Commencement of Communications from "Commissar of KASS"

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Submitted by Mitch on Tue, 2007-06-26 11:04

Dear SOLOists,

As part of my first official post as "Commissar of KASS", I have decided to give you all the ammunition to keep me in line. So here it is, my job description, courtesy of Linz...

* Maintain a high level of visibility on the board.

* Initiate and coordinate SOLO projects, directing and delegating as
appropriate. Priority: media centre firing off press releases and op-eds locally and

* Hire and fire; talent-spot and recruit; keep staff list up to date.

* Work with webmasters in ensuring SOLO remains the best Objectivist web
site in the world. (Current issues: useless search engine, idle and
dysfunctional chat room, Drupal upgrade ...)

* Write monthly update on SOLO activities on the board, 1st of each month.

* Run board when Linz is absent.

* Give Linz a foot rub daily.

* Have fun! KASS! And change the world in the process. Smiling

I expect you all to start shouting (if Linz hasn't already) if I'm not living up to expectations!
As you can see there are a few tasks that will take priority in the near future. I will have a schedule for completion of various tasks out soon so that everybody is kept in the loop, and to ensure we don't have an excuse to slack off.

Now we realise that SOLO isn't much chop without those who contribute, so here is a specific chance for you to provide feedback. I would like to hear YOUR ideas for improvements that could be made to SOLO, and conversely, what things about SOLO are irritating and could/should be fixed (we already know about Phil Sticking out tongue).  If an idea passes muster it is likely to be implemented, so don't be shy.

NOTE: this is your chance to register ideas that could improve SOLO or iron out the kinks. Please refrain from making any comments of a Coatesian nature.

Anyway, that's about all for now. As per the job description, you should see me around all the time. If there is anything that you would like to discuss, you can send me some SOLO-mail or e-mail me at Otherwise, carry on.

Your Commissar,


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"Kori is <strike>moderated/banned</strike> on SOLO

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I was misinformed. I will be shot tomorrow morning at dawn.

In any case, I chastised Kori, who is assembling a photo. I told her ignorance was no excuse. If she wanted to play the game, she obeys the referee.

With regard to Kenny's mild bout of Outer Limits, "part of an OL campaign to undermine SOLO."

Um, no. I post everywhere. I am a slut that way. OL means shit to me, in the sense of a little empire I retire to to take cheap shots at a purported "enemy." I post in RoR. I post in OL. I post in SOLO. Big deal.

"William can clarify the matter."

William Scott Scherk's picture

No. Yes, he can.

EDIT: Removed gratuitous insult, added links for Kenny and any other interested. Added apology to Kenny.

It is not my job to clarify the matter. I have been both moderated and banned. You have not. Thus the glee of Filis. It is in the record. Here on SOLO.

Look it up, slop hound. Smiley.gif.

EDIT: added 'Kenny, lest you think I am a hypocrit, I tweaked Phil in exactly the same manner when he asked [here] he lumbered into view, bitched me out in a long-dead thread, helped initiate my reinstatement at SOLO, and then avoided my answer correction's clear open door to admitting error. I grew ever more tired of his hypocrisy about 'careful research' and 'reason' etcetera. I was tired of your efforts the moment you first posted your pile-on.

I completely support Linz and the red button rule. No explanation need be forthcoming -- especially when the answers have already been given. On more than one occassion. Which is easy, fucking easy to discover. The SOLO Search doesn't work and can't deliver useful results (but this will be fixed) is fucking useless and has been forever.

But just so you know, I will do your research for you, because I am not an Objectivist, and I earlier offered the same courtesy to my Master, Lord Coates:

Policy Statement—Banning | SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists

Lindsay: ["He's gone"] + "Sorry, but I just can't stand this jerk's type of smart-assing, & I won't subsidise it. He was duly warned. Sherk, as I said, ...

A Challenge to Ed Hudgins | SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists

First, some folk have evidently been fooled by that part of Mr. Sherk's charade that would have us believe he's a mere youth, for whose very youthfulness I ...

The Sin against Objectivism | SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists

In the first instance, it was not my idea that you might be Sherk in another guise, ..... As heir, he's the property holder and it's his decision. ...

Yes, Google. Interesting concept. A wench will facilitate the poking of the keyboard. Thank you.



Kenny, I apologize for my over the top invective. That wasn't useful in answering your question, and obscured my message. It is a big site, and since the Search doesn't operate very well, it is difficult to find the earlier on-topic posts.

One amusing result of Lindsay and you being unable to spell my name means that it is still difficult to find the posts using Google's site search! -- if you search Scherk, you won't find the posts. If you use one of the alternate spellings you might.

