Battler against Man-made Global Warming Myth Dies

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2007-06-11 01:21

The erudite, jovial Augie Auer, meteorology professor-turned-TV-weather-presenter has died. Latterly he achieved notoriety as a debunker of the current Global Warming bullshit, to the embarrassment of his employer, TV3, who are fulltime proselytisers for said bullshit. Augie featured in the last FreeRad. His death is a sad loss for reason, science and life-loving.


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Unfortunately I don't know of Augie...

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...but any loss of a global warming sceptic is a sad loss for the world Smiling

Thanks, Mitch...

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Augie's ex-employer TV3 barely mentioned his position on GW in their pathetic eulogy, and while the state channel TV1 was a bit better they left the last word to an ex-colleague of Augie's to push the IPCC barrow.

He wouldn't have been surprised. RIP AA... we'll miss you... Smiling

Nice work, Jameson

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It's at the top of the Stuff list.

Sent to the

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In a world gone Man-Made-Global-Warming-Mad, Augie was a true hero. He stood up to the state-sponsored pseudo-scientists who will no doubt continue to collect their dole and debunk him well after his untimely demise. He put the science back into Climate Science and received epithets instead of reasoned debate from the quacks who are doing nothing more than scaring our children into thinking the sky is falling.

Thank you, Augie Auer, for your sparkling sanity.

Glenn Jameson


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That is a real shame. AGW critics in N.Z. have lost their front-man.

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