The Enemy of Prosperity

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The Enemy of Prosperity
April 5, 2007

Irvine, CA--In his forthcoming book, the Pope claims that the West, in its pursuit of earthly prosperity, has "plundered and sacked" Africa and other poor regions. "We see how our lifestyle, the history that involved us, has stripped them naked and continues to strip them naked," he writes.
"Contrary to the Pope's statements, the Third World is not impoverished because of Western 'exploitation,'" said Dr. Yaron Brook, executive director of the Ayn Rand Institute. "It is impoverished precisely because it has failed to embrace Western ideals--the very ideals rejected by Christianity.
"The root of the West's prosperity is its distinctive values of reason, science, and capitalism. Rational minds, free to pursue material prosperity, have produced an explosion of wealth and technology--from electricity to automobiles, from medicines to personal computers--that has improved our lives and extended our lifespan.
"It is obvious that the third world has failed to embrace these values, and has instead remained mired in mysticism and tribalism. But Christianity rejects them as well; it teaches us to scorn science and earthly success in favor of prayer and religious asceticism. As Jesus counseled his followers, 'Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth.' It is bizarre to suggest that the solution to the third world's rampant poverty is a philosophy that idealizes poverty.
"In rejecting the preconditions and goal of prosperity, the Pope makes it clear that his aim is not to see the Third World advance--it is to condemn the West for its commitment to improving and enjoying life on this earth.
"Those who desire better lives for themselves and their families should reject the Pope's immoral message and embrace the values of reason and freedom."

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I do ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... mean the Catholic Church. That's the subject of the ARI press release. No doubt there are many fewer paedophiles among the clergy in other churches because those churches allow their clergy to marry. And I didn't "smear" all the Catholic clergy. I said the "bulk."

Surely you mean the Catholic Church, Linz

Kenny's picture

I cannot remember any allegations of paedophilia against clergy in British Protestant or Presbyterian Churches.

When I lived in Scotland, Catholic friends used to complain about the beatings that they received at school from nuns and priests.

The new Pope is an enigmatic character, conservative on some issues and left-wing on others. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him.

However, I would not smear all Roman Catholic clergy. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, based at Westminster Cathedral, seems a decent, honest and compassionate man.


Olivia's picture

And they tenaciously cling to a a pathetic doctrine of forgiveness, knowing how much they need saving and all the while projecting their "weaknesses" onto the rest of humanity. The most contemptible racket.

The Church of Paedophilia

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I've just watched a doco on the Church's protection of its paedophile priests. The policy whereby all info about priests facing allegations has to be sent to the Vatican and concealed from civil authorities was laid down by none other than the present Pope in the 1990s when he was a Cardinal, and reiterated in 2001. Such priests were never disciplined by the church—just moved to new parishes, where they continued their child-molestings. I daresay the bulk of the clergy, including the Pope, are paedophiles. That's why they go into the church to begin with—proximity to vulnerable kids. I guess it's partly why they oppose contraception as well—more victims. Disgusting. They have no right to make moral pronouncements on anything. The Enemy of Prosperity, to be sure—and of decency.


The Puerile Christians #2

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The puerile Christians, purely too sincere
For greedy mathematics, dull appear.


The Puerile Christians

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The puerile Christians no impurities
Of lucre can abide which pagans seize.


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