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Submitted by jdlimber on Mon, 2007-04-23 04:28

Here is an article by Kevin Walker at the Tampa Tribune about "Atlas Shrugged". It appears he has never read "Atlas Shrugged" (or any of Ayn Rand's works) and he is clearly mystified by its enduring presence and influence. None the less it mentions some interesting points. Did you know that several years ago Modern Library published readers' choices for the best novels of the 20th century, four books by Rand made the list: "Atlas Shrugged" (#1), "The Fountainhead" (#2), "Anthem" (#7) and "We the Living" (#8). We know what Ayn Rand's writings mean to us, maybe I should send Mr. Walker a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" so he can get up to speed.

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Lance and Denzel

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Lance as Hank is no more odd than Denzel as Galt, Michael. Maybe we're just the Soloists with the odd casting concepts. Fun to talk about, nonetheless, especially with all the French codewords running about. Smiling

Getting rid of net nanny

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May I suggest that you delete and reinstall your browser and other related software. Failing that, another browser may work.


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I'll remember to use french more often - you'll understand my code! Smiling

Sounds as though my net nanny is inconsistent - she's still there.

comes up as xxxxxxx xxx ?

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The mind boggles! Smiling

... comes up as xxxxxxx xxx

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... comes up as xxxxxxx xxx - only your 'French' version is legible ... though your problem seems to have resolved itself - no more x-es in your last post? 
net-nanny has left the building? or did you move behind another firewall Eye


> Nicole Kidman or Naomi

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> Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts, with Joely Richardson breathing hard on the outside

Not that it matters, but the above was supposed to be about three beautiful women...the last phrase wasn't about L_____ S__ but about being " a contenda" in that category. Maybe I should have said "coming up hard on the outside"....

I see. You were teasing me.

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Ha bloody ha. Eye

Well the net nanny came with the computer - I don't even know what sort of filter it is - there are sorts? I've searched through all applications, hard drive systems etc and nothing comes up. But you didn't answer my question. In my first post when I mentioned lesbian sex, does it come up on YOUR computer as words or' stars?

I want to know if it's just me that's lost the privilege of reading my own slang.


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I am delighted to see that Phil agrees that Nicole Kidman should be a contender. My first choice is still Kate Blanchett. Theron would be third choice as Dagny.

Pure Irony - with lots of

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Pure Irony - with lots of smileys Eye the x-rated xxx for lesbians and your 'Lesbienne Seexx' (Academie Francaise spelling?) looked too funny to pass up the oportunity for a laugh Smiling
of course: if they should ever start censoring certain words like 'lesbian sex' it would be only a short step to censoring those who practice it - how did your 'net-nanny' end up with such a filter???


this might sound odd bu i

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this might sound odd bu i always imagine hank rearden looking like lance armstrong the cyclist


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How exactly has Solo become prudish? No one is censoring lesbians.

Not that tired old clichee again ...

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tell him to get a sex-change then he can experience it first hand - until then he can stay with his unattainable fantasies which have absolutely nothing to do with lesbian sex ...

and I'm suprised Solo has become prudish - censorship for lezzies??? however did I manage to stay under the radar so long Sticking out tongue


PS: re casting I'd go for unknown actors - no baggage as already mentioned ... though I'd not really film Atlas - I'd make a movie one year after Atlas Eye

Does my computer...

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change naughty words into stars when my posts come onto Solo?

I've got a new second hand computer with a Porn filter that I have no idea how to deactivate.

Below should read Lesbienne Seexx Smiling

Ah Phil...

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but imagine!

I asked my beloved once what exactly is it about ******* *** that grips a man's full and undivided attention. He said; "It's really quite simple. It's naked female X 2."

At last, I understood perfectly. Smiling

> the actress with the most

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> the actress with the most beautiful body would have to be Charlize Theron... statuesque [Claudia]

Nicole Kidman or Naomi Watts, with Joely Richardson breathing hard on the outside

This may sound odd, but...

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Whenever I read the words ascribed to John Galt, I hear them in Denzel Washington's voice. He may not be right for the role that Mr. Pitt seems to want, but I can't help 'hearing' Washington's voice. Perhaps the 'audio book' version...?


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...that list is tongue-in-cheek, right?

Oh yes!

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Uma Thurman would be perfect for Lillian Reardon. Cold, cold, cold.


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Since I don't think Angelina or Brad will give up their parts here is my list for the rest of the cast.

Dagny- Angelina Jolie
John Galt- Brad Pitt
Fransisco- Christian Bale or Rodrigo Santoro
Ragnar- David Wenham
Hank Rearden- Russell Crowe or Gerard Butler
James Taggart- John Malkovich
Eddie Willers- Elijah Wood
Lillian Rearden- Uma Thurman
Cheryl Taggart- Scarlett Johansson or Reese Witherspoon
Hugh Akston- Clint Eastwood
Midas Mulligan- Jack Nicholson
Mr Thompson- Kevin Spacey

Regarding scrawny

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In Atlas, Dagny is described as long lined, fine boned and fragile in appearance. It's her spirit that is robust.

