New Zealand's Politicians—United in Fascism

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2007-06-26 12:49

SOLO Press Release.

From: Lindsay Perigo, Founder and Principal, Sense of Life Objectivists; libertarian broadcaster; former member, Parliamentary Press Gallery.

What do ACT's pretend-libertarian Rodney Hide, United Future's ideological slut-on-skateboards Peter Dunne, Labour's Thief-in-Chief Michael Cullen, the Greens' ban-everything-except-marijuana Nandor Tanczos and National's push-'em-down-the-stairs-if-they-disagree Gerry Brownlee have in common? They're all members of Parliament's Standing Orders Committee, the back-slapping we're-all-in-this-racket-together Beehive Mafia elite that protects all parliamentarians from being exposed as the parasitic, semi-literate, infantile, preening power-lusters that most of them are.

The godfathers have just announced the new rules to govern the extended telecasting of Parliament from next month: the use of material for "satire, ridicule or denigration" will be banned. Transgressors could be thrown in jail.

Press Gallery Chairman Vernon Small, a wimpish, whining pommie commie sympathetic to the Clark Government, has made whimpering noises in lieu of a kick-ass protest. The Press Gallery as a whole is comprised of leftie lickspittles whose only objection to the Clark Government is that it's not Stalinist enough. With these new rules, that objection no longer stands—and it's to the abiding disgrace of the other parties that their MPs on the Standing Orders Committee have acquiesced to this outrage. Among the media, only TV3 has risen above its usual socialist predilections and fearlessly ridiculed politicians in response to the Standing Orders Committee's fatwa.

Politicans with a conscience, journalists with integrity, and members of the public with an awareness of the sacred status of freedom of speech must rise up in unison against this cross-party commitment to fascism.

Lindsay Perigo,, 021 255 8715

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I don't see a problem with restricting what we can do with the telecast. The community dosn't seem to realise that different environments have different rules and different definitions of acceptable behaviour. This is especially so in different professional environments, in some countries it is quite common for professionals to swear like pirates, it's the norm. If a politian in New Zealand decided to swear like a pirate I don't think it'd go down too well... at least not publically. That's why it's important that we don't know about how these professionals operate, we'll get the wrong idea. Which is exactly what we're doing when the news feeds us scandals and rubbish about someone having a snooze in parliament. We don't think it's acceptable behaviour and we interpret it however we want (usually defamatory because that's human nature).

Frankley... If I were trying to go about my job and people missunderstood what they saw me doing... then ridiculed me for it. I'd be wanting to lash out and put an end to it too. Especially in a job so critical to society as we know it.

'twould be the height of hypocrisy

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For me to call you "Dizzy" Linz Smiling I'm practically the reason why the term was invented..!

And by the way, welcome to Erik, I naturally agree with your sentiments entirely.


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I'm glad they printed it, even if it wasn't in its entirety, and that last bit was actually written "and NOT follow the example of today's United States"...

My bad, as you mad Americans like to say—it was printed as "not follow the example ..."

Dizzy Linz

Thanks, Ross & Linz!

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I'm glad they printed it, even if it wasn't in its entirety, and that last bit was actually written "and NOT follow the example of today's United States"...

I recognize that the US population holds liberty in higher regard, let alone awareness, than your average kiwi. I also recognize that many kiwis have the wrong reasons for being 'anti-American' but I wrote the letter with the idea of using America's recent bend to totalitarian as an example of why kiwis (ESPECIALLY those who don't like America) need to resist these kinds of power grabs from their government. While I certainly never wrote the letter as a justification for apathy, sadly, I can see apathetic kiwis reading it the way Ross describes though I dearly hope that is not the case for the majority of readers.

Additionally, I wanted to demonstrate 'international-level' concern over the blatant totalitarianism the beehive I'm sure quite regulalarly exhibits. There is something about an issue getting global attention, at least in every country that allows a free press, that gives a good chance of even a pro-liberty (and anti-statist) letter a chance at getting published. An 'international' letter in and of itself becomes 'newsworthy' and the politicians its criticizing, since they have nothing else but public opinion keeping them in check, ideally become further humbled at least for the moment.

Since one of SOLO's greatest strengths and biggest differences with other O-ist forums is its grand international scope, I may call upon a letter or two to be written by non-American SOLO-ists to address certain liberty-infringing activities happening here. This is kind of like a 'back door' way of getting our ideas accross if our (or any other Objectivist or (L)libertarian) press releases go unpublished.

In any case, it seems like New Zealanders stood up and shouted against this proposed legislation and the backlash against the politicians who initiated it is equally loud, or is that my optimism creeping in again!?!? Smiling

I say damn the governmental

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I say damn the governmental tyrants of New Zealand!-long live the freemen of New Zealand!