Here is the kind of search I use: "sherk he's gone" -- the phrase can be cut and pasted into the Google search box. Adding to the query restricts the search to this site aloned, and if the term is found in Google cached results, Bob's your uncle.

Thanks for the question, Kenny.

With regard to Kori, and moderation, I recieved a backchannel suggesting this. It may not be true.

With regard to any reason she may not be allowed to post without moderation, without a photo, I agree, them's the rules. Pay and play.

However, I hope you grant my point, or at least consider it:

if the aim of the photo rule is to help establish good faith, or as a sign of good faith, then some people who have not given a photo (Like Fred Weiss) HAD ALREADY established bona fides/good faith by always posting under their real identity. Everyone who paid attention knows that Fred was an antiquarian, and a good one, and that he provides a unique book service of value to Objectivism. Now he is not here, and the aim of the rule is obscured in service of 'the letter.' As in the difference between the spirit and the letter of the law.

To add precision, Kenny, I look at the goal/reason for the rule. In most cases, it is to prevent or restrain anonymous shitheads from 'drive-by' postings. In another sense, it is to establish bona fides.

Fred Weiss did not upload a photo. I offed to give him/Commissar of Bona Fides a photo, since no one would question his real identity. I thought Fred was an useful person to have posting. No one took me up on the offer. Below is the photo I suggested.

Kenny, my apology is sincere. It is not right to bust out of the stalls and spew, and I regret it. Having said that, I hope you will find me an honest interlocutor and accept my bona fides.

One question that you might ask, and so I anticipate: "Why do you post here if you disagree with your host, and if you have used invective against him?"

A: Lindsay, whatever his faults, has heart. When I took a sabbatical from posting to nurse my dying parent, Lindsay was the only person on this list to treat me as a human being and offer good wishes. It changed my mind about him. I granted him a good faith that I had been unsure of.

I don't think this changes anything, me granting Lindsay his humanity! But when compared to Joe Rowlands, for example, some people don't have heart. Rowlands in effect EXPELLED Lindsay from the old SOLO. Lindsay felt (probably) hurt. Who wouldn't? It was mishandled on Joe's side. Joe wrote Lindsay off. I could not understand the aftermath -- the split seemed a mere demonstration of O-ism's vulnerability to factionalism.

Any other questions you may have, just put them to me.

"Now we realise that SOLO

William Scott Scherk's picture

"Now we realise that SOLO isn't much chop without those who contribute, so here is a specific chance for you to provide feedback. I would like to hear YOUR ideas for improvements that could be made to SOLO, and conversely, what things about SOLO are irritating and could/should be fixed (we already know about Phil Sticking out tongue). If an idea passes muster it is likely to be implemented, so don't be shy."

Cool! This is so neat! It's like SOLO has been reborn, and so the World has been reborn and all the good people rejoice. I love it.

Here's what irritates me about SOLO: (we already know about Phil Sticking out tongue). Smirk smirk smirk. Cheap, feeble, ignorant and gratuitous insult. Hypocrisy. Double standards. Arbitrary assertions. Empty vituperation. Giggly pile-ons. Assorted hypocrisy.

Can you please appoint a Commissar to organizing an honour guard to goose-step around Old Glory (no, not Linz, albehim both Old and Glorious)? Old Glory the Glorious Kick Ass Guidelines? Something merely symbolic, you know, like symbolic of, oh, um, er, symbols of fair play and applied passionately thought, er, reason?

Just a symbol, because we all like to giggle at ironies. Like the Glorious Rebirth/Commissariat/Love In/Pissonfil Festival of Obedience and Good Faith irony.

Or not. You are Commissar, which implies, sweeping abilities to pass decress and ignore heretofore established rule of law. It could be argued that a Commissar is able to command a firing squad. I don't know. But in the Balkans of Objectivism (in which we presently bicker and backslap here in the Republic of Lindsay Perigo) it seems that way. It seems Kick Ass. Either way, all the chest-beating about the new Commissars is quite entertainment enough. Me I am waiting for Phil to cut down all those pupils he has hauled up the tree on Hangin' Hill, one of the better-known Objectivist landmarks (see the Museum of Moral Depravity at its foot, with its fascinating El Diablo Skiabara diorama, which depicts the execution of one of Objectivisms lesser demons/pupils-of-Master-Civil).

Thank you.


Moderation and banning

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William Sherk wrote "Kori is moderated/banned (or so I am informed) on SOLO, for asking why the miscreants call you 'filis.'" Kori is probably moderated for failing to add a portrait photograph. She, with others, was warned about the new policy by Linz.

