FDA disapproves of cocaine

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Thu, 2007-05-10 04:06

Redux Beverages out of Las Vegas, Nevada, has come under fire from the Food and Drug Administration for selling cocaine in several retail channels throughout the United States. While this may seem as unsurprising as the city of origin for the company distributing the product, the irony is that 'cocaine' is an energy drink packed with strictly 'legal' nanny-state-approved ingredients. The name of the drink is part of an obvious marketing strategy ripe with sardonic and ironic humor. Uncle Sam, having lost any and all humor with the departure of Thomas Jefferson from the White House, isn't laughing.

The 'federal response' is even more ironic than the product itself.

For the full article from BevNET, see this link:


While I personally enjoy 'energy drinks' (though mostly confined to coffee and tea) to the point of addiction, I have no real interest in the 'illegal' drug this particular product is named after. Not only is the adult consumer being viewed as a child by the FDA, but, COCAINE 'THE DRUG' SHOULD BE LEGAL TO SELL AS WELL, IMO.

After the reaction from the Food and Drug Administration, I find it a tempting thought to introduce an arsenal of similarly-named products into the United States marketplace, just to watch Uncle Sam's prudish reaction. I am open to suggestions for such products...

(and I can't help but hear in my head the JJ Cale song made famous by Eric Clapton while I'm writing this...)

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