"Just glad to be here!"

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Submitted by mvardoulis on Mon, 2007-06-11 23:25

I am truly amazed and impressed with SOLO and especially the “virtual Galt’s Gulch” online SOLOpassion community. There is nothing like this anywhere else: a site where Objectivists and near-Objectivists can debate freely (even with the HOST no less, as I have, without being ‘thrown off’) as well as exchange knowledge and resources to the betterment of those who love liberty and reason everywhere! In the short time I’ve been a part of SOLO I am amazed at the potential that is just beginning to be tapped!

I'm often overwhelmed with the many discussions and important pieces of information on SOLOpassion to the point where I literally don't know where to begin. I often feel like I'm just jumping in and out of various topics like playing some kind of online conversational leapfrog but that just tells me how much I am enjoying myself here!

Not only is SOLO/SOLOpassion rich in content and resource, but new and/or semi-Objectivists have a literally world-wide means at their disposal to become better Objectivists, better THINKERS, and better and communicating Objectivism effectively.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say SOLO, as it continues to grow, may well be the bulwark by which the best of western civilization is defended and preserved. I hope everyone on SOLO takes a step back and thanks Galt for SOLO and a forum like SOLOpassion and all the positive implications SOLO brings for the future of liberty, individualism and philosophy.


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Indeed, specific thanks are in order

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For the benevolence of Julian, Ross and Jason for an extremely user-friendly and comfortable online SOLO 'world' - and in spite of our host's capacity for offense Smiling he certainly has inspired a very capable 'crew' of like-minded volunteers in the creation of SOLO!

SOLO's strengths

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In agreeing with Michael's comments, I should add that SOLO's great strengths are its design and functionality. The credit should go to the SOLO team such as Julian, Ross and Jason. It is also pleasing to see many SOLOists returning to the site, not just those offended by Linz over the "fatwa".

Plagiarism is understandably unwelcome

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...and among other fraudulent activity that SOLO would rightfully restrict. Within those clearly important boundaries, however, SOLO flourishes with vibrant dissent. I learn something every time I take a gander, or at the very least I celebrate the input of so many intelligent people from all across the globe!

At the risk of accentuating the positive to the point of inducing nausea in those of you reading, I absolutely love the virtual interaction of like-minded people who are geographically located in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, across my United (Police) States, and beyond (did I miss anyone?). Its as if I can walk into this 'room' at any time and find people from all over the world talking about things that actually matter to me. How could this be anything but a good thing! Smiling


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He even claimed that he was not banned from SOLO and that "Perigo asked me to return".

Pross may not be wrong about that. I can't remember the exact details, but when Jason caught him plagiarising, we thought at that point it was a one-off. We didn't realise he was a serial plagiariser. Jason banned him, but we both spoke with him privately with a view to reinstating him, on the assumption that he'd learned his lesson. He proved to be entirely a "serious nutcase" however, with a particular downer on Jason at that point. Next thing we knew he was on O-Lying, bagging SOLO and morphing overnight from an ARI supporter into a Brandroid. His convictions, apparently, are extraordinarily elastic. They should keep him on at O-Lying—it's so quintessentially him!


Pross even claimed that Linz asked him to return here!

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Thanks Dan and well done! Pross's behaviour on the Ayn Rand Meetup Forum, especially towards you and Luke Setzer for exposing him, was outrageous. He even claimed that he was not banned from SOLO and that "Perigo asked me to return". Pross is a serious nutcase and we should be watching out for him.

Plagiarist Pross

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Pross has since been banned from Objectivism Online for plagiarism as well.  And after that, I busted him for plagiary on the Ayn Rand Meetup Forum (http://aynrand.meetup.com/boards).  It's shocking the depths to which he has sunk.

--Dan Edge

Throwing off and plagiarism - another Pross alert

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Michael commented on being able to debate here without the risk of being "thrown off". The only way that you will get "thrown off" this site is for plagiarism. Victor Pross was booted for that offence. He then repeated his obnoxious practice on Objectivist Lying. The odious MSK was forced to remove his posting privileges there too - click here if you have the stomach. We can only hope that Pross does not try to post on SOLO again.

Of Virtual Wine Bars

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I like the idea of a bottle of wine and good 'real-time' conversation even if it is by way of chat room! I think that would do nicely to the point where I have to get a computer worthy of the speed required for a chat room conversation. Additionally, this would be a worthy substitute for traveling half way around the world whenever I feel like socializing with intelligent people.

