is an important person in this movement."

Speaking on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum, he said that he was more worried about the reaction to the perceived dangers than the consequences.

"I'm afraid that the current crisis will be misused for radically constraining the functioning of the markets and market economy all around the world," he said.

"I'm more afraid of the consequences of the crisis than the crisis itself."...

From The Times
January 31, 2009

Skiers welcome heavy snow in the Alps

Alexandra Williams in Chamonix

The Alps have been deluged with snow two years after experts predicted the demise of skiing in Europe.

Many resorts have had more than half a metre of snow recently in less than 24 hours and more is forecast in the next few days. The conditions have been described as the best for 20 years by the Ski Club of Great Britain.

Two seasons ago there was so little snow in some resorts that patches of grass were visible on the pistes and a report said that global warming could end skiing in 462 of Europe's 666 resorts. It was too warm even to make fake snow and Italy alone was forced to cancel 104 skiing races.

France, western Switzerland and northern Italy experienced the heaviest snow last week, which was followed by lift closures, disruption on the roads and avalanche alerts...

World is getting colder

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Washington Times

BELLAMY/DUCHAMP: World is getting colder

It's the sun, not CO2, that's to blame
David J. Bellamy and Mark Duchamp
Friday, January 30, 2009

After the wet and cold centuries of the Little Ice Age (around 1550-1850 A.D.), the world's climate recuperated some warmth, but did not replicate the balmy period known as the Middle Age Warm Period (around 800-1300 A.D.), when the margins of Greenland were green and England had vineyards.

Climate began to cool again after World War II, for about 30 years. This is undisputed. The cooling occurred at a time when emissions of C02 were rising sharply from the reconstruction effort and from unprecedented development. It is important to realize that.

By 1978 it had started to warm again, to everybody's relief. But two decades later, after the temperature peaked in 1998 under the influence of El Nino, climate stopped warming for eight years; and in 2007 entered a cooling phase marked by lower solar radiation and a reversal of the cycles of warm ocean temperature in the Atlantic and the Pacific. And here again, it is important to note that this new cooling period is occurring concurrently with an acceleration in CO2 emissions, caused by the emergence of two industrial giants: China and India.

To anyone analyzing this data with common sense, it is obvious that factors other than CO2 emissions are ruling the climate. And the same applies to other periods of the planet's history. Al Gore, in his famous movie "The Inconvenient Truth," had simply omitted to say that for the past 420,000 years that he cited as an example, rises in CO2 levels in the atmosphere always followed increases in global temperature by at least 800 years. It means that CO2 can't possibly be the cause of the warming cycles.

So, if it's not CO2, what is it that makes the world's temperature periodically rise and fall? The obvious answer is the sun, and sea currents in a subsidiary manner...

The Spectator

A cooling ardour

Since Nobel Prize-winner Al Gore produced his movie An Incomprehensible Untruth Inconvenient Truth predicting the imminent end of the world through frying and drowning caused by man-made global warming, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan. The generally accepted prediction has been that as carbon dioxide levels continue to go through the roof (or should that be the stratosphere) the climate would continue to warm as a result, ice caps would continue to melt (with the North Pole becoming ice-free by 2008), polar bears would become extinct, glaciers would disappear and seas would continue to rise (by 20 feet in the near future, said Gore); and with an unchallengeable scientific consensus that life on earth would gradually succumb to the catastrophic consequences of greed, big oil and the cosmic and diabolical evil of western capitalism.

A whole new industry has grown up of ‘carbon trading’ to reduce those fatal emissions, which threatens to cripple the economies of the west. Global warming protection measures have brought California to the edge of bankruptcy. In Britain, where climate change is now a Cabinet portfolio, climate change policies already account for about 14% of the average domestic electricity bill and 21% of the average business electricity bill, with an expected rise to 55% of the average business electricity bill by 2020; now the aim is to cut carbon emissions by a crippling 80 per cent.

But according to satellite data the earth has cooled -- with 2008 the coldest for ten years; global sea ice levels now equal those seen 29 years ago; sea level rise has slowed down by 20 per cent; of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada, 11 are stable or increasing in number; in Greenland, said by Gore to be facing an ice Armageddon, outlet glacier flows have returned to the levels of 2000; and last December, 650 prominent climate scientists were recorded by a US Senate Minority Report dissenting from man-made global warming theory, with more and more prominent scientists joining their ranks virtually every week. Russian scientists, for example, have rejected the very idea that carbon dioxide was responsible for global warming, having discovered that, throughout history, CO2 levels in the air rose 500 to 600 years after the climate warmed up. Therefore, higher concentrations of greenhouse gases were the result, not the cause, of global warming...

Social Unrest Grips Green Europe

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Obama and Gore are going to have to hurry if they want their global-warming initiative pushed through. Dissent grows and spreads.

GREAT NEWS about John Theon coming out publicly. Thanks for posting that, Hilton.


In other news.....

Here are highlights from a couple of the items we received today on Benny Peiser's CCNetMedia list:



EurActiv, 29 January 2009   

Full article here.

As the global recession continues to ravage industry and employment throughout Europe, the likelihood of social unrest across the continent is increasing, with France today (29 January) experiencing its first mass strike for months.

