The 'Ron Paul' of New Zealand Parliament?

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Submitted by Titan on Tue, 2005-12-27 03:07

In the USA, Congressman Ron Paul (R) of Texas ( is America's most consistent small government voice in the House of Representatives. His voting record for keeping the State in check is stellar, in terms of consistantly voting for lower taxes, freer markets, and greater liberty. He is always winning taxpayer friendly awards and recognition from small government think-tanks and other various groups. A true spokesman for what America used to stand for. My question for you Kiwi's is; who is New Zealand's 'Ron Paul' in Parliament?

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Ahh, the poor, pasty Brits

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Ahh, the poor, pasty Brits Smiling

Who was it that said: the worst winter I ever spent was a summer in Britain?

23c today. Going down to a chilly 16c tonight. Lookin' for a high on Friday of 26c. Brrrr!

Keep your pecker up, Ken. I'm just off to have an ice cold beer on the back porch while catching the last, warm rays of the sun. It's 8:45 pm...

We Londoners are freezing

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We Londoners are freezing and envy anyone sunning themselves on a beach. At least the NZ Parliamentarians will not be passing more laws and regulations. The beach is the best place for them!

Rodney Hide.

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Rodney Hide.

Rodney's Website

Talk about dedication. Rodders has posts for the 24, 26 & 27 of December. He's keeping it up to date while the rest of the parliament is sunning it on the beach.

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