Welcome aboard Dr McGrath

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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Fri, 2007-05-18 01:26

Welcome aboard Dr McGrath, new SOLO member as of yesterday.

You boast in your SOLO bio: "Medical doctor working in a provincial New Zealand town, health spokesman for Libertarianz political party and supporter of fellow doctor Ron Paul for U.S. presidency and of Bernard Darnton for N.Z. prime ministership... Fairly busy with career and family but hope to contest the Wairarapa electorate for Libertarianz in 2008."

Perhaps you should change the words in the last sentence from "but hope" to "and plan"?


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Et tu, Jameson?

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It is amazing how many Objectivists are prepared to support Guiliani because he supports the Iraq War, abortion and gay marriage. They ignore the fact that he is an authoritarian. Guiliani is worse than Bush on civil liberties. He wants even more powers than the PATRIOT Act.

Check out Rudy's record as Mayor of New York. He had no respect for property rights.

We're Giuliani supporters!

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Not Bushites, you bloody Saddamite!

Welcome fellow Ron Paul supporter

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Watch out for the attacks from the Bush supporters who turn a blind eye to his corporatism and attacks on individual liberty. You could even be called a "Saddamite" to divert attention from Bush's authoritarian statism. Oh, I have just seen that you have already. That did not take long!

Yes, but...

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it was between their prize-winning roses...


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He chucked in the garden!! How considered was that??!! Smiling

Welcome aboard, Doc. Another bloody Saddamite, I see. Galt help me! Smiling

Indeed, welcome!

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You've certainly taken your time, Dr McGrath, but then you did strike me as a considered fellow at the Waitomo SOLO conference... Smiling

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