Theocracy Alert!!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2007-05-07 06:32

The fastest-growing religious group in America ...

are those with no religious affilliation. Atheism is on the march, spurred on in significant measure by Dawkins' latest book. The Freedom from Religion Foundation has a case before the Supreme Court calling for faith-based initiatives to be declared unconstitutional.

Guess there won't be a theocracy next week after all. Smiling

In other good news, Sarkozy is set to win the French presidential election decisively against that stupid socialist female. He was taken to task for calling Islamo-fascist rioters "scum." (How abusive!!) His response: "I regret nothing. What sort of educators would we be if thugs cannot even be called thugs?" (Don't tell the Hsiekovians!)

Under the socialists the French "enjoy" a 35-hour working week. Sarkozy is promising to exempt any work over 35 hours from tax.

Let's hope this heralds a general turnaround in Europe.

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Hopefully the French will follow this up

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by giving Sarkozy's party the majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections. If they fail, Sarkozy will be kneecapped almost completely.

There is every reason to cheer the departure of Chirac the "Worm" from French politics - he is beyond contempt, a vile creature who makes Royal look good. She only had two redeeming features, she looked like a French woman (impeccable) and she was sufficiently publicly stupid that many French voted for Sarkozy because "we can't have a stupid president" as one said in The Times this morning.


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Praise be! Smiling

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