Outbreaks of social unrest have occurred in both Western Europe (Iceland) and Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Lithuania) in recent weeks, while in France today, a massive general strike will herald the first major incident in a 'big' EU country.

Eight of the country's leading trade unions will participate, spurred on by high levels of support among French voters: almost 70% are sympathetic towards the protests, according to a CSA poll.


As Iceland goes, so goes Europe?

Icelandic Prime Minister Geir Haarde this week became the first European leader to lose his job as a direct result of the economic crisis. The collapse of Haarde's government was precipitated by week of angry protests in Reykjavik, including the burning of effigies of the prime minister outside parliament. Before being ousted, Haarde had expressed fears that the economic crisis would lead to a political one.

In fact, Iceland may well be the weathervane that points the way towards a troubled 2009. [....]

The worst-case scenario, argues ETUC's Janssen, could see an "explosion of public unrest" and a de facto collapse of the European social model as we know it. [....]



The Times, 29 January 2009

Full article here.

Robin Pagnamenta, Energy and Environment Editor

Lord Turner of Ecchinswell is to investigate the collapse of funding for renewable energy projects in Britain after the recent exit of a string of companies, including BP and Shell.




The green beast rears his head again!

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Gore urges action on stimulus plan's environmental provisions

Former US vice-president told Senate that environmental initiatives would help job growth

Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington, Wednesday 28 January 2009

Al Gore reprised his role as environmental prophet today, laying out a road map for Barack Obama to push through his ambitious green agenda and re-assert American leadership on global climate change negotiations.

The former US vice-president and Nobel prize laureate called for swift passage of Obama's economic recovery plan, with its emphasis on green jobs and renewable energy.

He said Barack Obama's multibillion-dollar stimulus plan was a first step to moving America away from fossil fuels and reaching an international treaty on climate change in Copenhagen later this year.

"The road to Copenhagen has three steps to it," Gore told the Senate foreign relations committee.

Gore urged Congress not to be distracted by the economic recessions. Recent opinion polls have also shown a decline in concern about the environment as economic worries take hold.

Gore said the plan would spur economic recovery - not stand in its way...

Interesting Hilton...

Marcus's picture

...I wonder if the MSM will pay it any attention? I hope so!
NY Times

Geography Is Dividing Democrats Over Energy

Published: January 26, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Obama is moving quickly to act on the environmental promises that were a centerpiece of his campaign. But tackling global warming will be far more difficult — and more costly — than the new emissions standards for automobiles he ordered with the stroke of a pen on Monday.

Already, the Congressional Democrats Mr. Obama will need to carry out his mandate are feuding with one another.

By coincidence or design, most of the policy makers on Capitol Hill and in the administration charged with shaping legislation to address global warming come from California or the East Coast, regions that lead the country in environmental regulation and the push for renewable energy sources.

That is a problem, says a group of Democratic lawmakers from the Midwest and Plains States, which are heavily dependent on coal and manufacturing. The lawmakers have banded together to fight legislation they think might further damage their economies...

Hansen's boss at NASA had to fire him for being a bullshitter

HWH's picture

Full story here


Washington DC: NASA warming scientist James Hansen,
one of former Vice President Al Gore’s closest allies in the promotion
of man-made global warming fears, is being publicly rebuked by his
former supervisor at NASA. 


Retired senior NASA
atmospheric scientist Dr. John S. Theon, the former supervisor of James
Hansen, NASA’s vocal man-made global warming fears soothsayer, has now
publicly declared himself a skeptic and declared that Hansen
“embarrassed NASA” with his alarming climate claims and said Hansen was
“was never muzzled.”  Theon joins the rapidly growing
ranks of international scientists abandoning the promotion
of anthropogenic global warming fears.


Theon joins the
rapidly growing ranks of international scientists abandoning the
promotion of anthropogenic global warming fears. [See: U.S. Senate Minority Report Update: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims & See Prominent Scientist Fired By Gore Says Warming Alarm ‘Mistaken’  &  Gore laments global warming efforts: 'I've failed badly' - Washington Post – November 11, 2008  ]




I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

document scanning

More 'carbon crunch' fascism!

Marcus's picture

The Independent

Ailing car firms must go green to get help

Incentives of £3.4bn to help boost flagging industry

By Nigel Morris and Sarah Arnott
Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Lord Mandelson faced charges of producing too little and acting too late as he set out a £2.4bn rescue package for Britain's beleaguered car industry. The Business Secretary linked the cash – which was far less than the £13bn demanded by the unions – to manufacturers developing green technology.

Lord Mandelson insisted he was not offering a "bailout" for the motor industry, which employs nearly one million people from the shopfloor to showroom. He argued that the investment would help car companies become "greener, more innovative and more productive"...

Britain's big polluters accused of abusing EU's carbon trading scheme

Terry Macalister, Tuesday 27 January 2009

Britain's biggest polluting companies are abusing a European emissions trading scheme (ETS) designed to tackle global warming by cashing in their carbon credits in order to bolster ailing balance sheets.

The sell-off has helped trigger a collapse in the price of carbon, making it cheaper to burn high-carbon fossil fuels and leading to a fall in the number of clean energy projects. The moves were seized on by environmentalists and other critics who have previously criticised the European Union's ETS for delivering more windfall profits for business than climate change.