It seems that posters on OL are trying to make an issue of banning on SOLO. out of the blue, I recently received two emails from an OL (and former) poster. One alleged that William Sherk was banned, and later reinstated, by Linz towards the end of last year. I replied that I had seen no evidence that Sherk had been banned. Perhaps William can clarify the matter.

The OL poster also alleged that Linz lied when he said that he had not banned me in August of last year. I sent him a link to my blog post confirmed that stated my login problems were solved by switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

Now William has alleged that Kori has been banned here for a bizarre, and extremely unlikely, reason. Phil Coates' recent childish and negative on SOLO has puzzled me (and probably others too). So perhaps they are related, i.e. part of an OL campaign to undermine SOLO. I hope that I am mistaken.

In an objective world, you would be warned

William Scott Scherk's picture

That another comment like the one above, Kenny, "SOLO's Pisser-In-Chief," will get you moderated to the 'play pen.'

Believe it, it happened to me. Well, not like that, but you get the picture.

You see, I agree completely with the good faith article of the Guidelines. And I agree that the rules should be applied consistently and fairly. Always.

Just because in the present 'Love In'/Pissonfil Festival Celebration mode the Guidelines are discreetly put aside, that does not obviate them. They remain. They constrain me, as I Have Been Warned, Myself.

Here is the rule I am talking about, just in case you haven't read the newest Kick Ass Guidelines for Kick Ass Posters.

Don't be embarrassed. As far as I can tell, neither the present hierarchy here nor SOLO's 10,000 regular daily posters refers to the Kick Ass Guidelines. Which doesn't render them meaningless or any less binding on those of good faith.


Remember you are guests in Linz's house, enjoying his hospitality for free. Do not presume to tell him how to run this site or SOLO. If you don't enjoy being in his house -- well, there is no one forcing you to stay.

(Agreed. 100 %. And if you like the metaphor of host/house/hospitality/freedom, remember what would happen in real life if your host occasionally turned into a raging buffoon. You would throw your drink in his face, get your fur, and fuck off until he begged you to return for another shindig. This is the one rule that is honest about its arbitrariness -- and one that I support. Red button those who offend. Never explain, never apologize. Be a legend. If you can't have integrity, fuck it, Be a Legend)


Hijjacking is a criminal offence

William Scott Scherk's picture

Under most circumstances.

Phil, I am boggled by the faint and feeble epithets like 'Filis' & cetera. They are, as you have intuited, irrelevant.

Having said that, reality intrudes, The Principle of Charity intrudes. Look at it this way -- there are guidelines for posters here that are less than consistently applied. For example, Kori is moderated/banned (or so I am informed) on SOLO, for asking why the miscreants call you 'filis.'

You appear incorrigible, which makes you an easy target. You haven't admitted a mistake since 1854, as far as I can tell. This leads to further problems with credibility: as I have noted on Objectivist Living and RoR in a serios of initially gentle, now exasperated posts.

Don't imagine I support the feeble and mean-spirited verbal farting about you here. But you have to try to see things from the other person's point of view, or at least pretend to try, to take the moral high-ground. So, when you are/seem unable or unwilling or even constitutionally incapable of admitting error, then pointing out other people's errors has almost no effect -- when it comes from you.

For example, Cresswell's epithets and reactions are feeble and against the Guidelines (which, yes, doesn't matter because he is a friend of the host and cannot be subject to the rules), but but but but, you yourself constantly break the supreme rule here: you don't post in good faith, as judged by Perigo.

I will reprise here my recent post to the cess-pit (since delicateness prevents the best SOLOist from even peeking over there). Bear in mind that I like you, support your mission, but hate that you don't operate with the strictest adherence to your own rules.

In any event, Phil, in this thread you are wrong about Victor, as you were wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt (why? You know why, Teach, see below**) without acknowledging your own prejudice and lack of familiarity.

Victor is a more completer Plagerist than any of us thought. He has never posted honestly about his plagiarism. He tried to dodge the clear and present warnings, and broke his promises. I discovered his OL plagiarism on July 3, 2006. I posted about it without a song and dance. He went on ignore shortly thereafter, as all congenital blowhards and irrelevancies go.

You go on ignore now until you admit your own mistakes and lack of research and respect for your peers at OL. The vast mistakes of others with regard to you are moot while I wait. You alone are in control of the immortal robot Phil Coates.


** they were right about Victor and you were wrong. Wrong by being sloppy and skimming and trusting your intuition. Wrong in thinking your 'impression' was correct.

