New Youth Co-Ordinator

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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Thu, 2007-07-12 22:55

As of today, I am the new co-ordinator for SOLO Youth. If you have any questions or suggestions about SOLO Youth or nmy position, this is the place to speak your mind.


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Bullys? Make those

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Bullys? Make those second-handers pay!

Good on you mate. Sounds like you're in for a busy week!

If there's anything the Department of Podcasting Affairs can do to help you in your goals, my office hours are 9-5. (;


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This is what Mitch has said:

"Sorry about the slow response. Well the two main tasks are to recruit more SOLO youths, and to comment/draft press releases on things that will affect young people".

So I'll release a press release about bullying hopefully this week, if not definitely next week.

Youth for Youth

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Philip Howison's been given a golden walkingstick, I take it.

I'm waiting on Mitch for my brief, and I'll post it when I get it.

Did you get it?

Hey Callum

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I couldn't think of anyone better to do this job than you. Good on you. Smiling


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I'm waiting on Mitch for my brief, and I'll post it when I get it.

HWH, if you think you had it bad with a Nietzschean, I have a Communist in my class who knows bugger all about what he talks about. Why do we live so longer now than we did 200 years ago? Evolution, according to him.

What's your

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If you have any questions or suggestions about SOLO Youth or my position, this is the place to speak your mind

What's your brief?

I'm sure you're going to shine, Callum

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And your role becomes more critical every day as we descend further towards a *popularly endorsed* totalitarianism *everywhere*. "Good on you" for stepping up! Smiling

Go for it mate

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I envy you for your position of being able to deal with those who are still open to ideas rather than the cynical crusty old farts us older guys have to put up with.

As for having what it know there isn't anyone more prepared than you.... anywhere.

Good luck smartie-pants and I know you'll do good. Off all of us you have the widest potential for making a difference if only you can cope with the inevitable solitude of being contrary.

 At least you have SOLO, I had squat but a mad Belgian Nietschean friend to bounce things off of.

No matter how bad it gets its worth it.

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