"This [ETS] was not designed as a scheme to give corporates cheap short-term funding options in the face of a credit crunch meltdown where banks are not lending, but that appears to be what's happening," said Mark Lewis, a carbon analyst at Deutsche Bank...

Glenn Beck and John Stossel on 'Green Jobs' etc...

Marcus's picture

Last September...

And Last week....

It's not just the pound that is falling!

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From Times Online
January 26, 2009

Polar bear 'stranded' on The Thames

Joanna Sugden

If you went down to the Thames today you were sure of a big surprise.

This giant sculpture of a polar bear stranded on a block of ice floated 7.5 miles from Greenwich towards the centre of London to highlight the problem of melting ice caps. The bear was also promoting the launch of a new television channel dedicated to natural history.

A total of 15 artists spent two months constructing the 20ft by 20ft square structure, which was launched at 6:30am before travelling up the Thames, stopping besideTower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. The structure weighing, 1.5 tonnes, was winched into place.

The event coincides with the Eden Channel's Fragile Earth series, presented by Sir David Attenborough...

From The Times
January 27, 2009

Tidal energy project 'will be funded by taxpayer'

Lewis Smith, Environment Reporter

A £22 billion tidal energy project that would provide almost 5 per cent of Britain’s electricity will receive taxpayers’ cash if it is approved, ministers indicated yesterday.

The estimated cost of the Cardiff-Weston Severn barrage scheme, which compares with the £37 billion of public money spent on the first bank bailout, is so high that it will require public money if it is to be realised, they admitted.

Ed Miliband, Secretary for Energy and Climate Change, announced the scheme as one of five on a shortlist of projects to harness the power of the huge tides in the Severn estuary...

44% Say Global Warming Due To Planetary Trends, Not People

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Rasmussen Reports

44% Say Global Warming Due To Planetary Trends, Not People

Al Gore’s side may be coming to power in Washington, but they appear to be losing the battle on the idea that humans are to blame for global warming.

Forty-four percent (44%) of U.S. voters now say long-term planetary trends are the cause of global warming, compared to 41% who blame it on human activity.

Seven percent (7%) attribute global warming to some other reason, and nine percent (9%) are unsure in a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of Democrats blame global warming on human activity, compared to 21% percent of Republicans. Two-thirds of GOP voters (67%) see long-term planetary trends as the cause versus 23% of Democrats. Voters not affiliated with either party by eight points put the blame on planetary trends.

In July 2006, 46% of voters said global warming is caused primarily by human activities, while 35% said it is due to long-term planetary trends.

In April of last year, 47% of Americans blamed human activity versus 34% who viewed long-term planetary trends as the culprit. But the numbers have been moving in the direction of planetary trends since then...

American Thinker

January 25, 2009
Scare Watch: 'Arctic warming is unprecedented'
By The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

The scare:

In late January 2009, a U.S. government report on Arctic climate, prepared by an international team of 37 climatologists, concluded that the recent rapid warming of polar temperatures and shrinking of multi-year Arctic sea ice are "highly unusual compared to events from previous thousands of years"...

The truth:

This report reveals very little that is new, and is predicated on a number of unproven assumptions, not the least of which is that the "global warming" that began 300 years ago, when the Sun was at its least active for 10,000 years, and continued until the latter part of the 20th century, when the sun was at its most active for 11,400 years, is chiefly anthropogenic. The mere fact of this warming, nearly all of which took place before humankind can possibly have had any significant influence, does not tell us its cause. Likewise, the mere fact that the warming has had effects on the climate does not tell us the cause of the warming. According to Scafetta & West (2008), some 69% of the warming of the past half-century was natural...

Petition signatures

Ellen Stuttle's picture

help in making the point, but I think there's no way Gore would ever agree.

He has to know he wouldn't stand a chance against Monckton. Eye



Lindsay Perigo's picture

You can sign a petition urging Gore to accept Monckton's challenge to a debate here.

Serendipitous, Marcus,

Ellen Stuttle's picture

that you included links to a Monckton item and to an item about John Piscopo in the same post.

Monckton and Piscopo actually met when Monckton was here last March to give a talk at the University of Hartford.

(Slides from the Monckton talk can be found on Larry's website, link below.)

I might blip in on the Bristol News link.


Barack Obama 'to reverse Bush policies on climate change'

Marcus's picture

From Times Online
January 26, 2009

Barack Obama 'to reverse Bush policies on climate change'

President poised to let states issue tougher rules on emissions and order car makers to boost fuel efficiency

President Barack Obama is expected to issue new environmental regulations today, reversing the Bush administration's climate change policies by allowing several states to set tougher car emission and fuel efficiency standards.

Granting California and 13 other states the right to regulate emissions is a sharp departure from President George W Bush's line on the environment and has been opposed by car makers.

According to The New York Times, Mr Obama will order the US Environmental Protection Agency to begin work immediately on granting the so-called California waiver, which allows the state - long in the vanguard on environmental matters - to set its own standards for car emissions.

In his White House announcement, Mr Obama is also expected to direct federal agencies to make all government buildings more energy efficient. The new administration hopes to achieve energy savings of up to $2 billion (£1.5 billion) per year, as well as a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed for global warming.