Wonderful, Michael

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Thanks for the support.

Now, don't take this the wrong way, but let me tell you how the majority of Kiwis--who are, to greater or lesser degrees, anti-American--will interpret your comments re the US. They will presume that NZ is freer--of course!--than the US and that since that is the case, this may not be such a big deal after all.

I can assure you, despite the assaults on your liberties, that you are still a nation that has a *fundamental* respect and awareness of your rights, and you remain a nation that jealously defends those rights.

I can't say the same of my New Zealand.

Bro Vardo!!

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Congrats—your letter, slightly truncated, is lead letter in today's (Saturday here in NZ) Dom Post:

A plea to Kiwis to resist

I recently discovered the New Zealand government’s intent to BAN Parliament telecast material for use as “satire, ridicule or denigration” to the extent of jailing those who dare exercise free speech in that form.

I am an American living in Southern California and I recognize New Zealand does not have a Bill of Rights per se or a Constitution guaranteeing the right to free speech. Coincidentally, neither does the United States; at least not any longer since the passing of the Patriot Act. For the first time in my 37 years I am fearful of expressing publicly any dissent with my government’s policies, lest “Homeland Security” or any other government institution “flag” me as someone to “watch out for”. My sincerest hope for the people of New Zealand is they never suffer under the same fear of their leadership; may New Zealanders never be confined to criticizing their government in countries other than their own.

I urge New Zealanders to raise your voice in vehement, angry protest against the totalitarian bug your Parliament seems to have caught from my country, the land of the (formerly) free.

I urge New Zealanders to defend their individual liberty, and follow the example of today’s United States,

Michael Vardoulis
Irvine, California
United States of America


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..."Rodney climbs on the backlash bandwagon two days after the shit hits the fan. Yeah, right."

He did? I'm as much aware of ACT's inconsistencies as you are, but do you have information that Hide hasn't opposed the new rules all along? It wouldn't be the first time ACT has stood alone in the house.

Ross and Linz...

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I have to cry bullshit also, this is just another case of politicians 'testing the water' to see what they can get away with, and when they discover they can't, they back-pedal like Lance Armstrong in reverse. The Congress here has perfected this down to an exact science.

Oh sure ...

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Rodney climbs on the backlash bandwagon two days after the shit hits the fan. Yeah, right. And Brownlee has already said he's "perplexed" by the backlash.

Lowlifes, all of 'em.


Rodney Hide...

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...said on TV3 news tonight that he thinks everything that parliamentarians do should be able to be shown. He said he doesn't agree with the new rules but that his view was not the majority decision of the standing orders committee.

I'm please that my initial evaluation of his supposed stance was incorrect. Be nice to think Brownlee and the other Nats dissented as well.

Looking at the list of committee members it seems to me that at least six would have been in favor, which out of 11 is a majority.


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And you never had to say *which* half of 'evil bitch' she was! Smiling

Yes, I've just been informed by the lovely (or so I'd like to imagine) Suzanne Carty of the Dominion Post that New Zealand does have a Bill of Rights that is not 'entrenched' - which I assume to mean exactly what you've just described, Linz. Which, as you also alluded, is more like a Bill of Suggestions; ultimately subject to the whims of the politicians. Nonetheless, I've sent my letter of disgust to the two papers, and I will be curious to see if they are actually published.

I remember your lampooning of New Zealand’s answer to the worst of the right wing, the National Party, and couldn't see how you or anyone could resist calling them anything other than "National Socialist Party" in that their party name *begs* such ridicule!

I also fondly remember the "Alliance Retards" ....


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Our Bill of Rights guarantees untrammelled freedom of expression and publication. Unfortunately it also contains a clause saying any part of it can be overridden by other legislation!! So, for instance, the previous National Government banned the magazine Cigar Aficianado under its anti-promotion of smoking legislation. I referred to them constantly on air as the National Socialist Party. Prime Minister at the time Jenny Shipley told me years later that that used to really piss her off. The current Prime Minister hates "Helengrad," "Comrade Clark" and the like. And when I called her an "evil bitch" she formally complained. We were ordered to apologise. Unbelievably I was allowed to get away with an apology that said one half of the description was unfair!!!! Smiling

Outrageous, Ross...!

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I'm composing two letters today - one to send to NZ papers and the other a letter of support to TV3 for having the balls to report on this obnoxious power-grab.

I realize, as Robert points out, that in New Zealand you have no official 'First Amendment' protecting speech. What a coincidence, neither does the United Police States!

Sedition for an axe through a window...? If NZ's parliament gets away with this kind of 'legislation' I suggest giving the beehive the 'V for Vendetta' treatment...

And Linz, if the pricks are not afraid of you (and I think there may be more fear there than you recognize them), they should be. Smiling


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Lawrence Kansas. 30 miles West of Kansas City home of the blues and barbeque.

