Delicious cauliflower

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Tue, 2007-04-24 05:19

This was copied from another thread, as it more properly belongs here:

Duncan asked: "On the topic of peppers, I don't suppose you know of a good palak panir recipe do you? I tried one from a Hare Krisnha cookbook (I know, I know ...) & it was weak & insipid."

I replied:

Never made it... in fact, I had to look it up Smiling

Palak Panir recipe

Make sure you actually get black cumin and not nigella. I've been sold one for the other and they are *not* the same.

But, man, do I have a super recipe that I tried for the first time last night:

Per person:

2 cups cauliflower florets--not too large, cut off any thick stems
1 clove garlic, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp cumin seeds--*not* ground or powdered
1 cup hot chicken stock--I just used an Oxo stock cube
4 tablespoons--thick, Greek, if you have it--plain yoghurt
Light oil, canola

Large frypan, med-high heat, oil, chuck in the cauli
Saute cauli--loud sizzle
Add garlic and cumin seeds, stirring well
When cauli has been lightly browned all over--about 5 mins--add hot stock and reduce by half
Turn heat to very low and put on lid
Let cauli steam for 5 mins
Remove from heat and add yoghurt, stirring in to make a sauce

The piquant, silky yoghurt sauce with the texture--and nutty browned flavor--of the cauli + the background depth of stock, garlic & cumin is killer. I had mine with beef curry and it was sensational. In fact, if you browned some sliced chicken breast and added that into the cauli at the end, man, what a one bowl dish that would be!

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> perhaps to rectify a

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> perhaps to rectify a childhood trauma. Who knows, they might even have had some of them shoved up their asses...

was the word 'rectify' deliberate in the above sentence?

Well, Phil...

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...there are many fine recipes using cucumber, but mainly salads, although they are good in pickles.

Cauliflower, like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts... offal, etc., are things that people develop aversions to at an early age. I think it's something they should seek therapy for, perhaps to rectify a childhood trauma. Who knows, they might even have had some of them shoved up their asses...

Awe and respect...

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"Submitted for your approval...the face of awe and respect for a cauliflower one could only find in...the Twilight Zone...."


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The woman is displaying, not

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The woman is displaying, not horror, but awe and respect.


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I was thinking the same thing, Phil, but now I can't get you're cauliflowered phallus out of my mind. I think you turned me straight.


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Not fair Glenn

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I just coughed my lungs out laughing. I've had to shove the vacuum cleaner into my rib cage in order to stay alive. Not a good look. Doesn't sound too great either. And I need an extension cord.

Phallus Horribilus

Jameson's picture

I was thinking of just

PhilipC's picture

I was thinking of just ignoring you people - since Joe had pronounced the moral evil of joking on a serious vegetable thread like this one - but I can't resist pointing out against all these foul slanders that my phallus more resembles a mighty oak tree - eternal, stong, firm, tanned (don't ask), double digit inches - than any of the other comparisons.

Phyllis' phallus

Lindsay Perigo's picture

The third prong, the trichotomy, looks exactly like a cauliflower (I can't vouch for the taste). It is very, very disturbing. If he doesn't "shove it up his ass" he should certainly shove it somewhere out of sight. Before he gets arrested.

Phil, if your phallus looks

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Phil, if your phallus looks anything like a cauli, I suggest you go see a doctor immediately.

Now that's a joke. Smiling


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Honestly Phil!

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We had such a good laugh at your post Smiling

I'm with you on the cauliflower - you can't kill that pernicious taste with anything!

One thing perplexes me. You call cauliflower disgusting, pasty, white and phallic looking?? Phil, if your phallus looks anything like a cauli, I suggest you go see a doctor immediately. Eye

I'm sorry, Ross. I most

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I'm sorry, Ross. I most humbly apologize.

I'm sure you could even do something with cucumbers or squash Smiling


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...I have a sense of humor. But I get a little pissy when someone messes with my cauliflower!

Back off, man! Just back off!

Insulting Aristotle?  I

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Insulting Aristotle?  I think the Monty Python crew covered that quite nicely :-)  "Aristotle, Aristotle, was a bugger for the bottle ..."


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I've already stated

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I've already stated elsewhere the pitfalls of an open forum, thanks for making it concrete, Phil.


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An open forum is not

PhilipC's picture

An open forum is not 'bursting in' to a 'conversation' have my permission to make jokes about all kinds of things...including vegetable recipes....context: it's not like insulting Aristotle.

Lighten up.

Context, Phil. It's bad mojo

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Context, Phil. It's bad mojo to burst in on someone's conversation with a "joke" of that nature, willy nilly, especially when they're passionate about it. Proper uses of humor and all...

Personally, I like my veggies raw, broccoli, red green and yellow peppers, cucumbers, bursting with flavor on their own. Other veggies like spinach, beans, I agree with "Newman..." "Vile weed!" But more power to those who can butter it up! Someone grilled asparagus for me once, and I didn't throw it (something I normally do with asparagus, literally. Sad

Um, yeah. Sorry. Cook on, Ross.


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Mr. Elliot, one of the

PhilipC's picture

Mr. Elliot, one of the problems of this list is not having a sense of humor or being able to tell a joke from a serious criticism.

And getting publicly nasty when someone offends you on an **incredibly minor issue**. Like making a joke about food.


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...yeah, the cumin fries in the oil, but gently. So, lots of flavor, but you have to be careful it doesn't overwhelm the cauli.


Ross Elliot's picture could always take the cauliflower and shove it up your ass.

If you don't like the recipe, shut up or write your own.

Just Keep Adding Crap.... :-)

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JESUS, this sounds like an awful lot of work to make something bland that has no taste like cauliflower (...or cucumbers or radishes or...cabbage.. or celery!) have a taste.

"Ok, add some cumin...does that kill the caulifower taste?"
"Nope, add some chicken stock...nope."
"Damn it, garlic/hot pepper /soy sauce can kill the taste of anything...."

Wouldn't it be simpler just not to buy the disgusting pasty white phallic looking cauliflower (which is basically a "junk vegetable") in the first place? Buy already tasty lima beans or black beans and you don't have to go to all that work to hide it adding ten million kinds of crapola in from the get-go????!



My solution is whipped cream.

Thanks, I'll try this out

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Thanks, I'll try this out the next time I cook (might be a while; very busy at the moment).


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A suggestion

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Put the cumin in first, or dry roast your spices in another pan before adding them to your dish. This really enhances the flavour.


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Tried it again last night but with the added chicken breast slices. Also, added julienned carrot since it goes with cumin so well.

I added two tbsp more of the yoghurt, and browned the chicken before adding it into the cauli at the stock reduction stage.

And it was great.

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