The presidential orders will require vehicle manufacturers to speed efforts to make and sell cars and trucks that get higher mileage than the national standard, congressional officials said...

Daily Telegraph

Ocean 'fertilisation' team ordered to halt global warming experiment

An expedition including British scientists that hoped to "fertilise" the ocean to combat global warming was last night ordered to stop because of concerns that the experiment could breach international law.

By Matthew Moore
25 Jan 2009

The team planned to drop 20 tons of iron sulphate into waters around the Antarctic to stimulate the growth of plankton, which would take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Environmentalists had claimed that the experiment – aimed at creating a 186-square-mile bloom of plankton between Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope so big that it will be visible from outer space – could have a devastating impact on the oceans and may even speed up global warming.

The German government last night ordered scientists on the German polar research ship RV Polarstern to halt their work in the Southern Ocean, amid concerns that it may be banned under the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity...

Legal Actions

Marcus's picture


Posted 25 January 2009

"There are now serious discussions afoot to lodge complaints against [Al] Gore to the federal financial and legal authorities in that he fraudulently talks up the imagined 'climate crisis' in the hope that he and his 'green' investment corporation can profit by the baseless alarm that his falsehoods generate."

Bristol Press

Friday, January 23, 2009
Repeal global warming, Piscopo urges

Thanks to Hartford Courant columnist Rick Green's blog, I see that the state representative whose district includes Burlington, Republican John Piscopo, has introduced a measure "to repeal global warming legislation that was passed based on the assumption that global warming is caused by human action."...

Despite the hot air, the Antarctic is not warming up

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Daily Telegraph

Despite the hot air, the Antarctic is not warming up

A deeply flawed new report will be cited ad nauseam by everyone from the BBC to Al Gore, says Christopher Booker.

By Christopher Booker
24 Jan 2009

The measures being proposed to meet what President Obama last week called the need to "roll back the spectre of a warming planet" threaten to land us with the most colossal bill mankind has ever faced. It might therefore seem peculiarly important that we can trust the science on which all the alarm over global warming is based, But nothing has been more disconcerting in this respect than the methods used by promoters of the warming cause over the years to plug some of the glaring holes in their scientific argument.

Another example last week was the much-publicised claim, contradicting all previous evidence, that Antarctica, the world's coldest continent, is in fact warming up, Antarctica has long been a major embarrassment to the warmists. Al Gore and co may have wanted to scare us that the continent which contains 90 per cent of all the ice on the planet is heating up, because that would be the source of all the meltwater which they claim will raise sea levels by 20 feet.

However, to provide all their pictures of ice-shelves "the size of Texas" calving off into the sea, they have had to draw on one tiny region of the continent, the Antarctic Peninsula – the only part that has been warming. The vast mass of Antarctica, all satellite evidence has shown, has been getting colder over the past 30 years. Last year's sea-ice cover was 30 per cent above average...

Biggest snowfall in years delights skiers in Alpine resorts

The Alps are enjoying record snowfalls just three years after ski runs were dotted with patches of mud and grass and experts predicted the demise of skiiing in Europe.

By Nick Meo,
Richard Gray and Alexandra Williams in Chamonix
24 Jan 2009

Some valleys are reporting more than half a metre of fresh snow has fallen in less than 24 hours and forecasters were predicting even more on Monday and later in the week.

Snowfall has been so heavy that lifts have closed, mountain roads have been disrupted, and avalanche warnings issued. Skiers were told that it was too risky to venture off-piste.

The conditions were in stark contrast with 2006, when so little snow fell in Austria and Italy that grass could be seen on mountainsides, and there were dire warnings that global warming meant the end of skiing at all but the very highest levels. During then past week western Austria had snowfalls totalling 30cm, with a further 30cm forecast over the next few days.

A 2006 report by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned that climate change could end family ski holidays and estimated that three-quarters of Alpine glaciers, which guarantee skiing, would be gone by 2050. It suggested that nearly half of ski resorts could face bankruptcy.

But businessmen across the Alps who had been worried about the effects of the recession as well as declining snowfall are not complaining.

Andrew Frawley, owner of NomadicSki, a chalet holiday business based in Chamonix, France, said: "Snow conditions like this are very special indeed and the recent good bookings show that not everybody is letting the financial slowdown stop them from taking advantage. These are some of the best conditions we have seen here since we started our business 10 years ago."

The heaviest snow was in France, western Switzerland and northern Italy. It was knee-deep on the pistes in Val d'Isere, France, and in the Swiss resort of Davos. Europe's highest snowfall last week was recorded in Madonna di Campiglio in north-eastern Italy where 75 cm fell in 24 hours.

Resorts across the Alps were looking forward to a rush of new arrivals as British skiers flew out to take advantage of the snowfalls.

Among them was Betony Garner from the Ski Club of Great Britain who was in Courmayeur, Italy.

She said: "I have never seen this much snow fall in such a short space of time. Just a couple of years ago we were facing predictions that the Alpine ski industry was doomed to a steady decline as climate change causes temperatures to rise. This season the Alps have been blessed with brilliant snow."