Funny how guys have strong preferences either for or against ultra slimness. I think the actress with the most beautiful body would have to be Charlize Theron... statuesque like a greek goddess.

For the shorter, fuller type of female figure, I can't get past Salma Hayek. She's so perfect in a sexy, earthy, full kind of way. (Obviously not for Dagny though).

Obvious reason, Kenny...

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...too scrawny Eye

Thanks Claudia

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"Hubba hubba" is not used in the UK. I had no idea what it, or the "girls" meant.

I am surprised that none of the "down under" Soloists have proposed Nicole Kidman (hubba hubba!) as Dagny Taggart.

scrawny women give me no

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scrawny women give me no rest...like jimmy bond i have to fight them off

I rest my case

Ross Elliot's picture


I like scrawny

PhilipC's picture

I like scrawny

Nah, can't go Kate...

Ross Elliot's picture

Too much the scrawny, three-chucks-a-day-and-I'm-ok, Euro-model look--think Joanna Lumley. Ditto, Mitch's choice of Theron.

But, it's endlessly fascinating...


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When I use the word tough, I mean a kind of internal grit - not something akin to Nikita.

I still reckon Cate Blanchett would make the perfect Dagny. Confident, intelligent, principled and beautifully fragile in appearance. She also looks great with dark hair.

Excessive smilies...

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Sorry about that Smiling Smile Smiling

The Cast...

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Does anybody have (or know of) an actual cast list for Atlas? In it's absence I am free to dream, so here are my suggestions.

I reckon you either have to have no stars, or heaps. That way one particular star can't bring "baggage". I.e. Jolie & Pitt.

Dagny- Charlize Theron! (with dark hair of course)
John Galt- Wouldn't be a very large part, so maybe a no-name?
Fransisco- Christian Bale
Ragnar- Jude Law
Hank Rearden- Ralph Fiennes
James Taggart- Tim Robbins
Eddie Willers-?
Lillian Rearden- Glenn Close
Cheryl Taggart- Scarlett Johansson
Hugh Akston- Christopher Walken
Midas Mulligan- Jack Nicholson
Mr Thompson- Martin Sheen Smiling

*George Clooney has to be in there as a bad guy. Perhaps Dr Robert Stadler (wouldn't it be awesome to see him blown up?!) Smiling

*Angelina Jolie is an idiot, and it does not bode well for me that she is actually going to play Dagny. I would love to be pleasantly surprised though.

So there's my dream team Smiling Thoughts, suggestions?

P.S. Does this come under the umbrella of hijacking? Smiling If so, please accept my apologies Smiling

Dagny wasn't "tough"...

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...she was competent. There's a difference.

Who wants to see tough chicks, anyway? I want to see confident, intelligent and principled women--not Bruce Willis in a skirt.

Oh dear!

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Julia Ormond? She's no Dagny. She's just not tough enough. Pretty though. But she doesn't embody the American spirit. She's more a classical Bronte/Austen kind of feminine.

Kenny - you don't know what Hubba Hubba means? Just think, all this time and you never knew the girls were saying "Phaaaaaw" to you. Smiling


Ross Elliot's picture

I use it and although I've never looked it up, to this Kiwi it's like a cross between "get a load of that" and "yeow!", and is always applied to the opposite sex Eye

Hubba Hubba? James

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James, that is the second time that I have seen "hubba hubba" used on SOLO. Can you, or anyone, tell this ignorant Brit what it means?

Good call, Jim

Ross Elliot's picture

She's perfect. The right age, too. Gorgeous, without being botoxed to hell. Reminiscent of Juliette Binoche. Wow.

Yes, it's Angelina ...

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... and Brad. No joke. (Mind you, I can look past a lot with Brad. Or not. Smiling)

Angelina Jolie

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Hubba Hubba! I suggested that Julia Ormond might make a good Dagny but she'd have to be interested int the role.


Hmmmm ...

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Certainly better than the reviews it received on publication! And yes, no Branden smears. Remarkable. And refreshing.

This guys a nincompoop though:

Alex Levine, an associate professor of philosophy at USF, saw firsthand the grip Rand can have on youthful readers. As a "fairly green teacher" in 1989, Levine said he was "surprised to see how many of them clung to Rand's heroic ideals, how strongly they needed to believe in them, despite the fact they are as ill-suited to the lives of actual human beings as any of the 20th century's other utopian ideals."

Noting "Atlas Shrugged" was published at the height of the Cold War, Levine called it "the literary equivalent of Sputnik."

Levine said readers who believe they can live like characters in Rand's books face failure because "human beings … are situated within, and constituted by, their particular communities. They are not consistently rational or even self-interested; they can be both generous and punitive beyond all measure, at great cost to themselves."

Levine said people should read Rand but "read her carefully, as an exemplar of the last century's mistakes."

Angelina Jolie...

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as Dagny Taggart? And a Rand fan? That a joke (in very poor taste) right?


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The good news: not single a Branden smear to be found!

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