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Now at 75 issues and still going strong, the latest Free Radical magazine has a bold new look, all-new content and it hits the streets running.

The kick ass cover (and such a lovely ass too) fronts an issue where ass is very seriously kicked. You do not want to miss out!

DAVID KOPEL, LECH BELTOWSKI & PETER CRESSWELL between them dissect the Virginia Tech shooting, and the moronic idea that gun-free zones would disarm a killer. As the cover says, criminals prefer their victims unarmed -- gun-free zones are just what they ordered, really.

And what sort of vapid moron feels sorry for the killer? News of that inside too, and analysis of the philosophy behind the moron and of the vapid idea that wishing away violence will somehow not encourage more of it.

News inside too of the 'Peer Review Mafia' - those gatekeepers of science who in recent years have become something different. Scientists VINCENT GRAY & S. FRED SINGER explain what that 'something' is. The results have not been good for science.

And what has happened to British Tories since the days of Margaret Thatcher? The phenomenon of Pink Tories outflanking Labour on the left is not confined to New Zealand -- indeed the UK Tories' Labour-Lite blatherings are what the NZ Pink Tories are emulating. SPARTACUS explains why all is NOT hunky dory in the world of Tory Glory.

How about the coup in Fiji? Could it, might it, can it be justified? TIM WIKIRIWHI argues with America's Founding Fathers that we all hold a right of revolution against tyrannical
government, and why he sees Commodore Bainimarama as fighting in that tradition. This is the issue that saw Tim leave Libertarianz. Get your issue to find out why.

All that and more, including

  • Pictures and protest from the anti-anti-smacking rally -- and LINDSAY PERIGO's outing of the REAL child abusers;
  • why NZ's Reserve Bank Governor should shoot the town planners (and how those planners are destroying a Kiwi tradition AND the human spirit);
  • all about creativity, and what a Hungarian psychologist, Maria Montessori and Eric Clapton have in common; why globalisation is good;
  • why Maria Callas was The Geatest of Them All ...

And that's without even mentioning the 'Lefty Lexicon'; the kick ass reviews of kick ass movies including '300,' and 'The Great Global Warming Swindle'; and (to continue a theme) JASON ROTH's investigation of when a woman's ass is not an ass ... all that and more -- much, much more.


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