Sooner or later I'm going to finish posting the 1,200 pictures of America that I've taken over the last 3 years on my flickr web-page. I decided that the net was a perfect portable photo album for this many shots. An easy way for me to remember fun times out walking the streets of America.



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...are held in low regard due to their antics. So, instead of correcting that behavior and acting with some dignity, they change the rules so their profanities, their gesticulations and their demeanor can't be seen, or used against them.

If it wasn't so dangerous and draconian, it would be childish. In fact, that's what it is: a tantrum. They can't get their own way, so they throw the toys out of the cot, or in this case, the satire out of parliament. But, then, one can't quite imagine a Hitler, a Stalin or a Castro submitting to ridicule for long.

This is just the latest in a long line of subtle abuses of and challenges to free speech in NZ. We have proposed hate speech laws at the committee stage, which would make it illegal to even tell jokes about other religions or cultures. We have changes to electoral funding which would prevent free association of individuals and anonymous funding of political campaigns, which is nothing more than a restriction of free expression. And, we have a conviction of sedition for a man who put an axe through the Prime Minister's electorate office window. Sedition!

Deputy Prime Wanker & Prick-in-Chief, Michael Cullen--King Smarmy of the Smarmy People--tells journalists not to take themselves "so seriously", and to just do their job and they will have nothing to worry about. Pompous and sickening. Here's the TV3 report about the suppression proposal, with some of Cullen's remarks.

TV3 Nightline jabbed well last night, and it's good to see some actual editorial comment in the news. Here's a Nightline compilation of the sort of stuff that will be illegal if the proposal goes through.

Everyone should send a message of support to TV3 who, despite the presence of political wetboys like John Campbell, seems to have some balls.

I'm particularly disgusted that Rodney Hide is in on this. Hell, you'd think since he's lost a metric ton in bodyweight that he'd be performing for the cameras like a captive seal. Let him know what a whore he's in danger of becoming.

Reaction kicks in! :-)

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I'll be interviewed on Radio Pacific about this at 7.40 tomorrow morning. And TV3's John Campbell told me he nearly wet himself when he read the press release. I challenged him to quote it. He says he will, on Friday night, and it's a bottle of fine wine if he doesn't. For once, I'm hoping *not* to win the wine. Smiling

I thought you lived in NZ,

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I thought you lived in NZ, Robert?  Whereabouts are you now?


Buy and wear InfidelGear - 100% of all InfidelGear profit goes to SOLO!

Bro Vardo

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Keep pushing the issue, Linz, it’s as if they're targeting YOU specifically with that legislation! THEYRE AFRAID OF YOU AND RIGHTFULLY SO! I think I will have to write a letter to an NZ newspaper or something so that the beehive's fascist fuckheads get the feel that the whole world is watching their totalitarianism with disgust!

I hate to disabuse you of the idea but it's not targeted at me—I'm not that scary to them. Smiling But yes, you should write a letter to the Herald ( the Dom Post ( Everyone should! Also, vote in the poll at (scroll down, on the right) - the results so far are VERY encouraging! Smiling


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Wow. I can't believe it.

Fight them, as you continue to do, Linz. 

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

Aw fucking hell!

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The Patriot Act here, no free speech in New Zealand, is there ANYWHERE...? Kenny tells me the UK is equally hopeless. Keep pushing the issue, Linz, it’s as if they're targeting YOU specifically with that legislation! THEYRE AFRAID OF YOU AND RIGHTFULLY SO! I think I will have to write a letter to an NZ newspaper or something so that the beehive's fascist fuckheads get the feel that the whole world is watching their totalitarianism with disgust!

And Robert, the US system of government you speak of with separation of powers and this thing called a 'constitution' was effectively thrown out with the Patriot Act. Any 'liberty' Americans enjoy at this point is strictly subject to the whims of the many levels of government we live under. Nonetheless, Robert, I thank you for your appreciation of the US and if you ever get over to the west coast in your travels you have at least a pint of two of your favorite beer waiting for you.


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Jesus wept!

I just checked the NZ Herald and websites (websites that provide internet coverage for the majority of the print media in NZ) and there isn't ANY mention of this story in any of the major newspapers.  The only major media coverage is here on TV3's website!

The next time you yanks hear some dickwad complaining about the US system of government point them towards NZ. NZ has no constitution. NZ has no real separation of powers anymore.
Now it appears as if the majority of NZ's fourth Estate is in thrall of the politicians, too weak and stupid to ardently oppose the usurping of the basic right that underpins their own fucking livelihood!

NZ is truly fucked. There is no fucking way I'm EVER returning to NZ. This is the thin edge of a wedge! What's next? Banning political satire all together?

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