It is as if you are cast as the Wicked Witch, and Dorothy approaches with a bucket of water. Do you really think you will melt if she splashes you? Dorothy is a stand in for your critics. All your critics are not wrong all the time. Sometimes the critics/irrelevancies make a good point and offer you the open door (to show you understand the value of their good points), and offer you an opportunity to correct your own missteps and mistakes.

It doesn't matter what Cresswell says. He is not attempting to engage you in any way.

To chase after his empty comments is stupid. Similarly, Jason. Jason apologized, but you continue to randt about your own purity. Fuck off with that, Phil, for fucksake.

There is a small stain on your bib. Fucking admit it, and you gain respect. Dodge and it seems as if all the criticisms of you could possibly be correct. Of course they are not correct, they are mostly all completely off the mark. But until you admit your own teeny, understandable, wee little mistakes and missteps, it doesn't fucking matter what you say here on SOLO. Or anywhere. Ever.


Reposted from the Kat and MSK blog "Scherk Blog" (from yesterday):

QUOTE(Philip Coates @ Jun 28 2007, 09:32 PM) *

"No one has unlimited time to invest on reading the same thing over and over. Or seeing points beaten to death."

To my shame, Master Civil, I discover you are correct. Not only are you correct, but your delivery makes the hair on my shoulders stand straight up. I hear you, Master. I have learned with your pithy, warm, and gently chiding manner that there is no one more perfect a teacher than he who is a perfect teacher, perfectly teaching.

That I am A Mere Critic, and the Master A Teacher, well, think of the gulf, the canyon, the vast interstellar distances between what he does, and what I do. To think that people, er, pupils, are allies who need encouragement, why that is worng, worgn, worgn. Imagine!

Imagine if we taught children with encouragement and rewards, instead of tired disparagements and needling criticisms delivered in a voice that throbs with contempt. If we didn't feel contempt for our pupils, how could they learn? What could they learn? It's as if we wouldn't, you know, correct someone constantly in an endless dripping torture, instead praising them! It doesn't need stating which is the axiomatic correctitude beyond question, and which a tried-and-true blueprint to build self-esteem and model good behaviour, attitudes, and life-skills.

I mean, look at all of Master Civil's pupils. They all love him. They love him to pieces, all of them. And they love him most when he treats them with disdain. I mean, who wouldn't, huh? I love disdain, myself. It motivates me, perks me up like a nourishing cola, makes me want to join hands with Lord Coates and run giggling through mountain meadows full of daisies, learning all the way, learning all the way. Disdain is the basic fuel of education and motivation. Disdain = Teaching. Discipline = Learning. A = A.

Derision is also a handy tool.

Class, please pay attention and don't be so stupid and unfocussed. I am not listening to you or reading what you wrote because I clearly indicated what you would say, how you would say it, the length, the tone, the colour of the pencil, the width of the lines. I also provided you all a full vocabulary of 120 words with whiich to be creative.

I am very disappointed with you, class. Very very very disappointed.

I am so disappointed with you that I am not going to listen to you or read what you express, even though I told you I was interested in what you said.

Do you remember the girl yesterday whom I dragged from the classroom, threw in my truck, drove to Hangman's Hill, set the parking brake, did my stretches, composed a love sonnet, addressed the UN, prepared a light lunch, strung her up and hanged her by the neck?

Do you remember why?

She coloured outside a line I had clearly indicated. I would have cut her down after one day, but she compounded the error. She used colours that were not on the approved list of colours. I clearly indicated in the binding seven-billion-year contract with all your parents that I would change your behaviour into the correct, well, everything. On the front of the contract (and on the back, and, well, on every page, and on all our mailings, in fact on the stamp) is the Colour Wheel. There are no other colours than are found in the Official Contractual Colour Wheel. I clearly indicated that. I clearly indicated that to her parents, her guardians -- after her parents were earlier hanged by the neck for not paying attention -- that this was Policy.

She is still hanging there. Shall I go cut her down? Shall we sit here for several billion years until one of you gives me a good reason why I should cut her down? Using our creative vocabulary, within the lines? Because if you think, any of you, that I will not drag you up Hangman's Hill on the slightest error, well. you will answer my question at once, correctly:


Oh, and I know in advance that since no one is smart enough to answer, we are all having a wee little bit of detention. That's right, by the time you get home, all your plants, pets, investments, children, parents and relatives will be dead, along with the earth and the universe. Do you you know why? Because you are all on double secret detention, and that lasts 85 billion years. And, if anyone even looks sideways, breathes, or alters one molecule, I can triple that. Policy.

