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UPDATE: Super Eight Playoffs!

Each country plays every other excepting the team it played in the group games. So, NZ won't play England again. Plus, each team carries over the points it gained against the other qualifying team from it's group. So, NZ will carry two points but England will start the playoffs on zero.

Super Eight Starting Grid:

The top four Super Eight teams will go into the semi-finals. NZ plays it's first game against the West Indies on Thursday.

I'm discounting Ireland, Bangladesh, West Indies and England. Of the remaining four teams--South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand--I'm thinking it's too close to call.

Hard to believe Pakistan and India are history.

Super Eight Playoff Schedule:


Cricket World Cup (official site)
Cricinfo (better for reports)
New Zealand Blackcaps (official site)
Wikipedia article about the tournament (very good intro)

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Bond. Shane Bond

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The Kiwis slam-dunked the West Indies by seven wickets in their first Super Eight game. Bond was my man of the match.

From CricInfo:

"Oram's were the outstanding figures, with 3 for 23, and Daniel Vettori grabbed a trio of his own, but it was once again Shane Bond who was New Zealand's indisputable cutting edge. He cranked up the pace to levels unmatched on either side, and struck in each of his three spells. Shivnarine Chanderpaul was becalmed, then beaten by late movement; Dwayne Bravo fenced at the very first ball of Bond's return, while the No. 11 Corey Collymore couldn't counter a perfect yorker. For all his injury problems, Bond has now taken 23 wickets in 11 World Cup matches, at a stunning average of 16.26."

Oh, no!

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Marshall is on his way, but he's no replacement for Vincent.


Oh no!!!!

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Lou-babe is one of my faves. I'll have to offer him therapy.

Lou Vincent

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Is out of the World Cup. While practicing he had his wrist broken by a Shane Bond delivery...
Cricket is not a sport for sissies!

Oh Ross!

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You've just made a cricket fan of me!

I like pirates.... Laughing out loud


"Shiny. Let's be bad guys."

Actually, Kelly...

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...Flem does look pretty good here...

...but you should see his girlfriend. Hubba-hubba.

When you think cricketer, just think swashbuckler. Then it all makes sense Cool

Holy cow, Ross. Those

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Holy cow, Ross. Those pictures are hot! I pictured cricket players as old and stuffy and British and a little bit queer. I think I am a cricket fan now!


Aussies cane Seth Effrica. One game to play in groups.

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Australia downed South Africa by 83 runs. It looked like the Proteas were going to give the Aussies a run for their money but the task was too much as they chased a massive score and collapsed to be all out for 294.

All group games are over bar one, and it's a biggy. Bangladesh play Bermuda and if the Bangies win--and win they will--India will come third in the group and will be waving bye-bye to the tournament. Reports are that armed guards are watching over the homes of Indian players. It may seem extreme, but Indians love their cricket and one billion angry supporters pumped up and out of their minds on vindaloo is not a pretty sight. Further reports are that given the nature of betting on the subcontinent, the Bangladeshies may well be offered massive bribes to throw the game.

Link: Group Points Table

Shock-Flash: India good as gone!

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Sri Lanka trounce India in their group game. If Bangladesh beats Bermuda, which they should do with ease, India comes third in group and goes home along with it's subcontinental neighbor, Pakistan.

This tournament is full of shockers.

The big money is still on an Aussie-Sri Lankan final, but the Kiwis are bubbling along nicely and full of confidence. Go black!

Woolmer murdered by strangulation! Pakistan team fingerprinted!

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It can't be a coincidence that Pakistan was eliminated from the tournament just the day before...

At least he wasn't thrown off the Huka Falls.

Oh, the Kiwis beat Canada and go through to the Super 8 with six points.


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I love it when a large-scale competition like this is in full swing. Hour after hour I can see my universe in front of my very eyes. "The world you desired can be won—it's real, it's possible, it exists, it's yours." Swashbuckling dare-devilry, split-second decision-making, long-range strategising, camaraderie, skill, commitment, the exuberant congratulations of a player's teammates when he KASSfully takes a wicket or a catch (sometimes both) or hits a six, the player's own "unclouded exaltation," "all for one and one for all" (if some Objecti-drone has a problem with either part of this equation, tough shit)—it's magnificent. An inspirational reminder that life as it might be and ought to be often is!


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