Kevin Hogg, a forecaster from the Met Office, said the snowfall meant the return of normal conditions after years of very low snowfall. He said: "There is nothing abnormal about it. It is going to vary from year to year."...

Are climate change investors living in a fool’s paradise?

Marcus's picture

Canadain Free Press

Are climate change investors living in a fool’s paradise?
By Tom Harris Thursday, January 22, 2009

fool’s par·a·dise: “a state of happiness that is temporary and insubstantial because it is based on illusions or unrealistic hopes” - Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.

I am struck by the diversity of risk analyses being carried out by investors in today’s climate change market place. Whether it’s ‘carbon’* market conferences and publications, ‘ethical investments’, insurance company projects or the activities of financial, legal and engineering institutions, it seems at first glance that they have it all covered. Many financial, political, procedural, legal and technical issues are addressed. Anything that might pose a risk to the market and the hundreds of billions of dollars being poured into one of the greatest enterprises in human history – ‘fighting’ global climate change – appears to be examined.

It looks on the surface like an investment and legislative dream come true, combining the public’s desire to ‘save the planet’ and compensate for recent stock market losses with helping corporations fulfill their ‘corporate social responsibilities’. It even satisfies the natural desire of politicians to be seen to be leading their nations to safety and a supposedly green, prosperous future.

On closer examination however, one notices something remarkable. Practically without exception, all of these organizations, many of them among the most successful and respected in the world, completely ignore the risk that the very foundation of all of these activities might be shown to be faulty. Like many of those who were caught off guard by the subprime mortgage crisis, those involved in the rapidly expanding climate change industry are not asking the most fundamental of questions:

• What if the science that supposedly backs concerns over carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions cannot be justified?

And, even more important to the investment, legal and political community:

• What if the public at large come to believe that the whole thing is a gigantic scam? What if it becomes common knowledge that we can’t stop climate change and all of the great and glorious plans to restrict CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions are seen as a complete waste?...

Flatulent winds of change!

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Winds of change: Blair calls for new climate change agreement

Terry Macalister in Abu Dhabi
The Guardian, Thursday 22 January 2009

Tony Blair has urged Gordon Brown and other leaders not to allow the financial crisis to get in the way of the fight against climate change. Speaking at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, the former prime minister called for a new global agreement setting tough interim targets up to 2020 to "transform" countries into low-carbon economies. He said: "It is right now, at the instant when our thoughts are centred on the economic challenge, that we must not set to one side the challenge of global warming, but instead resolve to meet it and put the world on the path to a sustainable future."

Blair outlined steps needed through a "global compact". "It needs not just a 2050 target but an interim target to get there, for example a target for 2020 that shows seriousness of intent and gives business a clear, unequivocal signal to invest in a low-carbon future."

The world's biggest wind turbine maker, Vestas, underlined the shift in priorities by announcing yesterday that the downturn had left it with excess manufacturing capacity of 15% as demand falls short of projections. Despite political impetus, the financial crisis had cut demand, said Ditlev Engel, the Danish company's chief executive...

Why do global warming doomsayers feel vindicated by the finding that Antarctica is warming, when they have long argued that a cooling Antarctica is just what the models predict?


Scientists solve enigma of Antarctic 'cooling'

Research 'kills off' climate sceptic argument by showing average temperature across the continent has risen over the last 50 years

Damian Carrington, Friday 23 January 2009

New research shows that while some parts of the frozen continent have been getting slightly colder over the last few decades, the average temperature across the continent has been rising for at least the last 50 years.

In the remote and inaccessible West Antarctic region the new research, based on ground measurements and satellite data, show that the region has warmed rapidly, by 0.17C each decade since 1957. "We had no idea what was happening there," said Professor Eric Steig, at the University of Washington, Seattle, and who led the research published in Nature.

This outweighs the cooling seen in East Antarctica, so that, overall, the continent has warmed by 0.12C each decade over the same period. This matches the warming of the southern hemisphere as a whole and removes the apparent contradiction.

The issue, which had been highlighted by global warming sceptics, was an annoyance, said Steig, despite the science having been reasonably well understood. "But it has now been killed off," he said...

Funny enough gregster...

Marcus's picture

...Hansen is half right. The carbon trading market should be scrapped.

World's biggest wind turbine-maker says global downturn slashing demand

Growth projections 15% off for top wind-power manufacturer Vestas as global financial crisis strips back demand

Terry Macalister, Wednesday 21 January 2009

The world's biggest wind turbine manufacturer Vestas says the current economic downturn has left it with 15% excess manufacturing capacity as demand for the technology falls short of projections. The news came as company works to restore its reputation following the discovery of fraud in its Spanish subsidiary.

Despite political impetus behind the industry, the financial crisis has cut away demand said Ditlev Engel, the Danish company's chief executive.

"Six months ago everyone (in the investment community) said we were not doing enough to meet demand growing at an expected 40% this year. "Now people are saying 'Why have you put in place plans for a 40% increase in capacity when growth levels are only going to be 25%?'," he explained...

Charlatan Jim Hansen

gregster's picture

That article from the Guardian was reproduced in the NZ Herald today print edition - nearly a full page, Humour Section.

