It's here!

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Submitted by Derek McGovern on Wed, 2005-12-21 13:08

Good old Korean post has today delivered me the most encouragingly named FreeRad of them all: issue #69!

Actually, there are probably 69 damned good reasons why everyone here should order a copy forthwith - the most compelling of which is its unrelenting brilliance!! I've just been reading Magnificent Marcus's latest piece, and can't wait to devour the rest.

Come on, all you slackers who haven't subscribed - give yourselves a Radical Christmas present!

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Thank you, Linzio, for

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Thank you, Linzio, for telling the world that I wanted illegally legitimate something that didn't belong to me Sad

Benevolence is also to keep a friend being moral. Va bene!



Si, si!

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Last time I checked there was no Silent Night or Mario quote on the front page! Bravo!

The school jokes have been on the internet for years. I think I actually published them once before. But never fear, in the next issue I'll publish a free ad for the restaurant. How's that?! Smiling

Linz, I received my

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Linz, I received my copy:-)

It seems that I have collaborate to this edition with my joke, no father left behind. Thanks for mentioning my name Linz.


Have you ever checked my web site, Linz.


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E-mail Shirley Riddle -

Everyone - please note that address. Shirley is the FreeRad's Business Manager. Any queries, problems with delivery, etc., ask her, not me! Smiling

BTW, Robert, re your query on the Silent Night thread - Leontyne Price's version, if memory serves correctly (CD is stored away right now so I can't check) ) contains a verse sung in German. Try Amazon to see if her Xmas CD is still available.

Hey Linz,How do I find out

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Hey Linz,

How do I find out whether I'm still current with my subscription?

Thanks, Derek ...

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Good to hear it's arrived. The Xmas post seems to have been a little slow. Poor Marcus the Magnificent thought Santa had missed him, star author & all, but his copy was under the tree this morning. Yes, come on folks, sub up. Many of you know this is a KASS O/ist/libertarian magazine like no other—let's see a little hustlin' goin' on!

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