Perhaps we can develop a virtual 'SOLO Lounge' and 'SOLO Pub' with the express purpose of letting intelligent discussion flow as easily as the 'nectar of the gods' ... in SOLO we actually have FUN whilst being Objectivists! Smiling

Of Vesuvian Volatility

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Looks like I missed (or subconsciously ignored) the combat you've described, so I must be joining the crew on the 'plain sailing' part of the voyage...

And having observed but not having been a recipient of said captain's volcanic explosiveness, it is but a small price to pay for the unique forum that is SOLO. Perhaps I should (if this isn't a 'misuse of humor', Linz) write a book entitled 'The Passion of Lindsay Perigo's Critics' - PLPC for short ...? Smiling

I must say ...

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... this is all much more agreeable than the likes of Mistress Phyllis' golden showers. Thank you Michael. And you're very welcome.

The good ship SOLO must be reasonably sturdy. She's survived titanic storms, mutinies, desertions, enemy fire ... even the Vesuvian volatility of her captain. Here's hoping for some plain sailing for a while. Smiling


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I couldn't agree more. There are some great folks here - and some VERY knowledgeable Objectivists. Getting to know them has been very beneficial for me...as I'm sure it has been for others.

Hear, Hear!

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Well, OF COURSE, a website is no substitute for real training. I should have thought that that was assumed by our good poster.

The Internet IS, however, the first research tool many students use when making their first pass at investigating something.

SOLO is not just a good thing -- it is a VITAL thing.

Hey Michael

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Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for Solo - it's delightful to see you burst forth!!

I disagee with Thomas's assessment that debating and thinking are two totally separate things. There is always one's own private reading, thinking and evaluating to be done for sure, but debating on a forum board and reading other people's debates can often be a catalyst to enquiry and further thought about things that would not otherwise crop up in one's own daily life.

As far as a round of drinks goes, you can always have yourself a bottle of wine, I'll indulge in mine here down-under and meet you in the chat room sometime.Smiling

And thanks, Mitch!

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The only thing SOLOpassion doesn't have is a 'virtual pub' whereby I can sit in my Irvine, California home and buy a round for the lot of you! That, I suppose, is what the SOLO conference is for!

point taken, Thomas

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And there are those whose contributions are 'knee-jerk' on this (or any other internet-based) site to say the least. I am referring to those comments that are insightful, valuable, cause to THINK, and inspire me to study further. Rand's works are worth reading and re-reading again and again obviously. Smiling

As for Dr. Piekoff, I have to admit I am taking him and the ARI a little more seriously than ever before, largely due to *this site*. I had written off the ARI and those I would have dismissed as 'puritain' Objectivists if for no other reason than their uniform disdain for Libertarians like myself (it's been fifteen years since I had long hair and I've NEVER been ANYWHERE near the 'right' - or the 'left' - so 'hippie of the right' was never a fair label to begin with...). Now that I've read some ARI contributions on SOLOpassion, and mellowed a bit in my old age, Smiling I have opened my mind a bit.

As far as I can tell, SOLO's purpose is not the perfection of Objectivism itself (we'll leave that to the 'experts' you mention Thomas), but the *extension* of Objectivism within those who care to study (and think) about it and share it with others. I dare say SOLOpassion is 'evangelical' in nature, and IMHO stands a better chance than any other Objectivist 'cricle' in taking the philosophy to the largest 'audience' ...

Something to 'think' about, indeed!

Not only is SOLO/SOLOpassion

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Not only is SOLO/SOLOpassion rich in content and resource, but new and/or semi-Objectivists have a literally world-wide means at their disposal to become better Objectivists, better THINKERS, and better and communicating Objectivism effectively.

With all due respect to SOLO, I think discussion boards are of very limited value if your goal is to improve your thinking. Often forums such as these are like the blind leading the blind. (Part of that is in the nature of having an open forum--part of that is due to the fact that there are virtually no experts in Objectivism who post online.) If you want to improve as a thinker, much better to study read Ayn Rand's works, Leonard Peikoff's works, and listen to Dr. Peikoff's lectures. Or, even better, join the Objectivist Academic Center.

That's not to say you can't get some value from these boards, but do not mistake debating for thinking. Thinking takes time and effort. When you see people responding to posts every thirty seconds, that is a good clue that what you're getting isn't a thought-out conclusion, but a "first pass."

I say this because I had to learn the hard way. I spent a lot of time debating Objectivism rather than studying it--and after several years realized I knew very little about the philosophy.

I'll drink to that!

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Which probably isn't saying much Smiling

Great contribution Mike, especially this:

"Not only is SOLO/SOLOpassion rich in content and resource, but new and/or semi-Objectivists have a literally world-wide means at their disposal to become better Objectivists, better THINKERS, and better and communicating Objectivism effectively."

I can endorse this from first hand experience.

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