Facts debunk global warming alarmism

Marcus's picture

Facts debunk global warming alarmism

Bob Carter | January 20, 2009
Article from: The Australian
THE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that October in the US was marked by 63 record snowfalls and 115 lowest-ever temperatures.

Over the past few years, similar signs of colder than usual weather have been recorded all over the world, causing many people to question the still fashionable, but now long outdated, global warming alarmism. Yet individual weather events or spells, whether warmings or coolings, tell us nothing necessarily about true climate change.

Nonetheless, by coincidence, growing recognition of a threat of climatic cooling is correct, because since the turn of the 21st century all real world, long-term climate indicators have turned downwards. Global atmospheric temperature reached a peak in 1998, has not warmed since 1995 and, has been cooling since 2002. Some people, still under the thrall of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change's disproved projections of warming, seem surprised by this cooling trend, even to the point of denying it. But why?....

Peter Hitchens

Marcus's picture

Daily Mail

Proof at last... aliens in UFOs are far more intelligent than we are

12th January 2009

If visitors from another galaxy really are going round destroying wind turbines, then it is the proof we have been waiting for that aliens are more intelligent than we are.

The swivel-eyed, intolerant cult, which endlessly shrieks – without proof – that global warming is man-made, has produced many sad effects.

The collapse of proper education has made two whole generations vulnerable to rubbishy fads.

But the disfiguring of the country with useless windmills, and the insane plan to ban proper light bulbs, are supreme triumphs of this dimwit pseudo-religion.
Both schemes override facts and logic. During the current cold spell, observant persons will have noticed that there has been very little wind, a rather common combination...

C-C-Change or real change?

Marcus's picture

'We have only four years left to act on climate change - America has to lead

'Jim Hansen is the 'grandfather of climate change' and one of the world's leading climatologists. In this rare interview in New York, he explains why President Obama's administration is the last chance to avoid flooded cities, species extinction and climate catastrophe...

Robin McKie, science editor
The Observer, Sunday 18 January 2009

"We cannot now afford to put off change any longer. We have to get on a new path within this new administration. We have only four years left for Obama to set an example to the rest of the world. America must take the lead."

After eight years of opposing moves to combat climate change, thanks to the policies of President George Bush, the US had given itself no time for manoeuvre, he said. Only drastic, immediate change can save the day and those changes proposed by Hansen - who appeared in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth and is a winner of the World Wildlife Fund's top conservation award - are certainly far-reaching. In particular, the idea of continuing with "cap-and-trade" schemes, which allow countries to trade allowances and permits for emitting carbon dioxide, must now be scrapped, he insisted...

Global warming sceptics show money talks in New York

A $144 reward can encourage you to be a 'free-thinking' climate change denier at a US conference

Leo Hickman Monday 19 January 2009

Don't fret. You still have plenty of time left to secure your place at the second annual International Conference on Climate Change to be held in New York, 8-10 March 2009.

For any of you who are not yet familiar with this venerable event, this conference is the largest coming together of climate change sceptics anywhere outside of, well, the internet. Organised and sponsored by the Heartland Institute which says its mission is to "discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems" and which Milton Friedman once called "a highly effective libertarian institute", the conference will be asking whether global warming "was ever really a crisis"...

Good news for Brits!

Marcus's picture

From The Times
January 15, 2009

Germans to invest £20bn in new UK nuclear plants

Germany's two largest power companies joined forces yesterday and announced an ambitious plan to build at least four nuclear reactors in the UK at an estimated cost of £20 billion.

The plants, the first of which is set to enter service within ten years, will provide at least six gigawatts of new generating capacity, the equivalent of 10 per cent of the generating capacity of all Britain's existing power plants...

From The Times
January 16, 2009

Heathrow runway ready by 2015 under new laws

The new runway at Heathrow could be built five years earlier than expected as the Government rushes the planning process to prevent opponents from blocking the expansion.

Ministers yesterday asked BAA to submit a planning application as soon as possible with a view to opening the new runway and terminal as early as 2015. Previously, the Government had suggested the runway would not open until 2020.

The £9 billion expansion, which will increase Heathrow’s capacity by almost 50 per cent, is likely to be one of the first projects considered by the new Infrastructure Planning Commission, due to be appointed this year. The commission will make the final decision, rather than the current practice of a planning inspector making a recommendation to ministers. The inquiry will be much shorter and simply consider whether the application complies with the Government’s aviation policy, giving only limited scope to objectors...

The first green dictatorship!

Marcus's picture

CHAD: Panic, outcry at government charcoal ban

N'DJAMENA, 16 January 2009 (IRIN) - A government ban on charcoal in the Chadian capital N’djamena has created what one observer called “explosive” conditions as families desperately seek the means to cook.

“As we speak women and children are on the outskirts of N’djamena scavenging for dead branches, cow dung or the occasional scrap of charcoal,” Merlin Totinon Nguébétan of the UN Human Settlements Programme (HABITAT) in Chad, told IRIN from the capital. “People cannot cook.”

“Women giving birth cannot even find a bit of charcoal to heat water for washing,” Céline Narmadji, with the Association of Women for Development in Chad, told IRIN...

Government officials said the charcoal ban was part of an effort to halt tree-cutting for fuel, which they said was essential to fight desertification. The government has attempted to block tree-cutting in the past but has severely cracked down in recent weeks, aid workers and residents told IRIN.

