Leftist Hitchens Wipes Floor With Leftist Swine

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I ask you: You pick that kind of relativism, you'll also find you're dealing with a very surreptitious form of absolutism, which is only capable of describing as fascistic relatively comical forces (who I've denounced up- and downhill all my life in the United States), but cannot use the word totalitarianism about the religion that actually conducts jihad, actually organizes totalitarianism, actually inflicts misery, pain, unemployment, and despair upon millions of people, and then claims what it has done as the license for suicide and murder. A perfect picture [gesturing towards Chris Hedges] has been given to you of the cretinous relationship between sloppy moral relativism, half-baked religious absolutism, and the journalism that lies in between.

(Hat Tip: Andrew Sullivan)

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Since we're at it, Hitchens did write an article about the Silicon Valley executives who claim an admiration for Rand a few years ago. This is purely from memory, but, as I recall, he could hardly fathom what Rand was about.

Hitchens, Christopher, "The Obligatory Proto-Capitalist Worldview: Ayn Rand: Why So Many High-tech Executives Have Declared Allegiance to Randian Objectivism,"� Business 2.0 Magazine (August 2001)


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John Ridpath was also a debater. I tried to find a link on the web for you, but this no longer appears to be available.


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Wow, James, thanks for that correction! I'm surprised I hadn't come across those interviews (with Reason and the BBC), since I've read virtually everything of his on the web dating back to 2001. I thought he was still a socialist because he's made recent comments about "vibrating to Marxism" (at the Oxford debate when he teamed up with Dawkins) and coming from a leftist tradition, etc.

I would still classify him as leftist, given much of his rationale for foreign intervention (humanitarian "solidarity"). He has it right on the absolute need to confront jihadism, and he's by far the most eloquent among today's writers on the fundamental nature of that conflict. KASS doesn't even begin to do him justice. He's mostly wrong on Iraq, but I forgive him. Smiling

(Nothing at the AynRandBookstore, btw. How sure are you guys that he and Binswanger debated?)

He Did

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... when he still called himself a "socialist."

Binswanger v. Hitchens Debate?

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Didn't Harry Binswanger debate him at one point in the past? Its probably on video and at the AynRandBookstore. Too lazy to check right now.

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Check It Out

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As I've noticed elsewhere, Hitchens has taken to referring to Ayn Rand as one of the "two leading public intellectuals of the American Right in the last two, three decades" (along with Leo Strauss). Yep.

Also, he's told Reason and the BBC that he's no longer a "socialist."

I'm not calling him an Objectivist or anything, but check it out.

In addition to his recent arguments against God, he's had the guts to take on Mother Teresa herself. His studies of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson show him to be an admirer of both. And he's written an interesting study of another interesting "socialist," Orwell.

Christopher KASS

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Hitchens is almost alone in the journalistic profession in supporting the invasion of Iraq. That takes guts. He hurls epithets when justified and tells jeering audiences, "Fuck you!" He'd be a bit much for the stuffy sensibilities of a Mistress Phyllis and some others here. He freely admits to a daily intake of alcohol sufficient "to kill or stun the average mule" and says many writers did some of their best work when "blotto, smashed, polluted, shitfaced, squiffy, whiffled, and three sheets to the wind." That'd be a bit much for the stuffy sensibilities of the Brandbourne Christian Temperance Union. He drinks, he says, because it makes other people less boring. (In certain Objectivist circles I fear he'd be drinking 24/7!)

His biggest bugbear these days seems to be religion. In politics and economics I suspect he's still evolving.


He still considers himself a

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He still considers himself a socialist, and along with Paul Berman (author of Terror and Liberalism) draws from what the latter calls the "anti-totalitarian left" tradition. It's hard to pin Hitchens down on economics, which I think illustrates the fading of marxist ideology.

For these guys, it's down to liberalism vs fascism and reason vs. faith. With Hitchens, I swear I can detect a hint of Rand in his moral absolutism and critique of "faith and force".

Left the Left

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Can he be called a "leftist" anymore?

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