Anti-Fascist March—Final Update

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Submitted by Mitch on Tue, 2007-03-27 19:41

The march against the bill that would criminalise parents who smack their children, however lightly, is almost upon us, and everything is ready to go. The march route will be: across Victoria Street, Mercer Street, Willis Street, Lambton Quay and on to Parliament Buildings. The police will be out, and there will be rolling closures of the roads to ensure that we have an unimpeded stroll to Parliament. There is also no hurry. It would normally take 15 mins to walk it, but the aim is to be at Parliament by 12:45pm, so don't race !

I did a pre-recorded interview with Newstalk ZB today, and it will be aired this morning in Wellington. Just in case you want to tune in!
Also, Lindsay was on Radio Live at 7:10am thismorning.

For all those interested, check this out for some opinions of readers of the lefty Herald.

Also,I really recommend you read this, a very well written article:
The programme for today looks like this:

MC- Mr Lindsay Perigo

SPEAKERS (in order): Lindsay Perigo, Heather Roy, Larry Baldock, Chester Borrows, Christine Rankin, Bob McCoskrie.

Then we sing the National Anthem to finish.

It's time to beat back Nanny State! I hope to see you all there!

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No doubt I'm menstrual all the time, but that has nothing to do with it. PC, I've told you privately my opinion of your silence on the fatwa, which fatwa I regard as one of the most noxious happenings in Objectivism for a long time. This is one way I can sheet that opinion home. I'll continue to be supportive of the FreeRad to the max, except by way of directly contributing. You're still at complete liberty to use my posts on SOLO. Is this menstrual or unreasonable?

I make it a point to salute folk for the good work they do and to send in the cavalry when I see them coming under unjust attack. This is just the flip side of that coin, which I've turned up after last night's events.



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"I'm not withdrawing support, and I certainly won't be hostile, but I simply shan't contribute. I'm going to be quite selfish from this point—as I get treated, so I shall treat."

WTF? I thought it was the editor who was supposed to get post-menstrual after a new issue, not the editor emeritus.

Peter Cresswell


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Well, Lindsay, I was under the impression that you *owned* the FreeRad.

To be fair ...

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... I don't think the import of what was happening registered with them. Wgtn Libz are a bit slow off the mark. Smiling Poor Bernard called my cell afterward to make peace. I told him to fuck off. He called straight back. I said, "Which part of fuck off don't you understand?" They wanted me to join them for drinks. Fat chance, the mood I was in! Smiling


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I'm sorry to hear you were on your own with that one. I know you're man enough to handle it, but all the same, it is sickeningly disheartening when you think you're on the same side but get yellow-bellied cowardice back instead of solidarity. Thanks for taking a stand. Hugs.

Linz, if you are right about

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Linz, if you are right about the behaviour of the Libz members in question, then I am appalled. We are supposed to be the party of principle.

No Ross

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Libz weren't supporting the event as such. We had all received invitations to attend. I usually don't go because I end up seething as I did last night. But since other Libz who were around for the march were planning on going, I tagged along. Unfortunately. I couldn't believe what I was hearing at times. If I wanted to spoof it I couldn't improve on the original. Fair enough. But their shutting me down in the question period was the last straw. And the other Libz should have walked out with me as a gesture of solidarity. I was, however, unjust in my "integrity" remark and have modified it accordingly.

My own magazine? How is it my own magazine? I'm not withdrawing support, and I certainly won't be hostile, but I simply shan't contribute. I'm going to be quite selfish from this point—as I get treated, so I shall treat.



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...the Libz were supporting this event? If they were, and the agenda was how to fool the slaves into working harder--the *actual* meaning of Rogernomics--then more fool them, and good on you for walking out.

Re the FreeRad, you mean you withdraw support for your own magazine?

Well ...

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The march was a resounding success. We shouted at huge volume, "Two, four, six, eight, we don't want your Nanny State" at the Beehive building accommodating all the government Nanny Statists. The Nanny State media claim there were 500 of us; in fact there were at least twice that number.

After the march, we Libz repaired to The Backbencher for drinks. Roger Douglas, architect of NZ's economic reforms in the 80s, joined us for a lively conversation. We went along to a Hayekian evening Roger was here to speak at. After the main speaker spoke about entrenching redistribution of wealth and making it more efficient, I challenged him, on the grounds that redistribution is theft. People who earlier in the day congratulated me on my speech at the smacking march snickered. The organisers, Phil Rennie and Greg Lindsay, tried to shut me down. I walked out in disgust. As I did so, I urged my fellow-Libz to walk out with me, and told Greg Lindsay he should be ashamed of himself. He looked resolutely downward. And the Libz remained where they were. Disgusting wimps. It all made me realise the extent to which the world, even the Objecti-libertarian world, is infested with cowards, including those who remained silent in the face of Leonard Peikoff's disgraceful fatwa. So I'm taking this opportunity to say I shall have nothing more to do with Libz, even though I was its first leader, or The Free Radical, even though I was its founder and editor for twelve years. As I've said in the past, I don't care if I'm the last SOLOist remaining standing. Integrity is what counts, and I shall have no truck with those who don't display it when it's most required..


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