“Chadians must find other ways to cook and forget about charcoal and wood as fuel,” Environment Minister Ali Souleyman Dabye recently told the media in N’djamena. “Cooking is of course a fundamental necessity for every household. On the other hand...with climate change every citizen must protect his environment.” ...

Jack Schmitt/Pohanka site

Ellen Stuttle's picture

The heading about Jack Schmitt is a bit misleading. He hasn't just joined the ranks of sceptics. What he's just joined is the list of people who will be speaking at the Heartland Institute conference.


Here's a good site for a pretty compendious overview of links and data points:


Balmy weather and just plain balmy!

Marcus's picture

The Independent

US freezes as Arctic air blasts in from Canada

America is not unfamiliar with low temperatures, but the present cold snap is exceptional by any standards

By Jay Reeves in Birmingham, Alabama
Sunday, 18 January 2009

Alabama was colder than Alaska, water fountains froze into ice sculptures in South Carolina, and Florida shivered through an Arctic air blast as the coldest week of the winter continued to grip large parts of the US.

The Northeast in particular suffered from the bitterly cold air from Canada that sent temperatures plunging in some places below minus 34C (minus 30F) and left even hardy veterans of such weather reluctant to venture outdoors.

It brought to an end a week which will be remembered for some time in Chicago. The city has now suffered the most consecutive days of snow since records began in 1884 and, on Friday, the wind chill took the temperature to minus 40C.

The cold claimed at least six lives and contributed to dozens of traffic accidents...

Daily Telegraph

Paint cities white to tackle global warming, scientist says
Roads and buildings should be painted white in order to tackle global warming, according to a scientist.

By Jon Swaine
16 Jan 2009

Hashem Akbari believes that whitening 100 of the world's largest cities could wipe out the effect of the expected increase in emissions over the next decade.

White buildings and surfaces reflect far more sunlight than dark ones. Reflected sunlight does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, unlike the heat energy emitted by dark surfaces heated by the sun.

Dr Akbari, of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, also argues that if built-up areas were made white, less heat would accumulate within them, allowing residents and workers to reduce their use of air-conditioning units, which use a large amount of power.

Dr Akbari has calculated that making 100 of the largest cities white would increase the amount of sunlight reflected by Earth by 0.03 per cent. He believes it would cancel out the warming caused by 44billion tonnes of carbon emissions.

He told The Guardian: "Roofs are going to have to be changed one by one and to make that effort at a very local level, we need to have an organisation in place to make it happen."

He argued that while the move would not address the cause of climate change - rising carbon emissions - it would delay its effects...

$825 Billion handout to AGW shills

HWH's picture

And the left has the temerity to accuse sceptics of being financed by "Big Business"

An economic stimulus plan released by House Democrats yesterday would
pump more than $1 billion into climate science at federal agencies,
including long-ailing environmental satellite programs.

The $825 billion proposal would also provide tens of billions of dollars for the programs to encourage energy efficiency and develop renewable and alternative fuels and technology to capture and sequester carbon dioxide emitted by power plants.

Full travesty here


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

power inverter

Tide against AGW turning fast - Sceptic list growing day by day

HWH's picture

NEWS: U.S. Astronaut Jack Schmitt Joins Global Warming Skeptics

By The Heartland Institute
, Chicago-Based Think Tank
January 16, 2009


Comments(Innocent |


By Dan Miller
The Heartland Institute

American astronaut Dr. Jack Schmitt—the last living man to walk
on the moon—is the latest scientist to be added to the roster of more
than 70 skeptics who will confront the subject of global warming at the
second annual International Conference on Climate Change in New York
City March 8-10, 2009.

The conference expects to draw 1,000
attendees including private-sector business people, state and federal
legislators and officials, policy analysts, media, and students.

who earned a Ph.D. from Harvard in geology, is the twelfth person to
walk on the Moon; as of 2008, of the nine living moonwalkers, he and
his crewmate Eugene Cernan were the last two to walk there.

a geologist, I love Earth observations,” Schmitt says. “But, it is
ridiculous to tie this objective to a ‘consensus’ that humans are
causing global warming when human experience, geologic data and
history, and current cooling can argue otherwise. ‘Consensus,’ as many
have said, merely represents the absence of definitive science. You
know as well as I, the ‘global warming scare’ is being used as a
political tool to increase government control over American lives,
incomes, and decision making

Full story here 


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

large format scanner

The Ice Age Cometh: Experts Warn of Global Cooling

Marcus's picture

The Ice Age Cometh: Experts Warn of Global Cooling

'Lou Dobbs Tonight' segment dismisses manmade global warming theory -- 'effects of greenhouse gas have a small impact on climate change.'

By Jeff Poor
Business & Media Institute
1/15/2009 1:18:37 PM

If you’re fortunate enough to have it – don’t sell that oceanfront property for fear that the icecaps will melt, and rising seas swamping your property. A segment on CNN’s Jan. 13 “Lou Dobbs Tonight” explored the possibility that earth isn’t warming, but is, in fact, cooling.