Any questions?


Let us then, having learned Lesson One, turn ahead to Lesson Two. We can wait for the stupid among you to figure out how to do that. No breathing, remember. Very Very Very Disappointed is Teacher.


Phil, with respect, why should anyone accept criticism from someone who pretends to be appears incorrigible? Why would I rather be hanged by my neck for 85 billion years (or until The Advent of Objectivism on Earth) than listen to you disparage me?

You deserve a break or, well, maybe a Professional Development Day. I hear these are basically all the teachers go to a motel in Lauderdale or LA or Buttfuck and get naked and drunk and frisky and get laid and dance and scream in the pool &cetera, before gong back to disdaining the pupils the following Monday. I'll chip in, because, hey, I like you and actually support your mission, if not your missionaries. Smiley.gif.

EDIT: removed added more to the nasty bits and corrected the tone.

Phil's new appointment announced

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SOLO's Pisser-in-Chief!

> His last words were, "Give

PhilipC's picture

> His last words were, "Give the job to Phyllis."
>I hope you shot him again at that point!

Well I can see that despite my zeal to prevent hijacking and the always nefarious "thread sprawl", Shit-On-Philism is not going to be confined to only one discrete thread, despite my always humble and self-effacing efforts.

Excellent news, Mitch!

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Press releases and op-eds will definitely heighten SOLO's significance, as Ross mentioned. I dare say that SOLO pieces would be *far more* interesting for media to publish than ARI/TAS op-eds, insofar as SOLO is more KASS than TAS (and therefore more interesting) and has a much broader perspective than ARI (not to mention more raw talent and enthusiasm than both combined).

And if by some miraculous event Mitch recovers from Linz's wine-spill shooting, I look forward to the future of SOLO in Mitch's capable, soon-to-be-coconut-filled hands! Smiling

"Give the job to Phyllis."

Robert's picture

I hope you shot him again at that point!


Prima Donna's picture

Now I need to find yet *another* coconut boy. This job never ends. Sigh.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

I'm afraid ...

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Mitch's promising career as KASS Commissar has been cut off before it had a chance to begin. Tonight we had dinner together at an Indian restaurant near where I live. Afterwards, as we crossed a street, I explained that this street would be the death of me, senile as I am, since it had just gone two-way & I couldn't get the hang of multi-tasking: looking both ways before crossing. We made it safely to the other side, nonetheless. Just as we began savouring the safety of the footpath, Mitch got taken out by a speeding pavement cyclist. It was very sad. I carried him back to my apartment, like Rearden with the Wet Nurse, and gave him the kiss of life, and a glass of wine. But he spilled it, and I had to shoot him. It was very, very sad. His last words were, "Give the job to Phyllis." That's the kinda guy he was.


Glad you got the job Mitch.

Olivia's picture

Beware the foot rub. It's not safe for you to bend over anywhere near Linz's lower half - and that is definitely Jennifer flirting. Eye

Why Jennifer...

Mitch's picture

Are you flirting with me? Sticking out tongue "Coconuts" could mean so many things! Or do you actually need coconuts carried? Smiling


Mitch's picture

Are you interested in putting together some of these press releases? When you write, I for one take notice.


Mitch's picture

Its definitely not a priority but I think we should bring the allmighty dollar into the mix here. I'dd  like to know what members can do just in case I run into an opportunity I can pass along.

Perhaps a $ forum?

I assume by this you mean fundraising?

Line item.

Prima Donna's picture

Well now, I remember adding to Jason's job description something about being my coconut boy, but he was positively a slacker in that department. Mitch, will you be carrying my coconuts? If not I'll need to track down Gagnon again, or post a Help Wanted ad. Ross, you're overqualified, so hush.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?”

HWH's picture

HI Mitch

Congrats and good luck with the appointment. 

Its definitely not a priority but I think we should bring the allmighty dollar into the mix here. I'dd  like to know what members can do just in case I run into an opportunity I can pass along.

Perhaps a $ forum?


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Well, hallelujah!

Ross Elliot's picture

" centre firing off press releases and op-eds locally and

This is something that was proposed by myself a year ago, and I'm glad to see someone's been assigned & has accepted the job, and that it's been notified publicly. This is *the* most important step for SOLO: to take specific positions on topical and important issues. Broad brush strokes never cut the mustard for long, and neither does regurgitating ARI/TAS PRs and op-eds. Hopefully, they will be just as keen to publish SOLO's.

Good luck, Mitch! Go for it.

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