Dobbs cited National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration data dating back to 1880 which showed a spike in mean temperature over land and ocean. However, Joseph D’Aleo, the executive director of International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project (ICECAP) questioned that data by comparing it to more modern reliable satellite data, when ask if he “quibbled” with the NOAA data’s representation.

“Yes, I do,” D’Aleo replied. “In fact, if you look at the satellite data, which is the most reliable data, the best coverage of the globe – 2008 was the 14th coldest in 30 years. That doesn’t jibe with the tenth warmest in 159 years in the Hadley data set or 113 or 114 years in the NOAA set.”...


Japanese scientists refute AGW

HWH's picture

 While all the researchers agreed
with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) statement
that "warming of the climate system is unequivocal", four of the five
disagreed with the claim that the primary cause of the increase was due
to anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases. The only researcher to
agree with the IPCC's assertion was Emori, who is himself a member of
the IPCC.  

Funny that!

Full story here



I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

So where's the fucking warming now Al?

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1:48 pm ET
Rounding up the lows around Chicago: The NWS in Chicago put out a statement this morning which listed several cities' morning lows in and around Chicago.
City: This morning's low

  • Aurora, IL: -24 degrees
  • Dupage, IL: -17 degrees
  • Rockford, IL: -16 degrees
  • Waukegan, IL: -12 degrees
  • O'Hare Int'l, IL: -11 degrees**
  • Midway Airport: -9 degrees
  • Lakefront (downtown Chicago): -5 degrees

(**First time below -10 degrees since 1999)

1:28 pm ET
Scenes of winter: The cold weather and snow across the Plains
and Midwest this week, while not the most pleasant of conditions, have
made for some beautiful scenes. Here are just a few of the photos
submitted by our Weather Warriors. To see more pictures, or to upload your own, go to

A snowy and cold scene from Int'l Falls, MN

Snow covered street from Int'l Falls, MN

A snowy back road from Int'l Falls, MN

Eerie snow covered playground in Leland, IL

Times aren't always bad when Cantore arrives

12:31 pm ET
Subzero streaks: How would you like to step outdoors into a
subzero environment? Yeah, me neither. But what if the temperatures
remained below zero for more than three days straight? Not fun at all.

That's exactly what is happening in numerous cities across the Midwest which is in the heart of this arctic invasion.

TWC senior met Jon Erdman took a closer look at a few cities that are now in the midst of this subzero streak:

Duluth, MN

  • The city went below zero for the first time on Monday evening (7:55 pm CT)
  • The forecast calls for the city to hit zero by this afternoon
  • The temp may very well not hit zero today and remain subzero until tomorrow afternoon
  • Very close to either 3 or possibly 4 straight days below zero

Minneapolis, MN

  • The city went below zero for the first time close to midnight Tuesday (11:53 pm CT)
  • The forecast calls for the city to tip above zero by tomorrow afternoon (subject to change)
  • This is about 3 and a half straight days of below zero values


  • The city went below zero for the first time just before midnight Wed night (11:51 pm CT)
  • forecast predicts the temperatures to climb above zero midday tomorrow
  • This will turn out to be about 36 straight hours below zero

10:49 am ET
Hard, hard freeze: States of the Southeast are under a hard freeze tonight and through the morning hours of Friday.

you can see from the map below, temps will be tumbling on Friday
morning into the 20s, teens and single digits for the majority of the

Friday morning lows (Click to enlarge)
Louisiana | Mississippi | Alabama | Georgia | Florida

A hard freeze means that temperatures below 32 degrees are very likely and crops and other various vegetation will be killed.

10:00 am ET
Remarkable record set in Bismarck: The National Weather Service
at Bismarck, North Dakota, reports that the temperature at Bismarck
dropped to 44 degrees below zero this morning at 7:34 am CT. This value
broke the record low of 36 degrees below zero set on January 15, 1971.

More importantly, this is the coldest temperature officially observed in Bismarck since January 18, 1950!

Here is a list of the 5 times that the city equaled or dipped below -44 degrees since records have been kept starting in 1874:

Date: Temperature

  • January 2, 1887: -44 degrees
  • January 13, 1916: -45 degrees
  • February 16, 1936: -45 degrees
  • January 18, 1950: -44 degrees
  • Today!: -44 degrees

So as you can see from the list above that Bismarck missed it's all-time record low by just one degree.

8:40 am ET
Very low record lows broken: TWC meteorologist Mark Ressler
gathered up these very cold record lows that were broken earlier this
morning as temps plummeted in the teens to 40 degrees below zero. For
you folks residing in southern California and the Southwest in general,
aren't you jealous?

Updates in red below...

City: New Record Low [Old Record]

  • Aberdeen, SD: -42 [-35 in 1972]
  • Sioux City, IA: -20 [-18 in 1972]
  • Cedar Rapids, IA: -26 [-23 in 1994]
  • Bismarck, ND: -44 [-36 in 1971]
  • Dubuque, IA: -25 [-25 way back in 1888]
  • Burlington, IA: -18 [-18 in 1994]
  • Spencer, IA: -27 [-27 in 1972]
  • Mobridge, SD: -33 [-30 in 1972]
  • Sisseton, SD: -31 [-29 in 1972]


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Google trends shows warmist loons on the run

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They can run but they can't hide.

See how these latest trends are more proof of a turning tide.


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

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